Rush downstairs with 26 newborns

On July 2, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred in Hezhang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. At the critical moment of the earthquake, the obstetric and nursing staff of Hezhang County Hospital rushed to the neonatal ward at the first time, and completed the 1-to-1 arrangement between the medical staff and the newborn within 3 minutes to avoid holding the wrong baby.
They quickly completed the organizational arrangements, carried all the newborns downstairs, set up a sunshade umbrella in the safe open space, and nursed and cared for the babies.
About 2 hours after the earthquake, the newborns were taken back to the hospital building. No one was injured in the earthquake. At present, the hospital work order has returned to normal.

Yuan Shanshan apologizes

Yuan Shanshan apologized for his contempt of cultural relics and improper remarks: I am deeply sorry! Will you forgive her
Today, Yuan Shanshan’s performance in a program triggered a debate among netizens. At that time, a master of cultural relics restoration was invited to the program. The master brought a batch of cultural relics to introduce his career and the importance of cultural relics restoration. At that time, the expert also specially stressed that cultural relics should be held at the bottom and the top, but yuan Shanshan directly held the middle part of the cultural relics I make complaints about it, and the terrified sea tower has been holding hands nearby. After this fermentation, many people are in Tucao Yuan Shanshan. Yuan Shanshan probably realized the seriousness of the problem. Bo Wen gave his apology.
In the apology statement, Yuan Shanshan said: I am deeply sorry for the improper behavior and wrong expression I made in the program. At that time, I didn’t pay attention to it personally. I am ashamed that I should not have such rash behavior and inappropriate words. I apologize for my improper behavior. On the whole, Yuan Shanshan’s expression in this article is very good. Although the words of three apologies are still unacceptable, at least you can choose to forgive her.
Of course, most of them can accept this apology. Some of them are really annoyed by her behavior. They think it’s a cultural relic, not your desk leg. Some people remind her to speak carefully later. After all, it’s easy to be misunderstood when she speaks. I hope yuan Shanshan can pay attention later. She was good in the entertainment circle, and her fitness was also very encouraging Zhizhi, now this move is to wipe out the previous good feelings. Will you accept yuan Shanshan’s apology?

