US aircraft carrier strike group enters South China Sea

According to Hong Kong’s “east net” news on the 5th, the US aircraft carrier Nimitz strike group sailed into the South China Sea from the Indian Ocean last night (5th).
Hong Kong “east net” news, the U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz strike group last night (5) from the Indian Ocean into the South China Sea. According to sources, the strike group composed of the Nimitz aircraft carrier, the aegis cruiser Princeton and the aegis destroyer strey recently ended its deployment in the Middle East and set out to return home via the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. According to the latest ship tracking information, Nimitz passed through the Strait of Malacca and sailed into the South China Sea via Singapore.
“East net” said it was not known whether the carrier strike group would join the attack group of the aircraft carrier Roosevelt, which left Guam on the 4th, to launch a “double carrier” operation in the region.
Just yesterday, the US missile destroyer “John McCain” broke into China’s Xisha territorial waters without the permission of the Chinese government on the 5th. Commander Tian Junli, spokesman for the southern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, later said that the southern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army organized sea and air forces to track and monitor and warn them to drive away. The spokesman stressed that the US military’s action is a consistent tactic of its navigation hegemony and misleading “mixed manipulation” by public opinion, seriously violating China’s sovereignty and security, seriously undermining regional peace and stability, and deliberately disturbing the good atmosphere of peace, friendship and cooperation in the South China Sea. China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and their adjacent waters. No matter how the situation in the South China Sea changes, the theater forces always maintain a high state of alert and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security and peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Man killed two female colleagues and dismembered

On November 10, a network of friends said that on October 26, two female employees of a decoration company in Xi’an were taken to the rental house by their colleagues to kill and dismember their bodies. The video shows that the suspect and a woman took an elevator to carry goods on the day of the crime. The reporter learned from Weiyang police that the suspect first entered the house with a female colleague, then attempted to rape him and then killed him; then the suspect called another female colleague from the community to the house to kill him. After the crime, the suspect was dismembered in the house and transported to the vehicle with cartons. On October 28, the suspect dumped his body in his hometown of Anhui Province and was arrested in Xi’an on November 5. On the 11th, the reporter learned from the police that the suspect had been detained.

Two new input cases in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were imported from abroad 0 cases from October 23rd to 24 in October 23rd. There were no newly reported local confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections.
Case 1: a male, 46 years old, of Sichuan nationality, working in Pakistan. On October 8, he arrived in Beijing from Pakistan by flight ca946. After health screening and sampling, the customs delivered the samples to the isolation observation hotel under closed-loop management. On that day, the customs reported that the nucleic acid of new coronavirus was negative. The patient had sore throat during isolation and observation. On October 22, the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus in throat swab was carried out, and the result was positive, that is, it was transferred to Ditan hospital by 120 negative pressure ambulance; on October 23, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention reviewed the positive result, and the diagnosis was confirmed by expert group consultation, and the clinical classification was light.
Case 2: a male, 51 years old, of Sichuan nationality, working in Pakistan. On October 8, he arrived in Beijing from Pakistan by flight ca946. After health screening and sampling, the customs delivered the samples to the isolation observation hotel under closed-loop management. On that day, the customs reported that the nucleic acid of new coronavirus was negative. The patient had dry throat and other symptoms during isolation and observation. On October 22, the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus in throat swab was carried out, and the result was positive, that is, it was transferred to Ditan hospital by 120 negative pressure ambulance; on October 23, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reexamined that the patient was confirmed by expert group consultation, and the clinical classification was ordinary type.
At present, the global epidemic situation is still in a state of continuous spread, and the focus of current epidemic prevention and control is the input of external prevention and the rebound of internal prevention. Here, I would like to remind you that you do not have to leave the country if you don’t have to. If it is necessary to leave the country, please pay close attention to the local epidemic prevention and control information, carry sufficient protective equipment, do a good job of personal protection in the whole process, wash hands frequently, wear masks, do not gather or dine together, keep a safe social distance and reduce unnecessary going out.
Before arriving in Beijing on an international flight, overseas personnel should carry out nucleic acid test to know their health status. They should wear masks throughout the journey. They should strictly abide by quarantine, health declaration, isolation, health management and other prevention and control measures when they enter the country. They should do a good job of health monitoring every day within 14 days, and timely report the symptoms of discomfort and standardize medical treatment.

