On the three parts of American TV series

Recently, Netflix (hereinafter referred to as Netflix) suddenly announced that it would shoot the “three body” American drama, which quickly attracted widespread attention. Some netizens even said excitedly, “I can finally see a film of” three body “in my lifetime.
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As a work of Cheng Bei style of Chinese science fiction, the film and television of “three body” has always been concerned. However, after the film was launched in 2015, news of the “three body” TV series came out in August this year. However, no works have been seen with the audience. In contrast, in recent years, overseas sci-fi films such as the avenger alliance, spider man, Jurassic century and transformers have been reaping the wallets of Chinese audiences. Meanwhile, American TV series “game of power” and “western world” have also attracted numerous Chinese fans.
However, China’s science fiction films and TV are also making great strides forward. The 4.6 billion box office “wandering earth” has ignited the hope of the public. Last month, the launch of the “ten science fiction” support policy has also stirred up the whole science fiction circle.
Trisomy will be jointly developed into an American drama by trisomy universe, Youzu group and Netflix, and a luxurious production lineup will be assembled: David Benioff and d.b.wes, creators of game of thrones, will join hands with Alexander wood to co write and supervise the play Instantly became a hot topic. (point
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“I think it’s a very good thing.” “Science fiction world” magazine deputy editor in chief Raz in an interview with the daily economic news reporter said.
It is reported that “three bodies” was first published in science fiction world (issue 5, 2006). Raz believes that “three bodies” is the best IP in the field of science fiction in China, “but its current development situation is not very good. The cooperation between Youzu group and nefei can mobilize everyone’s expectations and improve the possibility of developing high-quality works.”.
Up to now, it has been five years since the film adaptation of “three bodies” came out, but no works have been published. Not only “Santi”, but not many Chinese science fiction films and TV dramas can sell well. Although “wandering the earth” reached the third place in Chinese film history with a box office of 4.655 billion yuan last year, there is still a certain distance between China’s science fiction films and overseas films.
What causes the gap between Chinese and foreign science fiction films? “
Indeed, science fiction literature and science fiction film and television face different groups of people. It is difficult to turn what is written to science fiction fans into works acceptable to all levels of audiences. “
Last year, “wandering the earth” started the pace of science fiction movies in China’s heavy industry, which attracted more people’s attention to the science fiction industry, and the state is gradually increasing its support for the science fiction industry.
Not long ago, it was printed and distributed by the state film administration and the China Association for science and technology
When it comes to science fiction in China, the four words “science fiction world” can never be bypassed. “The launch of the science fiction ten is very timely.” From an ordinary editor of science fiction world to deputy editor in chief, Raz grew up with Chinese science fiction. He told every reporter that the promotion of science fiction industry in the past was mostly through exhibition conferences, such as the China science fiction conference, “which is a demonstration of existing achievements on the national platform, but its functionality has not been greatly reflected.”.
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Now, “ten science fiction articles” have a very strong landing. It is no longer a programmatic or conceptual emphasis on the importance of science fiction, but has specific implementation measures. For example, encouraging film festivals to set up science fiction units, ways of tax and financial subsidies, and personnel training have more detailed provisions. ” Raz said happily.
So, how can we have more wandering earth to meet the audience? In this regard, Raz thinks,
“Although the quality of our science fiction has been improved, the overall scale and quantity have not yet reached the level of developed countries.” Raz further told reporters,
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“The so-called industrial talent training is more cross-border. China has a good foundation in this respect: it has a large number of science fiction fans. But science fiction groups need a certain amount of time to enter the professional field of film and television, such as music, art modeling, computer special effects learning Raz said that now the state has increased the encouragement of science fiction industry, “I think it will promote the cultivation of professional talents in Colleges and universities, vocational and technical training schools, etc
In addition, Latz saw that film and television institutions gradually precipitated from the early (2015 ~2016) impetuous bubble mood. “Now more and more organizations can settle down and really want to make some high-quality sci-fi products.”

The language class of Spring Festival gala will be final

New year’s Eve is coming, and CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, which attracts the most attention every year, is also in preparation. This year’s language programs are also about to come to a final conclusion. Which programs will finally be on the stage of the new year’s Eve may have results. Sina entertainment exclusively learned that this year’s language program competition is very big, and there are many good works. There are not only popular spring festival galas such as Shen Teng, Ma Li and Jia Ling, but also pop culture this year.
Xiao Zhan [Weibo], who is popular for the “petition”, is expected to cooperate with Xie Na [Weibo] on a Sichuan dialect sketch. And Zhang Ruoyun, who is most recently concerned about “Celebrating more than one year”, will also appear in the Spring Festival Gala to perform the skit, integrating the interest of “Celebrating more than one year” with the skit. It is reported that the rehearsal scene has a good response. This year’s Mingxue in Chinese restaurant is a popular online language. The Spring Festival Gala sketches will also be integrated into Mingxue, and Huang Xiaoming [micro blog] will show up to teach. It’s learned that this Mingxue skit has many laughs and is very wonderful. I hope these programs will finally be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.