People who lost the most during the epidemic

China Fund News Taylor
Before the outbreak, he was the richest man in the world. After the outbreak, he was the one with the most losses in the world.
Yes, he is the owner of luxury brand LV, Bernard Arnault
More than $30 billion in losses! People who lost the most during the epidemic
LVMH shares are down 19% this year, according to the Bloomberg billionaire index, according to Bloomberg news. Its boss, Bernard Arnault, has lost more than $30 billion (more than RMB200 billion) in net worth, more than anyone else in the world. As of May 6, he had lost about as much money as Amazon chairman Bezos had earned this year.
In January, Arnault overtook Amazon founder Bezos to become the world’s richest man, with $116.5 billion in assets. LVMH’s share price fell 19% this year, while Arnault’s net worth fell more than $30 billion, more than anyone else in the world lost, Bloomberg News said on May 7.
Reported that, due to the epidemic, LVMH in most of the world’s boutiques has been closed for nearly a month, this is Arnaud’s most lucrative department, has lost billions of dollars; concerts and gatherings around the world closed, nightclubs and restaurants closed, LVMH’s sales of champagne decreased; and when people wear masks, perfume is not necessary.
It’s up to the Chinese to save it?
Bloomberg News Agency pointed out that LVMH’s cash reserves and sales volume are showing signs of improvement in China, and the fate of the luxury industry, as well as the fate of Arnault, will largely depend on China. In recent years, China’s market accounts for more than 1 / 3 of luxury sales and 2 / 3 of the growth of luxury industry.
“In April, the sales growth rate of major brands in China was very high,” Jean Jacques Giovanni, LVMH’s chief financial officer, said in an investor conference call on April 16. This really shows that after two months of blockade, Chinese consumption appetite has returned to its previous state. “
5 days to end the journey of the richest man in the world
On January 17, Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH, a luxury goods group, won the world’s richest man. Its gorgeous moment also indicates the high reputation of the whole luxury industry and the general recognition of the market for the value of high-end luxury brands. You know, there are only three names left in the $100 billion club: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Bernard Arnault.
But four days later, on January 21, Arnault fell from his throne.
“Twenty five years before Arnold, there were only five richest people in the world: Bill Gates, Buffett, Carlos, Ortega and Bezos.” According to Gu Xiaoshuai (pseudonym), a partner of the consulting company, “becoming the richest man” means that it is in line with the development direction of the times and represents the expectation of most people for the future.
And Arnold’s rise to the top of the world’s richest man indicates that the market is extremely optimistic about the future of luxury goods.
It’s true. In 2019, the luxury industry bucked the trend and rose against the background of the general recession in the global retail industry, with the world’s three top luxury groups performing prominently. LVMH group’s share price has risen by more than 60%; Kaiyun group’s share price has risen by nearly 50% in total, with its market value reaching a new record; and Lifeng group’s market value has risen by more than 20%.
Behind the numerical growth, we can not do without the “great help” of Chinese consumers.
Data shows that in 2019, the global luxury market will grow by about 2.2 trillion yuan, 90% of which will be driven by the Chinese market. With 18.5% of the world’s population and 16% of the world’s GDP, China has pulled 35% of the world’s luxury consumer market.
In addition, according to the McKinsey Research Report, the compound annual growth rate of middle and upper income families in China will reach 28% in 2018-2025. In other words, the luxury consumption potential of Chinese consumers is still in the growth stage.
Lv’s going up again
According to Beijing business daily, on May 5, many fashion bloggers in Xiaohong’s book “sued” Lv for the second price increase in nearly half a year. “On March 4 this year, the price has been raised once! Just saw SKP’s sales and development circle of friends said that on May 5, the price will increase all over the line! Confused, during the epidemic, all the money donated by LV should be recovered from consumers? ” Even two or three days ago, some bloggers published a screenshot of the chat about the “early warning” price rise of brand sales, which confirmed that the source of the news was reliable and reminded everyone to start early.
Customer service personnel said that the price increase was not limited to handbags, involving all products of the brand. Customer service said it was “not sure” whether the price hike region includes other regions besides China. For the reason of price increase, customer service also said that it was “unclear” and said that “brands sometimes increase their prices according to the tax rate”.
This is the second price increase of LV since March this year, with a gap of no more than two months. For such frequent price hikes, some netizens use “lunatic” to describe it, which feels like “stealing money”.
This year, due to the emergence of the epidemic, the luxury market continued to decline, including LV, Gucci and other top luxury brands were unable to withstand the pressure of the epidemic, and their performance declined precipitously. At a time when other brands are trying to boost sales, LV bucked the trend and increased prices one after another.
The reason behind this may be that in the first quarter of this year, the sales of LVMH group, the parent company of LV, suffered the first decline in nearly 10 years, with a drop of as much as 15%. Bernard Arnault, chief executive, stressed that the group is facing “unprecedented difficulties” at present, and the US luxury jewelry brand Tiffany’s $16.2 billion acquisition transaction, which was scheduled to be completed in the middle of this year, will also be delayed to the end of this year. With Chinese luxury

Another time of summer vacation

Since April 10, Nanjing released the latest school calendar, announcing the summer vacation time of primary and secondary schools, Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau announced the holiday time of primary and secondary schools at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday (15).
Primary and secondary school summer vacation on July 18
On April 10, Nanjing Education Bureau issued a notice on reissuing the school calendar of the second semester of Nanjing 2019-2020 academic year. The circular mentioned that the education bureaus and primary and secondary schools in each district should strictly implement the school calendar and should not change the schedule at will. All vocational schools, adult secondary schools, etc. can be implemented by reference.
According to the latest school calendar, there will be 16 weeks in the next semester. The first half of the 16th week will be the final exam. The summer vacation will be held on July 18 in primary and secondary schools.
According to the information released by @ Nanjing on March 21, schools of all levels and types in the province will open in batches and staggered peaks from March 30, 2020. Among them, senior three and junior three start school on March 30; primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools, special education schools, kindergartens, the same below) and other school sections and grades are ready to start school on April 7, and the specific opening work will be implemented after the approval of the epidemic prevention and control leading and commanding organizations of each city; colleges and universities are ready to start school on April 13, with the specific opening time approved Issued by the school after approval.
Primary school summer vacation on July 8
Middle school summer vacation on July 16
Today (15) at about 4 p.m., Chengdu Education Bureau’s official microblog @ Chengdu Education announced the summer vacation time for primary and secondary schools.
According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of education and the Provincial Department of education, in combination with the online teaching situation of “no suspension of classes, no suspension of teaching”, the Municipal Bureau of education has made the following adjustment and arrangement for the teaching schedule of primary and secondary schools in the spring semester of 2020: first, the suspension of social practice. Cancel the school’s mobile time, and suspend the activities such as research travel, Art Festival and sports meeting; arrange social practice during the summer vacation, and students complete it under the guidance of school teachers and parents.
2、 Adjust summer vacation time. The summer vacation time of primary school is adjusted to July 8, and that of middle school (including secondary vocational school) is adjusted to July 16.
3、 One class hour can be added every day. In combination with online teaching evaluation, the school can add one class hour a day to carry out lectures, reviews or new class teaching.
4、 Make up lessons should be strictly controlled. Except for senior three, other grades are not allowed to occupy weekends and holidays in principle.
5、 Improve the quality of classroom teaching. The school should accurately analyze the learning situation, focus on the course classroom, formulate the teaching plan in a targeted way, improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching, and ensure the students to complete the learning objectives of the course.
6、 Improve the quality of operation design. The number and time of assignments in different grades and disciplines shall be controlled as a whole, so as to prevent students’ assignments from being turned into parent assignments or parents from checking and correcting assignments, and not to increase the burden of students and parents.
In view of the situation that some grades have not yet returned to school, the school should continue to organize and carry out online teaching, guide students to reasonably arrange their study and life at home, and protect their physical and mental health.

