Lose weight by liposuction

In August 2008, Zhang Jinhua, a businessman who had just returned from Hungary, fell on the operating table of Wang Liangfa, the chief surgeon of Beijing minghuihong International Medical Beauty Clinic (hereinafter referred to as minghuihong Beauty Clinic). He suffered brain damage due to excessive anesthesia and became a vegetable. On October 6, 2018, after 10 years of coma, Zhang Jinhua finally died of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.
For 12 years, Wang huankai, Zhang Jinhua’s husband, has been hoping to investigate the criminal responsibility of the parties concerned, but to no avail. On December 27, 2020, Red Star News reporter learned from Wang huankai that the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa had been arrested in September this year on the basis of the crime of medical malpractice.
Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court confirmed to Red Star news that the court has officially accepted the case and will hold a court session on another day.
Businesswoman is fooled into “serious obesity” and fails to become a vegetable after liposuction
Before the accident, Zhang Jinhua was a businessman. She and her husband Wang huankai lived in Hungary. After years of hard work in a foreign country, “they are still successful, and the family has no worries about food and clothing.” In July 2008, Zhang Jinhua returned to China. Before long, Zhang Jinhua went to minghuihong beauty clinic for consultation.
Height 170cm, weight 61.6kg Zhang Jinhua, who is not fat in the eyes of ordinary people, in the analysis report of human body composition issued by minghuihong Beauty Clinic at that time, the percentage of body fat is “fat”, and the ratio of waist hip fat is “serious obesity”. Therefore, under the advice of the “experts” in the clinic, Zhang Jinhua agreed to the operation: no trace compact lifting, hyaluronic acid, liposuction (8 parts around the waist and abdomen)
At 7:00 p.m. on August 4, 2008, Zhang Jinhua came to minghuihong beauty clinic again. After paying more than 120000 yuan, he went into the operating room alone under the rule that “no family members are allowed to accompany him”. At 11:00 p.m., the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa performed liposuction and other operations. However, an accident occurred during the operation: Zhang Jinhua fell into a coma. Since then, they have been in a vegetative state.
According to the materials provided by Ming Huihong, Zhang Jinhua suddenly developed dyspnea at about 4:03 (August 5, 2008), which became shallow and slow, and the blood oxygen continued to drop, but it still remained unchanged at 4:06. Four minutes later, the clinic called the police. However, “Zhang Jinhua called 120 at 3:56 on August 5, 2008 because he was unconscious for one hour,” according to the summary of prehospital treatment records of Beijing Emergency Center. One hour ago, during the cosmetic surgery in the beauty clinic, the patient suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing. The dosage of epinephrine was unknown. After the diagnosis and treatment of ventilator assisted breathing, the patient’s condition did not improve. He called a car to transfer to the hospital, and the ambulance arrived at the scene at 4:22…. “
In addition, the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital “admission record at 10:00 on August 5, 2008” records: (Zhang Jinhua) 7 hours coma after cosmetic surgery (that is, coma around 3 am).
After forensic identification by Beijing Huaxia material evidence identification center, the total amount of swelling liquid used in the operation of minghuihong beauty clinic was about 4000ml, the total dose of lidocaine hydrochloride was 2.4G, and the total dose of epinephrine hydrochloride was 4mg. According to the appraisal agency, there is a direct causal relationship between the fault of minghuihong beauty clinic and the damage consequence. The fault participation rate is 100%. Zhang Jinhua is now a first-class disability and full nursing dependence.
At that time, Beijing Chaoyang District Health Bureau (now Beijing Chaoyang District Health Committee) found that the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa and anesthesiologist Yu qiguang’s lidocaine for anesthesia exceeded the limit of 6.0mg/kg in the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China (2005 Edition), resulting in Zhang Jinhua’s first-class disability and complete nursing dependence.
At the end of December 2009, Chaoyang District Health Bureau of Beijing issued a decision on administrative punishment with the serial number of “chaoweiyifenzi (2009) No. 828”, which determined that Beijing minghuihong international medical beauty clinic had no anesthesia qualification, so its “medical institution occupation license” was revoked and 3000 yuan was fined. The following year, the Chaoyang District Health Bureau of Beijing issued two “decisions on administrative punishment” in succession, and the “doctor’s practice certificate” of chief surgeon Wang Liangfa and anesthesiologist Yu qiguang were revoked.
The chief surgeon was arrested for medical malpractice and accepted by the court
Wang huankai, Zhang Jinhua’s husband, believes that Wang Liangfa is suspected of medical malpractice and “must be investigated for criminal responsibility.” Wang huankai also told reporters that after Wang Liangfa’s “medical practice certificate” was revoked, he publicized his professional skills on major websites and carried out cosmetic surgery openly. “We reported Wang Liangfa’s” illegal medical practice “to the District Health Bureau twice in writing.”
In 2014, Wang huankai filed a civil lawsuit. Beijing Chaoyang District People’s court once entrusted Beijing Tongda Shoucheng forensic appraisal institute, a third-party appraisal organization, to make another appraisal. The result is consistent with the conclusion of Huaxia material evidence appraisal center: there is a direct causal relationship between Zhang Jinhua’s damage consequences and the medical behavior of the medical party, and the medical party (Minghui hongmeirong hospital) should bear all the responsibilities.
Although the clinic and relevant doctors were punished, Wang huankai believed that in this incident, the relevant responsible party had caused intentional injury, so many parties rushed to investigate the criminal responsibility of the other party, and withdrew the civil action in that year.
Zhang Jinhua’s former lawyer told Red Star news that in 2015, under the supervision of the procuratorate, Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Commission of Beijing transferred the case to the public security organ, “the public security bureau put the criminal case on file in January 2016. In November 2016, Wang Liangfa, the chief surgeon, was detained in criminal custody. However, when the public security organ reported to the procuratorate for arrest, it was not approved. Therefore, Wang Liangfa was released on bail pending trial. “
61.6kg female businessman lost weight by liposuction and became a vegetable. She died after 10 years of coma. The chief surgeon was arrested
Shortly after the incident, anesthesiologist Yu qiguang died. Ni Weiwei, founder of minghuihong beauty clinic, once said in an interview with CCTV that Yu qiguang did commit suicide because of the incident. CCTV had previously reported a screenshot
At that time, the Chaoyang District Procuratorate of Beijing issued a “statement of reasons for not approving arrest” to the police, which said, “this case is lack of special” technical identification of medical malpractice “commissioned by the public security organ and key evidence.”
On October 6, 2018, Zhang Jinhua, who had been in a coma for 10 years, was finally declared dead due to hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. In order to find an explanation for his wife, Wang huankai constantly reflected the matter to the relevant departments. After a long wait, recently, the matter has finally made new progress.
“The chief surgeon Wang Liangfa was finally arrested in September this year on the charge of medical malpractice.” On December 27, 2020, Wang huankai told Red Star news that the people’s Court of Chaoyang District of Beijing contacted him not long ago and said that the case could be heard in January next year. “At that time, we will appeal for criminal incidental civil cases. In addition to compensation, we also hope that the court will impose heavier punishment according to law.”
On December 28, a staff member of the people’s Court of Chaoyang District of Beijing confirmed to the Red Star News reporter that the court had accepted the case and “there is no specific date for the hearing yet.”
Wang Liangxing told reporters that after 12 years of severe punishment for the victims, he hopes to avoid the injury of the news industry

