A big event happened in China, the United States and Europe

The world is making history every day, and we are part of it.
In the past 2020, we will never forget, because we have witnessed too much history.
Fortunately and unfortunately, we will witness a new history in 2021.
Because just this new year, something happened in China, the United States and Europe. There is no doubt that it will have a far-reaching impact on a region, an industry and a country.
Of course, there are many things in this world every day. These three things are personal perspectives. Let’s talk about the United States first, then Europe, and finally China.
First, trump called for “king of diligence”.
“January 6. See you in Washington. “
On the first day of 2021, trump called again.
There are two key words: January 6, Washington.
This is not trump’s first time.
He tweeted on December 19: “there will be large-scale protests in Washington on January 6. Go there, it’ll be crazy! (Be there, will be wild!)”
He tweeted on December 28: “see you in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Don’t miss it. Wait for the news
He tweeted on December 31: “see you in Washington, D.C., on January 6!”
what do you mean?
Call on the king of diligence!
On January 6, Congress will count the electoral votes and announce who will be the president in the end. This is all procedural. Even Burns said he would not overturn the election results.
But trump refused to accept. He called on people to take to the streets and come to Washington to put pressure on members of Congress. If a member of Congress raises a clear objection, Congress must vote on who is the real winner.
Trump’s efforts have yielded some results.
In the early morning of January 3, Beijing time, the most explosive news in the United States was that 12 Republican senators, including Cruz, publicly announced that they would challenge the results of electoral votes and demanded the urgent establishment of a committee to investigate election fraud.
Looking at American social media, some people call them “Heroes”, and more people call them “traitors”!
But there is no doubt that on January 6, a big play will be on.
Second, the French have a good time.
This new year is unusual, considering the characteristics of the French, the French police decided ahead of time: curfew!
There are more than 100000 police officers in France, but they still can’t stop the French who love to play.
The latest news, only in the western region of Brittany in France Rennes, 2500 people participate in illegal New Year Carnival.
People revel, sing, dance, just don’t wear masks. The police who tried to stop the activity also met with fierce resistance from revelers.
Until more than 5 a.m. on the 2nd, the revelers gradually dispersed. It is estimated that 1200 people will be punished.
Are the French afraid of punishment?
You know, this new year, in Strasbourg, there was arson in the new year, at least 26 cars were set on fire. Smoke billowed on the scene, and explosions rang out in the streets from time to time.
New year’s Carnival and arson are reserved programs in France.
There is still no exception in 2021. Similar situations have occurred in the United States, Britain and other countries.
But now, after all, is an extraordinary period. What will be the consequences of such a carnival?
Taking a look at the latest data of France, although it is better than that of the United States and the United Kingdom, it also makes people take a breath. More than 2.7 million cases have been diagnosed and more than 65000 people have died.
About 20000 new cases are diagnosed every day!
You need to know what kind of response posture there are in Beijing and Shenyang. I have to say that in this world, there is no harm without contrast.
Third, the box office of Chinese films has made a good start.
According to the statistics of relevant institutions, on the first day of 2021, the box office in mainland China reached 592 million yuan, a record high.
Before that, the highest single day box office record on New Year’s Day was in 2018, 368 million.
Don’t forget, this is still during the epidemic period, and some local cinemas are somewhat limited, but the total number of cinemas in the whole country is still higher than that in previous years.
Last year, for well-known reasons, Chinese cinemas only opened for half a year, with a box office of 20.4 billion, ranking first in the world. On the first day of this year, it was a good start.
On the one hand, it shows the huge market in China; on the other hand, it reflects the achievements of anti epidemic in China. Cinema is also a microcosm of the return of China’s economy.
Good omen!
Of course, a lot of things have happened in this world, this new year.
On the first day of the new year, there were more than 20 million confirmed cases and 347000 deaths in the United States. Alas, I feel that Americans are numb to this number.
On the first day of the new year, trump also suffered an unprecedented humiliation. His veto of the defense bill was vetoed by Congress. This is the first time in his four years in power that the veto has been overthrown by Congress.
Of course, Americans are not idle.
With the exception of B-52 bombers cruising in the Middle East, the US Navy has entered the Persian Gulf. The Gulf situation continues to be tense, and the Iranian navy is on high alert
NYSE delisted three Chinese telecom companies. Forcing China’s Ministry of Commerce to work overtime on January 2 to respond: this us practice of suppressing Chinese enterprises does not conform to market rules and violates market logic, which will seriously weaken the confidence of all parties in the US capital market.
In addition, this new year, China’s domestic vaccines began to be vaccinated in Beijing, Shandong and other places. The ultimate victory over the epidemic depends on vaccines and innovation.
The world is making history every day, and we are part of it.
Finally, let’s not say more. Let’s make it three simple points.