8 persons from two cruises tested positive

More than 200 passengers and crew members on the two cruise ships owned by the Dutch and American cruise lines have flu like symptoms, with 8 passengers tested positive for new coronavirus, and the two ships will dock near the Florida coast early Thursday local time, CNN reported. However, it is unclear whether passengers will be allowed to disembark.
According to reports, on Wednesday night, Holland America, the two cruise lines, made a final appeal to the federal government and local authorities to allow the two ships to dock at Everglades port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Holme had previously called on Florida officials to be compassionate and rational in reviewing and approving landing plans. Just a few hours ago, Florida’s governor, Ron de Santis, said the state was willing to accept the arrival of cruise ships and the disembarkation of Florida citizens on board.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, DeSantis said: “I am worried that we have been working very hard to ensure that there is enough hospital space to prevent a surge in patients with new crown pneumonia. We do not want those valuable beds to be occupied by cruise ships.” “We will be willing to accept the disembarkation of Florida people,” de Santis told reporters, worried about the limited number of beds in the state hospital. As far as I know, most of the passengers are foreigners. “
According to Holme, there are 808 passengers and 583 crew members on the Rotterdam and 442 guests and 603 crew members on the zandan. There are 311 U.S. citizens, including 52 Floridians. There were 97 passengers and 136 crew members on both ships with flu like symptoms. Sick passengers will be quarantined on board until they recover. Only a small number of people need the support of local medical resources to prevent their health condition from further deterioration.
According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the remaining 1200 tourists are suitable for transportation. The company said that the tourists can take the flight home after getting off the ship, and they will take the sterilized vehicles to the relevant airport, with only “limited personnel contact”.
Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean trantalis said he plans to meet with Holme’s chief executive Wednesday to discuss possible solutions. “We hope these sick people get timely medical assistance,” trantaris told CNN. We have to know how they are segregated and how they don’t infect other members of the community. “
Since leaving the Argentine capital on March 7, four tourists on the zandan have died. At present, due to the port refused to enter, there are more than a dozen cruise ships trapped at sea.
“We are not opposed to ships docking in our community, but the problem is that there is no agreement between the two sides to allow these people to disembark,” said trantaris

The new crown has the characteristics of pandemic

On the evening of March 11 local time, the director general of the World Health Organization, Tan Desai, said in Geneva that the new coronal pneumonia epidemic “has global pandemic characteristics”.
Tan Desai, director general of who, said that 114 countries and regions have seen new cases of crown pneumonia, about three times the number two weeks ago, but the announcement of the decision will not change the current work of who on new crown pneumonia.
Tan Desai stressed that the spread of new crown pneumonia can be curbed, and called on countries to strengthen anti epidemic measures.

Queen’s debut after brexit

Overseas, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II attended the annual church service on Christmas day in Sandringham, Norfolk, the second day after brexit, the mirror reported Tuesday. During this time, the Queen appeared very happy when she was photographed smiling to the public.
According to British media, on the evening of January 31 local time, Britain officially withdrew from the European Union. The queen is on holiday at Sandringham estate in Norfolk. For a long time, the queen has been neutral in political affairs and has not delivered a national speech on brexit day, saying only that it is “a turning point in British life”.
On February 2 local time, the queen of England appeared with a smile before the service at St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church in Sandringham. She was wearing a long light blue coat, a brooch with jewels, and a hat decorated with feathers.
British media said the queen was photographed smiling to people outside the church, while people presented flowers to the queen. Although the queen is optimistic, the royal family will face continuous challenges in the future, including the scandal of Prince Andrew and the withdrawal of the Harry Megans, the mirror said.