Women fall from high altitude

On September 18, netizens revealed that a tourist was suspected to have fallen while playing a high-altitude project in Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician park. Internet video shows that someone hovered in the middle of the ropeway, then fell into the valley, surrounded by witnesses screaming.
Some netizens reported that someone fell down while playing high-altitude sports in Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician park. Image based microblog
A staff member of Chongqing Wansheng District Tourism Bureau confirmed the incident to the Red Star News reporter, and said that the falling person was a staff member of the scenic spot, who was a woman. After successful search and rescue, he was sent to the hospital for rescue in the afternoon. After the incident, the staff went to the scenic spot to investigate the incident and is still waiting for the investigation results. And whether the staff member’s life is in danger, the other side said, “I don’t know for the time being.”.
Mr. Qian, a witness at the scene, told Red Star news that at about 3 pm that day, he happened to pass the high-altitude speed skating project and saw two “tourists” hovering on the ropeway. According to the pictures he took, a female “tourist” was sitting on her seat, holding on to the sling; a “tourist” was also hovering on the ropeway far behind her. Due to the distance, Mr. Qian could not see whether she had taken safety measures.
The photos taken by Mr. Qian, a witness at the scene, showed two people hovering on the ropeway. Photos provided by interviewees
According to the information from the Tourism Bureau, the “tourist” far away from Mr. Qian was actually a female staff member of the park, and it was her who finally fell.
According to Mr. Qian, then the staff at the end of the ropeway began to take action, manually pulling a person with a seat belt near the end to the shore first, but the person far away from the end was not so lucky. When the staff rescued her, she suddenly fell into the valley.
“When I saw the moment when I saw it fall, people around me screamed and I was too worried. The vertical distance of this valley is about 30 or 40 meters. I don’t know if the tourist’s life is in danger.” Mr. Qian said that about half an hour later, the falling victim was searched and rescued. At that time, four people carried her hands and legs, put them on the van and took them to the hospital.
According to another witness, the falling person struggled before falling, “she hung on the seat, and she may have lost strength and fell down.”
The accident scene photo taken by the scene witness Mr. Qian. Photos provided by interviewees
On the evening of September 19, a staff member of Chongqing Wansheng District Tourism Bureau confirmed the incident to Red Star News reporters, and said that yesterday (18th) afternoon, the Tourism Bureau had been contacting relevant departments to investigate the incident. “Until this morning, the relevant staff were still dealing with relevant matters in the scenic area, and are still waiting for the survey results. After that, they will explain the relevant situation to netizens concerned about the incident through relevant channels.”
According to the staff, the “tourist” who fell from the net was a staff member of the scenic spot, who was sent to the hospital in the afternoon of the same day for rescue. As for whether the staff member’s life is in danger, the other side said that “temporarily do not know”.
According to the WeChat official account of the dreamy Ordovician, the high speed speed skating is the “most courageous person welcoming” high altitude event in the scenic area, with the stimulus level marked five stars. There are five different speed skating routes in the scenic area, with different lengths and heights. You can experience different scenery. The scenery of cliff, mountain stream, forest and so on can be seen in the flying of high-altitude speed skating.
The introduction of high altitude speed skating project by Yuanfang. Screenshots from dream WeChat official account of Ordovician
In the notes, the park clearly states: pregnant women are not allowed to ride; tourists suffering from heart disease, hypertension, spinal and cervical spondylosis are not allowed to ride; passengers who are prone to carsickness or may cause physical discomfort due to taking the ride are not allowed to ride; in addition, please fasten the safety buckle or safety belt of the facilities. In the common consultation questions of the project, the park also said that the high-altitude project would buy insurance.
Why did the ropeway stop suddenly? Are safety measures in place? The reporter then repeatedly called the scenic spot public telephone to inquire about this matter, and the other side said that they did not understand the incident.
Related report: a woman in the Ordovician scenic area of Chongqing was sent to hospital after a high-altitude ropeway fell. She was said to be a staff member
On the night of September 19, the news was surging( www.thepaper.cn )An accident occurred in Wansheng Ordovician scenic area on the afternoon of 18th, and a woman fell into a valley from a speed skating ropeway, according to a staff member of the cultural and Tourism Bureau of Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone.
As for the identity of the woman who fell, the staff said that “it is the staff of the scenic area, not tourists”, and how the current situation of the fallen woman is “temporarily unclear”. At present, the cause of the accident and other specific circumstances, the relevant departments are under investigation.
Internet video shows a woman in white hanging upside down on a ropeway seat in mid air and soon fell into a valley. A tourist who witnessed the incident told surging news that the accident occurred at about 3:00 p.m. on the 18th.
“The game consists of two cableways, and the driving devices are connected in series. Visitors sit high on the safety chair of one of the cableways, and then slide down. At the same time, gravity is generated to bring the empty safety chair on the other ropeway back from the lower part. ” The tourist said that at that time, I do not know why, when the high-altitude tourists glide, there is still a person on the low-level safety chair, who was instantly pulled back to the ropeway and hung in the air.
“Tourists from high places slide down and sit on the safety chair with safety measures, while the girl at the bottom has no safety measures, hanging upside down on the seat rope

