Girls were beaten up in the park by 12 people

According to Xi’an Commercial Daily – whirlpool video news, recently, Yanbian, Jilin Province. A video of a girl student being beaten up by several people in Dunhua City caused heated discussion. In the picture, a girl is pushed, kicked and pulled by several people.
On November 7, the Public Security Bureau of Dunhua City issued a police information circular, saying that 12 beaters had arrived at the case. Because they were all minors, the public security organs temporarily suspended their administrative detention. At present, the accident is under further investigation and treatment.

Jiangxi suspect Li Youhua is arrested

Jiangxi suspect Li Youhua is arrested
On the evening of October 16, the Public Security Bureau of Yiyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province issued a notice saying that Li Youhua, a fugitive, was arrested in Wanli Township, Yiyang County at about 18:00 on October 16, 66 hours after escaping.
According to the upstream news (micro signal: shangyounews), three people were killed and one injured in a murder case in Yiyang, Jiangxi Province, suspected of emotional disputes. Thousands of police are searching the mountain. At 0:54 on October 14, the Public Security Bureau of Yiyang County received a report saying that there was a homicide case on Huating street in Yiyang County. The suspect Li Youhua stabbed and killed Chen, que, Ying and ye in the early morning of October 14 and stabbed Zhou A rear driver fled the scene.

Discovery of mysterious plants in Sichuan

At about 11:00 p.m. on July 29, Zhao Li, curator of Huaxi Insect Museum, discovered the rare plant green pod leaf in Qingcheng Mountain, Sichuan Province. The green pod leaf is very special, the fruit bears on the leaf, also known as “leaf bead”.
Sichuan green pod leaf — the genus of the green pod leaf family, is a unique plant species in Western Sichuan. According to records, the leaves of Sichuan green pods grow under the forest at an altitude of 1900-2600 meters. The location of Zhao Li’s discovery is Qingcheng Mountain, about 1100 meters above sea level, which is also the lowest known altitude distribution of Sichuan green pod leaves.
Red Star News reporter through the photos taken by Zhao Li, in the green leaves, clearly visible vermilion fruit. “The plants of this genus are very special. The fruit is located in the middle of the midvein of the leaf surface, and the flower is also in the middle of the leaf vein Zhao Li introduced that the green pod leaf is mainly used as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and can be used as medicine in the whole plant. Its stem pith is called “xiaotongcao”, which is included in the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China (2010 Edition). It has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxification, promoting blood circulation and detumescence.

Traffic police respond to bus crash

In response to the incident that a bus in Shenzhen killed a pedestrian, on the afternoon of July 28, a staff member of the traffic police detachment of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau told the surging news that the bus driver was picking up a water cup for his own use. At present, the driver in the traffic police brigade to cooperate with the investigation. The section where the accident happened was an overpass section, and pedestrians were not allowed to pass.
According to a video released by the official microblog of the traffic police detachment of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province, the bus involved was in motion at 6:31 on the 28th. The driver suddenly bent over and suspected of picking up the goods. He then ran into a pedestrian.
Shenzhen traffic police reported that pedestrians died on the spot. The result of breath alcohol test was 0 mg / 100 ml.
The surging news search found that the bus involved was affiliated to Shenzhen West Bus Co., Ltd.
A relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned company told surging news that at present, the company is cooperating with the traffic police to assist in the investigation, and the driver involved has made a record in the traffic police team. The traffic police are investigating and analyzing the cause of the accident.