  1. Makelong finally realized the problem. Not long ago, he sighed: “in order to protect others, especially the weak, we should make concessions freely and United, and give up some entertainment and convenience. This is the real humanitarianism.” Unfortunately, not every Frenchman or westerner has makron’s consciousness. Ignorance is not an obstacle to survival, pride is.
  2. Trump is still very excited, and he is constantly calling on Americans to be “king of diligence”. You know, this is an extraordinary period. What are the consequences of such a large-scale gathering? Last year, there were three major events in the United States: epidemic situation, riots and general election. Each of them was shocking, and it also showed us the worst side of the United States. No matter how powerful a country is, once it falls into the trap, the result will be very tragic.
  3. China should be sober and calm. No matter how good the movie is, after all, it’s a very special time. There’s nothing wrong with being careful. No matter how good the world situation is, we still have to think of danger in times of peace. The result of negligence is the disaster of the people and the tragedy of the country. In the world of 2020, the lessons are too painful.
    2021, a historic year. We have to be on the right side of history.

Rich merchant’s granddaughter died of plastic surgery

South Korea’s MBC television station quoted a police report on October 9 that Luo Beier, granddaughter of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman in China, died of plastic surgery in South Korea, which was a serious medical negligence.
Police investigation found that there were no anesthesiologists on the scene of adverse reactions caused by propofol, a controlled drug used as a sedative during the operation.
According to reports, Roebel had previously gone to a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s Jiangnan District for surgery, which was part of her birthday celebration. However, she fell into a coma during the operation and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she still died. At that time, the operation was performed by Jin Chengri, who claimed to have 10 years of experience, assisted by surgeon Jung Tae Gwang and nurse Park Mi soo. Robel was undergoing liposuction of her upper arm and upper pelvis and developed complications while preparing for autogenous breast augmentation.
Seoul police have conducted a criminal investigation into the case, but the clinic’s website shows that it is still in operation, and the surgeon, Kim Sung RI, is still available for renewal.
Danny Chi has been married to Robel for 10 years and has a 7-year-old son. He filed a lawsuit in the Hong Kong court today against the clinic, two doctors and a nurse, alleging that they were suspected of manslaughter and forgery of pre-operative documents, resulting in financial losses, including Luo’s annual income and one-third of his father-in-law’s estate.

Tiktok trading banned in the US

A reporter asked: on September 18, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would ban transactions related to wechat and tiktok in the United States. What is the response of the Ministry of Commerce to this?
A: we have noted the US side’s move. On the ground of “national security”, the US side banned transactions with wechat and tiktok, which seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of relevant enterprises and disrupted the normal market order. China firmly opposes this.
Without any evidence, the US side has repeatedly used state power to “hunt” and suppress the above-mentioned two enterprises for unreasonable reasons, seriously disrupting the normal business activities of the enterprises, damaging the confidence of international investors in the investment environment of the United States and destroying the normal international economic and trade order.
China urges the United States to abandon its bullying behavior, stop its wrong practice immediately, and earnestly safeguard fair and transparent international rules and order. If the United States insists on its own course, China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

323 confirmed cases in Hubei prison

On February 24, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, went to Hubei Provincial Prison Administration to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of prison epidemic. We listened to the special reports of Wuhan women’s prison, Shayang Hanjin prison and Hubei juvenile prison respectively by video, checked the prevention and control work of prison epidemic, understood the outstanding problems and practical difficulties existing in the current prison war epidemic in Hubei, and coordinated and solved the urgent problems such as the shortage of prevention and protection materials and the strength of medical staff on the spot.
As of February 23, there are 323 confirmed criminal cases in Hubei prison system, including 279 in Wuhan women’s prison, 43 in Shayang Hanjin prison, less than one in the provincial juvenile prison, and 10 suspected cases. There are no death cases among the confirmed criminals, 5 of the existing serious cases have been transferred to the local designated hospitals, and the rest of the light patients will be transferred to the prison shelter hospital for treatment. After the first case was confirmed, decisive measures were taken to transfer the non close contact criminals. At present, the spread momentum has been basically curbed.
At present, the prisons in Hubei Province are closed to the police, closed to the prison management, screening, full treatment, isolation and observation, rush to build the prison shelter hospital, and seriously pursue accountability. More than 20 relevant personnel are given party discipline and political discipline, including the Secretary of the Party committee and the head of the prison of Wuhan women’s prison who are dismissed and one who is put on file for investigation.
Chen Yixin stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, especially the important directive spirit of prison prevention and control work. We should fully understand the particularity, complexity and arduous nature of prison epidemic prevention and control work. We should not be paralyzed, not weary of war, not fluke, not slacken, plug loopholes in management, strengthen prevention and control measures, give full play to the functions of political law and strengthen the war. When discipline, to take responsibility to praise, to dereliction of duty serious accountability, when the “deserter” on the spot removal.