Half price for restaurant

According to the Lanzhou Morning Post, Gansu Cuisine Association, provincial Hotel Association and provincial longcai Association recently jointly issued a proposal on resolutely stopping food waste, which proposes to stop “waste on the tip of the tongue” from catering enterprises and everyone. It is suggested that “moderate ordering and surplus packing” should be adopted, and service modes such as “half half price” and “small portion suitable price” should be provided, so as to reasonably match dishes and not mislead consumers to order too much. China Consumer Association calls on consumers to say no to food waste

Salmon culture exposed by foreign media

Salmon meat is fresh and tender, and is loved by countless “foodies”. However, the media recently exposed “several evils” in the Norwegian salmon breeding chain, which surprised consumers who like salmon.
In order to find out the cause of the death of more than 50 million cultured salmon in the world in 2018, the reporter of arte conducted a field investigation in Norway, the hometown of salmon, according to a report on the 14th. As a big producer and exporter of salmon, Norway’s annual sales of salmon reach 50 billion euros. In the northern sea area of Norway, there is a huge sea salmon “farm”, each farm has tens of thousands of fish. “I know fish can’t breathe because of crowding, but the sight is more terrible: a large number of fish are crowded in the dirty sea water full of their waste. Many sick salmon are covered with ulcers as large as the palm of the hand, and some have become S-shaped deformed fish. Statistics show that the mortality rate of cultured salmon is as high as 20%. In addition, high-density culture also causes the infestation of ticks.
In addition to the poor breeding conditions, the cultured salmon also threaten the survival of wild salmon. According to skara, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Oceanography, there are about 530000 wild salmon in Norway and 400 million farmed salmon. Every year, about 183000 farmed salmon escape from farms and enter the ocean. They not only compete for food with the latter, but also infect the latter. What’s worse, the adaptability and reproduction ability of their offspring are poor, which directly contaminates the gene of wild salmon. In the past 35 years, the number of wild salmon has declined by 50%.
According to the report, people like salmon mainly because of its meat quality and nutrition. Wild salmon eat shrimp and crab in the ocean, which makes them rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Astaxanthin makes salmon meat have a bright color. However, in order to make the cultured salmon grow rapidly, people put in the feed mixed with soybean plant protein and astaxanthin, so the quality of cultured salmon is far lower than that of wild salmon.
Several Norwegian farms have confirmed that the export of salmon to China has been temporarily suspended due to the detection of new coronavirus in the chopping board of imported salmon in Beijing’s Xinfadi market, Reuters reported Friday.