Hair gold bar of Hangzhou first village

Today (19th), Guali Hangmin village in Xiaoshan became popular in the circle of friends because of the following content: creating a great cause for Hangmin through hard work and benefiting villagers with tens of millions of gold and silver. In order to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of airmen’s start-up, the welfare of airmen village was sent out. Each villager received a gold bar and a silver bar. Twinkle, poke your eyes! Envy
Is it true that such a thing is so extravagant? Are you sure it’s not made up by netizens?
Xiaobian contacted the relevant person in charge of Hangmin village and said that the content was not fake, and the village did.
The treatment of the villagers in Guali Hangmin village has always been good. Every family lives in courtyard buildings and villas, with a per capita living area of more than 100 square meters. Every family is rich. Living in Hangmin village, we can get tens of thousands of yuan of bonus at the end of the year. At the end of last year alone, the village paid 4.46 million yuan of welfare.
40 years of hard work
Aviation people lead villagers to become rich together
According to the statistics in 2017, the per capita income of Aviation Group employees is 60500 yuan, the per capita income of villagers is 63500 yuan, and the family car ownership rate is more than 80%. Hangmin village has become a “full employment + distribution according to work and capital + social welfare” harmonious new rural area.
Behind all this, we have to start 20 years ago.
On November 27, 1999, hang min village held the property right system reform meeting of Zhejiang hang min group company, and put forward the property right reform plan of collective holding and quantitative equity.
In this way, Hangmin village took the lead in the reform of the village level collective property right system in the whole province, quantifying 49% of the equity of the village collective to the villagers, employees and management backbones.
In 1979, it raised 60000 yuan to establish an industrial enterprise, and in 1997, it established Zhejiang aviation industry group. After nearly 40 years of development, it now has 28 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock enterprises, with a total asset of 9.6 billion yuan and 12000 employees. In 2017, it realized a total industrial output value of 13.38 billion yuan and a profit of 910 million yuan
Along the way, Hangmin village has become one of the “top ten economic villages” and “top ten villages in China” from a dirty and poor village.
Finally, I want to say: the village of other people’s home, really envy!

Interesting step suspected of illegal fund-raising

“As long as you walk 4000 steps a day, you can earn at least 200 yuan a month, and there is no ceiling.” Maybe everyone will be heartbeat when they see or hear this sentence. After all, on the working people, they have to squeeze the subway every day, walk to work, 4000 steps is just trivial.
In 2018, a mobile app called “qubu” suddenly became popular and even topped the list of life apps. It also has a very familiar slogan, “you can make money by walking”. Why not do such a good thing? Do you think so?
But the good times are not long, this mobile phone app is probably in the hot pursuit after, gradually on the cutting edge. In the later stage, the software style has changed, which gives people the feeling that “as long as you can pull people, you can get the return”. For example, the software requires users to pay 1 yuan for verification, and rely on the investment of old users as operating costs and profits, and the above funds will also be used to distribute red packets to new users. The above behaviors have belonged to the crime of absorbing funds from unspecified objects, which is suspected to constitute the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits. When the funds absorbed by it are not enough to distribute red packets to new users, it will lead to the rupture of the capital chain, and its main responsible person will be suspected of constituting the crime of fund-raising fraud.