Thoughts of autumn

Autumn is golden, golden sky, golden river, golden flowers, golden trees… In autumn, I buried a golden memory.
I remember that it was the autumn 广州桑拿 when I was 4 years old. Everything was golden, golden sunshine, golden leaves, golden grassland, and golden fruit on Ponkan trees. One day, the sun was shining and cloudless. Grandpa took me to pick potato oranges. The golden potato oranges were looking at us with laughter and singing. They looked delicious. I could not help but salivate. Grandpa handed me a big bamboo basket and looked at me with a smile and said, “Let’s pick potato oranges see who picks more.” I spit out my tongue and make a grimace and say, “OK, I’m sure I’ll win!” Grandpa refused to show weakness. As soon as my voice fell, he ran to pick the citrus. I also ran to pick it. After a while, my bamboo basket was full of half. Look at Grandpa’s side, it’s almost full. No, I can’t lose. I thought, I ran to the top of the Ponkan tree and reached out to pick the Ponkan, but I was too short to reach it. What should I do? Suddenly I saw the dense branches on the Ponkan tree. I had an idea to climb the tree. I immediately grabbed a pole and tried my best to climb it up, one after another filled me with Ponkan orange. Bamboo baskets. At this time, the sun is about to go down, the red clouds are beautiful! Why is there another citrus on the top of the tree? I must pick it. I thought about reaching out to pick it, but it grew at the top, what should I do? I planned to climb up again, I carefully climbed up, looking close to the citrus, but my foot slipped, did not stand firm, fell down, I was frightened to close my eyes, but what did not happen? When I opened my eyes, I saw Grandpa’s gentle one. Harmonious face, I’m lying in Grandpa’s arms! It was Grandpa who caught me. “You lost!” Grandpa smiled at me and 深圳桑拿网 said. I was so frightened and silly that he was still in the mood to mention it. It was like an old naughty boy. Grandpa raised his head again and said to Ponkan, “This bad Ponkan, how dare you hurt my granddaughter, we must eat you up.” After that, Grandpa picked me up and met Ponkan immediately. Then I found that Grandpa was really tall. I picked the Ponkan off and we were sweating and panting. I was very thirsty. Grandpa peeled the Ponkan off. We were half sweet. I lay in the grass and looked at the blue sky carelessly. Imagine that I am a bird flying freely in the sky. At this time, my happiness can not be described. I really hope that time will always be fixed in this beautiful moment, let me bathe in the long river of happiness all my life. But things didn’t go well. In this autumn, Grandpa died of illness. I was shrouded in great sorrow. One day, I went back to the Ponkan Tree and imagined that I and Grandpa were picking Ponkan. My tears were like broken beads, one by one falling on 桑拿佛山 the ground. I held my gentle Grandpa tightly. Breeze Buddha, tears seem to be blown away, no longer falling, ah! It’s Grandpa, Grandpa wiping tears for me, Grandpa, where are you? I saw, I saw Grandpa, he was in my arms, smiling at me, he bent down tall body, hugged me…
Time flies by and another golden autumn comes. The scene of my grandfather and I picking potato oranges seems to be in front of me. I will never forget my grandfather’s smile. I miss that golden autumn, and I miss my beloved grandfather even more.