Zhongnanshan prevention and control to the end of April

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia team published a research paper on “Journal of Thoracic Disease” published in the Journal of Guangzhou respiratory and Health Research Institute on 2 June, based on SEIR optimization model and AI’s prediction of the outbreak of COVID-19 in China (of) under public health intervention. In this study, the migration data before and after January 23 and the latest covid-19 epidemiological data were integrated into the SEIR model and the epidemic curve was obtained.
The forecast shows that the epidemic in China reached a peak in late February and tended to be flat at the end of April. If the implementation of the control measures is delayed for five days, the scale of the epidemic in the mainland of China is expected to expand to three times; if the control efforts in Wuhan are reduced, Hubei may have a second peak in mid March and continue to the late April. Among them, the optimized model forecast shows that there are 90000 to 120000 cases in the mainland of China by the end of April.
(A) The cumulative number of covid-19 cases predicted by LSTM in China, (b) the number of new covid-19 cases calculated based on the actual data (purple), SEIR model (Orange) and LSTM model (green).
At the same time, the research team also reminded that there is a certain gap between the model prediction and the reality. If the government continues to strictly implement the control policy, improve the diagnosis level and launch the use of drugs, the epidemic scale will be greatly controlled. According to the current situation, Hubei provincial government will continue to maintain strict control, and the possibility of a second peak is relatively small.
The predicted results are based on the control policies before February 9, and the epidemic scale is smaller than that predicted by the lancet and overseas scholars. The data shows that by the end of April, the peak number of confirmed cases (non cumulative confirmed cases) in mainland China is no more than 70000, no more than 52000 in Hubei, no more than 1200 in Guangdong and Zhejiang. At present, the epidemic data are within the prediction range of this paper, which is closer to the real situation.
SEIR optimization model and artificial intelligence model can effectively predict the epidemic trend of new coronavirus, which proves that the public health interventions implemented since January 23 have effectively controlled the development of the epidemic. Strict prevention and control measures such as “early screening” are best implemented by the end of April 2020.

Cancellation of provincial toll stations

From 0:00 on January 1, 2020, 487 provincial highway toll stations in 29 connected provinces have been cancelled, and the target task of “basically canceling provincial highway toll stations within two years” proposed in the 2019 government work report has been completed in advance. This will effectively improve people’s travel experience, help energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
“After the provincial toll station of expressway is cancelled, the people’s expectation of” stepping on the accelerator to the end “can be realized.” Sun Wenjian, spokesman for the Ministry of transport, said.
It takes only 2 seconds for the bus to pass
On the evening of December 31, 2019, the grid connection switch of the provincial toll station project was cancelled as scheduled, and the reform of toll road system was deepened. Li Xiaopeng, the leader of the leading group of the provincial toll station work and the Minister of the Ministry of transport, directed the switch and announced that the grid connection switch of the provincial toll station project was successfully cancelled.
The data shows that under normal traffic conditions, the average time for passenger cars to pass through the provincial boundary is reduced from 15 seconds to 2 seconds, and the time for freight cars to pass through the provincial boundary is reduced from 29 seconds to 3 seconds.
In less than nine months since the general office of the State Council printed and distributed the implementation plan for deepening the reform of toll road system and canceling the provincial toll station of expressway, the Ministry of transport has successively formulated more than 90 implementation plans, held five industry wide deployment and scheduling meetings, conducted more than 30 special investigations, supervisions and symposiums, and improved and optimized the freshness The “green passage” for agricultural products transportation and other supporting measures for toll reduction and exemption policies, the adjustment of freight car toll by car (axle) type, the implementation of highway entrance does not stop weighing test.
In China, 24588 sets of etc gantry systems have been built, 48211 etc lanes have been reconstructed, and 11401 sets of freeway non-stop weighing detection systems have been completed. At the same time, 12000 toll collectors have been properly resettled.
Etc has more than 200 million users
Etc promotion and issuance is the core measure to realize the fast charging without stopping, and also the key factor to ensure the smooth implementation of the station withdrawal task. From the practical experience of developed countries, if the etc installation rate does not reach a certain proportion, fast access cannot be achieved.
By the end of 2019, China’s etc promotion and issuance had reached 123 million, with a total of 204 million users.
After the provincial toll station is cancelled, a small number of manual toll lanes will remain at the entrance and exit toll stations. At present, there is no etc vehicle installed, so we can continue to use the way of parking at the entrance toll station to collect the card and parking at the exit toll station to pay the card to drive the expressway.
More reasonable truck tolls
With the cancellation of toll stations across the national highway and provincial boundaries, from January 1, the freight car toll will be charged by the number of axles instead of the original weight. At present, freight car weight charging is widely used in expressways in China, and parking weighing affects freight car traffic efficiency. The adjustment of truck charging method from weight charging to vehicle (axle) charging will be beneficial to the realization of fast and non parking of trucks and the improvement of quality and efficiency of logistics industry.
“From the current situation, the charging level of standard loading trucks and trucks close to the standard loading trucks in different regions has been reduced to different degrees.” Sun Wenjian said that charging by truck (axle) is an international practice. Under the premise of legal loading, no matter how much cargo the same axle truck carries, the occupation and loss of road resources are basically the same. Therefore, collecting tolls according to unified standards is conducive to improving the real load rate and transportation efficiency of expressway transportation.