Chinese Women’s Basketball Team to New Zealand

September 24, 2019 Asian Women’s Basketball Cup will begin in Bangalore, India. On the first match day, Chinese women’s basketball team will welcome the first opponent of the group competition, New Zealand women’s basketball team. Tencent Sports will be broadcast live from 20:15. Here are the prospects of Tencent Sports for you.——
The Asian Cup of Women’s Basketball 2019 will be held in Bangalore, India, from September 24 to September 29. Eight teams will compete in Class A of the Asian Cup. Eight teams will be divided into two groups. The Chinese women’s basketball team is in the same group as Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. According to the competition system, the two teams who won the first place in the group will go directly to the semi-finals, while the second and third teams in the two groups will compete for the remaining two semi-finals. Another team includes Japan, South Korea, India and Taipei, China.
The lowest team in the Asian Cup A-level competition will be relegated to the B-level competition, while the other seven teams will join the B-level champion in the Asia-Pacific preliminary competition of the Olympic Games. Since Chinese women’s basketball team can hardly rank eighth in the competition, they will certainly appear in the Olympic preliminary contest, and any place in this Asian Cup will not affect the qualifications of the Olympic Games.
The Chinese women’s basketball team has just released the list of 12 players for the Asian Cup, namely Han Xu, Yang Liwei, Li Yuan, Wang Siyu, Liu Jiacen, Wu Tongtong, Shao Ting, Gao Song, Guo Ziqian, Li Yueru, Chen Mingying and Shi Xiaoye. Han Xu and veteran Shao Ting, who play in the WNBA, will be the core figures of the Chinese women’s basketball team. Li Yueru, who is known as “O’Neill for Women”, and Yang Liwei, who has strong impact, will also be the key players for the Chinese women’s basketball team.
It is worth mentioning that Li Meng and Sun Mengrun, the main players of Chinese women’s basketball team, were absent from the Asian Cup because they were preparing for the 7th World Military Games in late October. Huang Sijing and Zhang Ru were not included in the list of 12 Chinese women’s basketball players because of their injuries.
Review of confrontation
Since their first appearance in the Asian Cup in 1976 (formerly the Asian Championship), they have won 11 championships, but their last top in the Asian Cup goes back to 2011. 2017 is the first time that the Asian Women’s Basketball Championship has been converted into the Asian Cup. China’s women’s basketball team lost to Japan in the semi-finals, and finally won the third place.
In the Olympic women’s basketball competition, the Chinese women’s basketball team and New Zealand had two confrontations. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team lost 77-79 to New Zealand. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team won 80-63 over New Zealand. In the history of the Women’s Basketball World Cup (formerly the World Championship), the two teams have never had a record of confrontation.
New Zealand women’s basketball team has played in the Asian Cup since 2017. In the last match, Chinese women’s basketball team met New Zealand in the group match and won a big victory with 77-48.
Prewar deduction
China’s women’s basketball team has a high advantage in the interior. Han Xu and Li Yueru, the “two-tower combination”, will bring a lot of pressure to New Zealand’s defense. Han Xu is undoubtedly the most anticipated player by Chinese fans. Last season she played for the New York Liberals in the WNBA league. Although she did not play much time, her level has also improved. Whether she can play a dominant role in the Asian Cup remains to be seen.


Korea LG and Samsung Mutual Black

After competing to show 8K TV at the consumer electronics show in Berlin earlier this month, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea recently held media conferences in Seoul, South Korea, respectively, on the same day to disparage each other’s TV products on the basis of “protecting consumers’ right to know”.
Wen Cann, CCTV Financial and Economic Special Reporter: Just two days ago, LG Electronics held an “8K technical presentation” in the LG headquarters building behind me. Although nominally speaking, it is actually a demonstration and comparison of 8K TV products, advocating that other companies’technology is inferior to their own.
At the presentation meeting, the reporter saw the QLED 8K quantum TV made by Samsung Electronics. The head of LG Electronics Technology Department said that in 2018 Samsung Electronics 8K TV, the light-to-dark contrast value of the panel had reached 90%, but in this year’s products, this value has dropped to 12%, mainly because Samsung Electronics pasted special film to improve the viewing angle of the TV, which led to the decline of the relevant value.
LG Electronics said that Samsung’s electronic TV viewing angle is not as good as its own, which is no longer a secret.
Lee Zhengxi, executive director of LG electronic marketing department in Korea: With the development of technology, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to understand the actual situation, and they need a measurement standard to be able to buy with confidence.
On the same afternoon, Samsung Electronics also held an “8K picture quality presentation” in Seoul, which responded to LG Electronics’s statement.
Samsung Electronics emphasizes that the concept of contrast between light and shade was proposed in 1927. More than 90 years later, this indicator is no longer suitable for today’s high-pixel displays. What’s more, the picture quality of TV needs comprehensive evaluation from the number of pixels, image processing technology and other aspects. It is meaningless to discuss only one index.
Samsung Electronics also pointed out the shortcomings of LG Electronics 8KQ LED TV, indicating that when the TV broadcasts images and videos captured by 8K camera, the picture will appear Karton.
Long Xiyu, executive director of Samsung Electronics and Video Display Business, Korea: Now with the introduction of 8K TV, the market should also have new standards, and in terms of picture quality, a good indicator does not represent the overall good.
There have been many criticisms in the Korean television industry about the derogatory behavior of the two electronic giants.
Relevant people pointed out that under the circumstances of Japan’s restrictions on exports to Korea and the deterioration of the international trade environment leading to the difficulties of Korea’s electronics industry, Korean enterprises should stop the internal friction debate and make joint efforts to expand the 8K market.