Chongyang Festival

In the late autumn, the weather is colder and colder day by day, even so in this case, not to mention the north. I think. For a while, I spent my time in the solar calendar, forgetting the traditional solar terms, and I don’t know which passage the old Huang calendar should turn to. When I felt really cold, I suddenly noticed that it was nearly Chongyang. Then I suddenly remembered the old 广州桑拿 words “Life is easy to grow old, but difficult to grow old, Chongyang is old, and now Chongyang” hanging on my mouth in those years. Then I suddenly remembered that my grandmother’s birthday had arrived.
I remember a few years ago, when I was with my grandmother, every time on this day, the family is not too big to celebrate this birthday, but also very happy. It is often said that the old people in the family are healthy, strong and strong, and they are the blessings of their children. They are better than anything else. I believe it. So always in Chongyang that day has been happy, like the New Year, Grandma is also a face of laughter. Especially after I finished school, her feet were weighing around and busy.
In retrospect, I spent three years in high school with my grandmother. Now that’s her happiest day. Cook for me every day until I come back from school. It was not until she went to Guangzhou to re-read that year, and later in her reading career, that she was always in expectation and missing. I can’t bear it, but I can’t help it. When I went back to see her during the winter and summer vacation, she always looked at the lane where I came back to my old house, the way I came. When I really saw me, I smiled and took me to the old house with 深圳桑拿网 the envy of the aunts and grandmothers nearby. Then I took out the good food that others gave her and refused to eat, and sat down in the Kang and asked this and that. Every time I think back on that scene, I don’t realize it. I know that she waited for countless days to look forward to her grandson. Although it was only a few days, she still liked it. She continued to talk about her yearning for me for a year, saying “the old three articles” every time, and telling stories that I had already known in my heart.
Now Grandma has left me forever. Every time I go back to my hometown and pass the old lane to my uncle’s house these years, I can’t see her anymore. The green hills are still 桑拿佛山 there, the hometown is still there, I am still there, but there is no grandma’s smiling face anymore. Last year, when I took my wife home for the New Year, the family was so happy that they suddenly remembered her old family. If she was older, they did not see her granddaughter-in-law at last. My heart was almost sad. Although I knew that people could not come back to life, even though I knew that our life would be better and better, and even though I knew that she would know it underground. I will also be happy for my grandson, but I always miss her when I think of family reunion, when I think of filial piety to her when people are no longer there, whenever I see the old people on the street and think of her with tears in their eyes, I always feel uncomfortable.
Every time I went back these years, I stole my grandmother’s grave and cried happily for a time, even though there was no custom of going to the grave on other festivals in the countryside. It is also at this time that I really feel what is called “filial piety and family absence” of the liver and intestines broken. Now I have been working for more than two years, and my grandmother has passed away for nearly four years, but my longing for her has been deepening with the years.

Joyful Chongyang Festival

Every harvest season, when chrysanthemums blossom, we usher in a happy festival, Double Ninth Festival!
The Double Ninth Festival is held on the ninth day of September of the lunar calendar every year. At that time, grandmothers danced and sang in counties and villages to celebrate 广州桑拿 the Double Ninth Festival for themselves. Ninety-nine Chongyang is catching up with the rich and colorful autumn, which is also dyed with the colorful and beautiful autumn. “Nine” contains long-term, auspicious, wishing the elderly longevity and health. “Nine” represents the joy and excitement of the Chinese people.
The various customs and habits of the Double Ninth Festival live up to the great scenery and add to the joy of autumn. How many people have painted the joy of autumn and how many 深圳桑拿网 people have painted a smile. It can not be seen, touched and felt from the heart. The Double Ninth Festival can also be called the Cornus Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival, or even the “picnic festival”. Autumn is a good season for outing. It’s very good for your health to go to the countryside to “gather green” or climb mountains or engage in activities that are good for your health. China has designated the Double Ninth Festival as a festival for the elderly. Boys and girls, what did you do for Grandpa and Grandma at 9 o’clock in September? How can you make them unforgettable and happy? Listen to my personal experience.
Another September 9th, the sky, the roof… Everywhere is the figure of autumn, the earth is covered with a thick and fluffy layer of golden sand, golden, shiny. I looked at the calendar. It turned out that today is the ninth day of September. It’s the Double Ninth Festival. It’s Grandma’s festival. How could I forget what gifts I should give her? I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t. When I was upset, I grabbed a newspaper at random and saw the words “Double Ninth Festival”. I was overjoyed and read the newspaper carefully. The newspaper clearly stated that every Double Ninth Festival, grandchildren should 桑拿佛山 accompany their grandparents to go out to the countryside.
Take it easy, eat cakes, and look at chrysanthemums. This is the best gift to experience the happiness this autumn brings. After reading this newspaper, I have a small abacus in my heart.
I went up to Grandma and wanted to test her memory. I smiled and said, “Grandma, do you know what day it is today?” Grandma said doubtfully, “Oh… Oh Oh, is it your birthday? “”No, no, it’s several months before my birthday. “Grandma thought again.” Is it National Day today?””Not to mention, today is the Double Ninth Festival, your festival. Grandma suddenly realized and laughed. I continued, “Let me accompany Grandma to the countryside.” I took Grandma and left. Grandma and I talked and walked further. We watched the clear pool water, enjoyed the magnificent scenery, and immediately felt refreshed. I spent a lovely Double Ninth Festival with my grandmother unconsciously.
It was getting dark. Mom and Dad came back with a bag of cakes. It was really a charcoal in the snow. I’m preparing to celebrate the Old Age Festival for Grandma. There are all kinds of patterns on it, some of which are inlaid with a few grass… Our family sat around the table and tasted the cake with relish. It was delicious. Grandma smiled like she was five years younger.
In laughter, we enter into sweet dreams…