Earthquake in Tongren City, Guizhou Province

China Seismological Network was officially measured: 02 October, 20 hours and 04 minutes, 4.9 earthquake occurred in Yanhe County (28.40 degrees north latitude, 108. degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 10 km.

According to the earthquake information broadcast robot, the epicentre is located 22 kilometers from the river Tujia Autonomous County, 30 km away from Dejiang County, 45 km from the Tuo family Miao Autonomous County, 50 km from the county of the Yao Autonomous Prefecture, 53 km away from Sinan County, 62 km from the tuxiu Miao Autonomous County, and 112 km from the city, 220 km away from the market. The city is 261 kilometers.


Black Monday

Summer hot and humid summer wind has not yet blown out, along with the continuous autumn rain, the new semester has quietly arrived.
When school began, the students carried their familiar schoolbags and set foot on a new starting point. This semester we have changed a new campus. Although it is not as good as our campus last year, it is clean, beautiful and well equipped, but more human. Walking into the campus, you can see a black statue. It turned out to be Tao Xingzhi, a great educator. There is a big pool in the campus. It’s deep and big. There is a huge rockery in the middle. There are four big characters on a rock of the rockery: harmony but difference. There are also dozens of red goldfish, white carp and big eye fish in the pool, which attracted many students to watch. In addition, many flowers and plants and many towering trees are planted on the campus.
Our classroom is located on the third floor. It’s an old teaching building. The paint on the doors and 广州桑拿 corridors has fallen off, the windows of the classroom can’t be closed, and the blackboard can’t be wiped clean. When we came to the classroom the first day, we were shocked: there were some desks, chairs and benches scattered in the classroom, but fortunately the school changed them into new ones. The ground was covered with floating earth and newspapers, and some people complained directly that it was like a slum! It took us a lot of effort to clean it up.
The expected first day of school, after cleaning the classroom and distributing textbooks, finally arrived. The old class told us that our math teacher, geography teacher and biology teacher had changed this semester. At the same time, we added a physics class and an additional physics teacher. So it made the students feel very fresh and guessed each other about the new teacher. The most interesting thing is the physics teacher, for this new curriculum, we all have different feelings, perhaps excitement, expectation, fear, and fear. Finally, the physics teacher walked into our classroom after the bell rang.
This is a female teacher. She looks 深圳桑拿网 very young. She is over thirty years old. But when she spoke, we were shocked. The teacher waited for the students to calm down, then began to speak: “Hello, everyone, from today on, we will learn a new course, that is physics. And let me be your physics teacher. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My surname is Chen. My teaching age is 30 years. That is to say, I have taught for thirty years…”
There was an uproar below. Unexpectedly, the teacher looks very young, but has taught for 30 years. Is Mr. Chen at least fifty years old? I heard the girl at the same table and behind whisper, “What secret formula does she use to keep her face?”
After everyone had calmed down, Mr. Chen began to speak in a leisurely manner. Sure enough, she is a high-level teacher. Teacher Chen once brought out the gold medal winner of the National Physics Competition. Her students also became doctoral tutors. It’s a world full of peaches and plums, and each one is better than the other. This makes us respectful: such a teacher who has rich experience and has brought out high-level students, follow her, right!
Then, Mr. Chen returned to the truth and formally began our first physics class. Mr. Chen first hit the nail on the head, asked us what physics is, and then made a few experiments for us: for example, boiling water bottles will boil again after pouring cold water; table tennis balls will be put in funnels, and then blow into funnels, table tennis ball will not fall down; an empty test tube will be placed a little bigger than 桑拿佛山 it (just can). Install) in the test tube filled with water, and then stand upside down. We see that with the discharge of water, the empty test tube keeps rising… This series of magical phenomena fascinated us and led us to the magical physical world. At this time, Mr. Chen smiled and gave the answer: Physics is the science of force, electricity, sound, light, heat and other phenomena. At the same time, he gave several examples.
Then Mr. Chen asked us what is the key to learn physics well. In fact, the answer lies in our textbooks, which also becomes the learning purpose we should remember: good at observation, willing to start, diligent in thinking, focusing on understanding, integrating with reality, and connecting with society.
Soon, the physics class was over, and we still felt uneasy. The bell rang after class.
After a day’s study, we carried our schoolbags out of the school gate. That was the end of the first day of school. This is not just a simple day, but the beginning of the new term, a new starting point, a new runway waiting for us. Come on! Students, let’s embrace the new semester with enthusiasm!