The U.S. has made amazing discoveries

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed as a new crown pneumonia in 18 countries and regions in the world, and 970 thousand cases outside China, there are 1056159 cases of new crown pneumonia and 57206 deaths worldwide, according to real-time statistics from the World Health Organization as at April 4th at 0 o’clock in Central European time (Beijing time April 5th, April 5th).
The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University in the US at 13:53 on April 4th, the new US crown pneumonia confirmed a breakthrough of 300 thousand. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 300915 cases, 8162 cases died and 14459 cases were cured.
The United States federal government sent masks, gloves, respirators and other necessary anti epidemic equipment from its medical reserves to the States and cities in need, but some local governments were shocked when they received the materials: they were not available.
Nearly 6000 medical masks sent to Alabama are partially vulnerable to rupture and expired as early as 2010, the report said. The 150 ventilators that Los Angeles received were broken and needed to be repaired before they could be used. The masks received in Oregon also have elastic skin problems, which can lead to band breakage, leaving health care workers at risk of exposure to the virus.
Charles Boyle, a spokesman for Oregon governor Kate brown, said: “the national strategic reserve has passed the validity period of several shipments to us. Although we are told that expired equipment can still be used to fight the new crown epidemic, they are not suitable for use in surgery.”
He said that many of the materials received were purchased during the H1N1 epidemic more than a decade ago, and the mask with insufficient elasticity was one of the products previously recalled by the Centers for disease prevention and control of the United States. As a result, Oregon staff did not distribute the problematic masks to medical staff.
The shortage of protective materials has endangered doctors, nurses and other front-line medical personnel. With the outbreak of the new crown, more and more states are in short supply of ventilators. Many governors complain that they have been slow to get medical supplies from the national strategic reserve, or that they have received far less. And when states receive problematic supplies that cannot be used, their frustration increases.
Don Williamson, President of the Alabama Hospital Association, said he had received emails from major hospitals about the lack of elasticity of rubber bands in the N95 respirator sent from the strategic reserve.
Racial composition of the first public cases in Michigan, the highest proportion of confirmed cases and deaths among blacks
Novel coronavirus pneumonia accounts for 35% of the total cases in Michigan, accounting for 40% of deaths, but only 12% of Michigan’s population is black.
According to the Detroit Metropolitan Daily on April 2, the number of black people infected with the new coronavirus who died was “alarming”. Blacks make up only 12% of Michigan’s population, but the proportion of people infected with the new coronavirus is much higher than whites and other races.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in the state, 40% of the 417 cases of Black Death accounted for 26%, while half of the mixed race or other races accounted for 4%, while the remaining 30% were unknown, according to data released by the Michigan State Department of health and public services on 2.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, nearly 35% of the 11000 confirmed cases were black, 25% were white, 6% were other races, and the remaining 34% were unknown.
This is the first novel coronavirus pneumonia patient in Michigan has published, which has revealed the problem of blacks’ epidemic.
“Novel coronavirus pneumonia is undoubtedly more influential on the periphery and in the poorer communities, especially in the colored communities,” said Jonny Carlton, chief medical officer of Michigan, Joneigh Khaldun. Historically, African Americans in the United States, regardless of race or class, are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. We know that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients are more likely to develop these diseases.
Decades of economic inequality and systematic racism in Michigan have impoverished many black people, the Detroit Metropolitan reported. Studies have shown that the infection rate and mortality rate are higher in urban areas where the poor are concentrated. Many low-income people have to use public transport and live in large apartment buildings without paid sick leave. Service industry workers are often unable to work remotely and are in close contact with the public.