Learn to be grateful

We grow up like seedlings day by day, while our parents grow old like trees day by day. Parents love us priceless, but we do not understand and cherish. Did you ever think that parents are working for us all the time? Didn’t parents work for us? Parents often said 广州桑拿 to me to be grateful, but at that time I was a young child, how can I understand the meaning of the word “gratitude”? For my young heart, I really did not have and never had the words of parents. To have a good understanding and experience. I remember one morning when I woke up at 7:30 because the alarm clock was broken. I got up and complained, “Didn’t you set the alarm? What’s the matter? Look, what should I do now?” My mother did not say a word, cooked a meal in silence and told me to eat.
“How else? Didn’t you see it was too late?” I said more angrily. After that, I took five yuan with me and took a taxi to school. When the first lesson was not over, my stomach rebelled, and after class, when I just walked out of the classroom door and was worried about my hunger, I suddenly saw a familiar and tired figure, Mom! She was carrying breakfast and handing it to me panting. “I have to eat breakfast in the morning. Look, are you hungry? I asked for leave 深圳桑拿网 for fear that you might be hungry.” I inadvertently “oh” a sound, grabbed breakfast, wolfed down to eat. I inadvertently thought of my mother’s words, she was delayed to work for me! I looked at my mother, she was looking at me with gentle eyes. I paused for a moment. I could not help thinking of my mother’s care and care for me on weekdays. At that moment, my heart suddenly understood a lot, as if it had become a small adult.
At this time, I suddenly understand: whether parents fight or scold, is concerned about love, is to educate us. Our reward to our parents is that we keep crying when we are young, that we break people’s glass when we are naughty, that our parents are responsible for it, that we make them anxious and uneasy when we count down the exam, that our parents apologize for us when we fight with our friends… Every time parents worry about us. Parents don’t owe us. Why should we let them worry? Why should we make them sad? Why should we let them bear our mistakes? Right! Why should I let my mother drag her tired body to school? She has to go to work, cook, sweep the floor, tidy up the room every day… And I want it like a debt collector. How hard is it for my parents to earn money? Why do I treat my parents like this?
Why don’t we use our spare time to help them clean their rooms and do some housework? They don’t make money for us yet? We can’t repay, we don’t know how to treasure and repay, and we keep making trouble for our parents. Are we too selfish? I choked and said “Thank you!” when my mother left tired and tired. At that time, 桑拿佛山 I suddenly felt a sense of guilt surging into my heart, with a sour nose… But at that moment, I knew what I should do for my parents, because I didn’t want to be an ungrateful person! Since that time, I have often cleaned the room, washed the dishes, did the housework as much as I could, poured tea for my parents and poured tea on my back. Since that time, I have learned to be grateful. Time will not wait for others. Don’t wait until you know how to be grateful. Maybe your parents were gray at that time. Maybe you had no chance at that time.