I’m proud of my father.

In my family, my mother is a farmer and my father is a civil servant, so the burden of our family’s financial burden falls on my father’s shoulders. My father takes his work seriously, 广州桑拿never carelessly, and never says a word “tired”. My father is more concerned about my study and never spares money. He bought me a lot of books to help me grow up healthily and study happily. In life, as long as Dad knows other people’s difficulties, he will definitely care about and help others solve them. Therefore, I am proud of having such a father!
At work, my father is very serious and never does things carelessly. Once, my father went to collect taxes, and when he went to a private company, he found that the private company had evaded taxes and had evaded taxes. The boss also wanted to lure my father with money, but my father refused the “good intentions” of the boss. Dad said to the boss, “I got your idea, but personally I can’t take any of your belongings. Because we do not come to collect taxes for personal pockets, but to collect the taxes you are legally liable to pay in time and in full and hand them all over to the state. The state also spends these money on 深圳桑拿网 construction, public utilities, so that people can live and work in peace and contentment, making our country richer and stronger. As a citizen, you don’t even understand that? You can’t do it! So, is this person a qualified citizen? The boss listened to my father’s words and immediately made up for the tax he had stolen. For this reason, my father was also praised by his superiors!
My father never carelessly treats my studies. Once my composition was poorly written, like a running account. Dad knows, that day, immediately went to buy me some composition books. Dad also said: “Learning Chinese and improving writing ability is 桑拿广州 the key. To read more extracurricular books, good collection of excellent compositions, you must learn it well. When I was in the third grade of primary school, my father said to me, “The most difficult thing to learn now is foreign languages.” Later, my father sent me to Cambridge English class to learn English. He also said, “English is like a tiger on your way to study, blocking your way to study, you must knock it down, in order to reach the other side of your ideal of study smoothly.” At present, my English achievement has been kept in the top five in the class, which is inseparable from my father’s love. Therefore, I have begun to feel that my father’s teachings will benefit me immensely.
Dad always likes to help others in his life. My father taught me from an early age that I should learn Lei Feng’s good deeds, help others and be happy to help others. Once, when I went shopping with my father, I saw a man who was admitted to college without tuition fees. Begging on the street for lack of tuition fees. Dad went over 桑拿佛山 and said to the man kindly, “Young man, how much money are you still short of going to school?” The man said, “Now it’s still 400 yuan short.” Dad did not hesitate to give him all the 500 yuan he had planned to buy for me. Then he said, “Give you more, I hope you can achieve something in the future.” The man burst into tears and said thanks.
I am proud of having such a father.