Messenger suffered a claim of 20 million yuan

Recently, the media reported that on September 23, Huawei sued Shenzhen Propaganda Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Propaganda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Taihengnuo Technology Co., Ltd., Huizhou Everton Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhixun Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Propaganda Technology Co., Ltd. for copyright ownership and infringement disputes. The case has been filed.
On September 29th, the staff of the secretarial Office of Huawei Holdings confirmed that Huawei had indeed been sued for alleged infringement of copyright by Huawei. Huawei’s claim amounted to $20 million. “We have seen media reports that the case has been filed, but we have not yet received the official documents of the court.”
It is reported that the main reason for Huawei’s lawsuit is that Huawei’s screen is used in the boot-up pictures of some models.
In 2017, the company’s sales amounted to 20 billion yuan, with 129 million mobile phones exported, ranking first in the country, and its market share in Africa reached 45.9%. Microphone Holdings will be officially launched on Sept. 30. The above-mentioned staff said that it is normal for the company to face lawsuits and will not affect the listing of Microphone Holdings on Sept. 30.
The company’s prospectus shows that it and its subsidiaries have obtained 630 patents owned by the State Intellectual Property Office in China, including 97 invention patents, 385 utility model patents and 148 design patents. Up to now, Huawei has 100,000 patents, OPPO has more than 38000 + patents worldwide and more than 12,000 + patents have been authorized. Vivo also has 10,000 + patents.
Huawei officials have not yet responded to the lawsuit.


My mother

Childhood – Nanny
“Wow, it’s fragrant!” When I came home from school, I smelled a smell of fried chicken. Sure enough, there was a bowl of yellow, crisp and fragrant fried chicken wings on the table. I could not help running over, stretching out the Wuzhishan, pinching up a chicken wing and eating it. My mom came out of the kitchen and was so angry and funny to see me with such a greedy mouth. I was asked to wash my hands. When she saw that my fingernails were very old, she could not help but blame me me, “When I was ten years old, I didn’t pay attention to hygiene, so I cut off my nails!” After dinner, I stretched out a long loaf, sat on the sofa and stretched out my hand and asked, “Mom, you cut my nails.” My mother reluctantly counted me on her mouth, but in action she had already sat down and started cutting my nails. “Mom, sharpen my nails once more.” Having just solved the “hands-on project”, I put my foot on her leg again. I can’t help it. I’ve solved these stinky feet together, boy! I secretly laughed at the mouth of the knife in my heart, and the mother of tofu heart certainly muttered in her heart.
Oh, mother – my dear nanny, it’s really comfortable to be with you!
On Earth – Friends
“Sister, don’t move! Money or death?” I wear a towel, a bath towel, a submachine gun on my shoulder, and a “AK-47” rifle on my mother’s arm. Who knows my mother wants money to kill her? She would rather put it on the muzzle of my gun than pull out a penny! How can I get it? I have to lose, depressed! One day, I will leave my hair for many days and put on some gel, hair gel or something to make an explosion. In front of my mother, squinting small eyes and humming “Chrysanthemum is disabled, full of wounds –” I feel very “Jay Chou”. But my mother looked at me coldly for a long time, rewarded me with a punch and threw a sentence: “Brother, you went to the wrong door, this is not Zhou Fu, I am not Jay Chou’s mother!” I can’t help spraying food!
Alas, alas, alas, Mom – my lovely friend, it’s so happy to be with you!
My University – Teacher
“A, look at the Happy Dictionary!” I was thinking about the six sides of the Rubik’s Cube in my room, and my mother called me in the living room. She’s going to test me as a “scholar”. On TV, Wang Xiaoya’s topic is really strange, such as “Where does the Yangtze River originate – Kunlun Mountain and Tanggula Mountain?” I grabbed the first chance, Tanggula Mountain! My mother is expressionless: “The energy below is non-renewable – water, wind, oil?” I said lightly, “Oil!” With some laughter on the corner, I became more and more proud, but this question: “Who said the phrase:” Looking at the past sages and homes, thrift and luxury are the reasons for frugality?”- Zhang Ji, Zhang Jian, Sima Qian, Sima Guang.”I will not. I look at my mother with the remaining light of the corner of my eye. She has already given the answer with success: “Sima Guang”. The old man on TV chose Sima Qian, but she was very anxious. Fortunately, Wang Xiaoya let the water go, the old man passed the customs, and my mother gave her a sigh. Ah, ah, mama, my dear teacher, with you, I can really learn knowledge!
Mom, I really like to be with you. You accompany me in this life and I accompany you.