keep goldfish

When I was eight years old, my father went to work in other provinces again. In order to relieve my depression, my mother gave me a special gift, two goldfish, and told me to take good care of them. When I listen, my heart is happy! I’m not uncommon with 广州桑拿goldfish, but I haven’t really raised them yet.
Immediately, I scrubbed the round glass fish tank in my house transparently, filled half of the tank with clean water, and carefully put two goldfish into the water. As soon as they were in the water, they ran up and down happily, as if they liked the new home very much.
The two goldfish are the same size, similar in appearance and twin-like. It’s just a different color, one red, one orange. For the first time, I used the right of naming to distinguish between hot peppers and orange oranges. Mother spoke beside her: “You can tell from this that it was the name of food.”
Crouching in front of the fish tank, I quietly enjoyed the performance of these two little guys dragging their big gauze tails in the water. Looking at their big black bean-like eyes in the water without blinking, I recalled the scene of learning to swim, and I was curious: their eyes into the water is not uncomfortable? How can you swim so skillfully with such a big, round belly?
Because of “little pepper” and “little orange”, my life has been enriched a lot. Every time I come back from school, I don’t forget to bathe them – change the water. On one occasion, I accidentally poured out the “little pepper”, causing it to “slap” in深圳桑拿网 the sink, jumping up in pain and killing me.
Goldfish are not only beautiful, but also very selective. They eat almost everything they can see and reach, and they will enjoy it. In order to make them nutritious, in addition to fish feed, I also learned from the Internet that goldfish can eat breadworms, red worms, water worms, rice, bread, vegetables leaves and so on. So I often give them different patterns to eat. But every time I give them a meal, my mother will habitually warn me, “Don’t feed too much, goldfish can’t keep their mouth, they will die.” Hum, I don’t believe it! Every time you eat, don’t you force me to eat more and eat more? I thought. They are often secretly fed more. But in a few days, something unusual happened in the fish tank – only “little pepper” was playing alone, while “little orange” was lying quietly at the bottom of the tank, sleeping, and could not wake up no matter how I knocked on the fish tank.
“Mom, Mom, come and see, 桑拿广州what’s the matter?” I was so anxious that I almost cried out.
Mom took out the “little orange” with her hand and looked at it. She shook her head and said, “Alas, maybe it’s stuffed to death.”
My tears “brush” out, “I killed the orange, whine -“
After “Little Orange” left, I took care of “Little Pepper” more carefully. I decorated it beautifully with colorful stones, plastic aquatic plants and mini toy ducks. What is more important is to strictly control its food intake so as not to repeat the tragedy.
Now recall the experience of goldfish farming, although there have been sad, but more beautiful.

Olympic Spirit

When the passion of the Olympic Games is stirring, the slogan of “China refuels, Olympic refuels” still rings in our ears, carrying the dream of the Chinese nation for a century, the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, with the Olympic flame slowly extinguishing above the national stadium, drew a perfect end at 8 p.m. Beijing time on August 24, 2008. As a Chinese, I have the privilege to witness this historic period, witnessing the Olympic athletes who won gold and silver annotate the “faster, higher, stronger” spirit of “Olympic Games” time and again in the stadium.
“One Dream, One World”. This theme of the 29th Olympic Games has enabled many uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters to achieve their dreams in such a harmonious, united and peaceful world. I like the Olympic Games, and I like this challenging and exciting Olympic arena. She tells us a truth: if you work hard, you will get something back. It makes me more convinced that the song “Welcome to Beijing” sings “Everyone is great with dreams”.
I am a pupil of three years in primary school. I am growing up under the tireless instruction of many teachers in nursery primary school. I have a heart of patriotism. Whenever Chinese Olympic athletes struggle hard in the arena, my heart will be firmly restrained by this situation. At that moment, I clenched my fist with both hands and shouted for them in my heart. I jumped up when I saw them scrambling for gold and silver, and I felt sorry for them when I saw that they had no chance to win medals.
There are many moving pictures on the Olympic Games: Zhongman, Zhang Juanjuan and the women’s gymnastics team won the first Olympic gold medal for our country in their respective events. At this moment, I was happy to shed tears; when Sister Cheng Fei lost her strength, I also shed tears; when the bright five-star red flag. Over the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube Stadium, the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China resounded through the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. At this moment, my eyes filled with tears.
The Olympic Games are over, but the Olympic spirit of “higher, faster and stronger” will remain in my heart forever, willing to pay, fighting for the first-class spirit will tell me how to face difficulties and overcome difficulties. This will enable me to concentrate on my study in class, concentrate on listening, memorize, write, recite, memorize, recite, recite, recite, recite and preview after class so as to ensure that I can read aloud in class. Formulas and words are used freely when doing exercises.
In learning, I will encounter many successes and failures. The Olympic Spirit tells me that I am willing to be plain, not to say failures, not arrogant and impatient in the ocean of knowledge, forget achievements, forget flowers and praises, everything starts from scratch; learn the lessons of failure, where to fall, where to climb up, conscientious, step by step, down-to-earth. According to the teacher’s requirements, study hard, study hard, learn every subject well and do a good job, and learn every knowledge point firmly.
The Olympic Games are short, but the Olympic spirit is eternal. It will always accompany me with the hope of my parents and teachers. It will inspire me to study hard and make progress every day to depict my better tomorrow.