Us first lady suspected of double

Melania: atypical first lady of the United States
“The shape of the nose is obviously wrong” “the height is at least 6 inches shorter” U.S. President trump and his wife, Melania, went to Alabama in early March for a visit to Hurricane stricken areas, which caused a stir in American social media. Standing beside trump and wearing oversized sunglasses, the “first lady” is regarded by many netizens as not a real Melania, but a stand in.
Trump tweeted the rumor on March 13, saying such speculation was false news. He believed that the media had modified the photos of Melania, and then triggered conspiracy theories, saying that the real Melania was not standing beside him, and that Melania was not in Alabama, but somewhere else. “As time goes on, these people get more crazy!” trump said.
This is not the first time that Melania has been suspected of having a double. In August 2018, Melania and trump went to Ohio to attend the event. There are also rumors on the Internet that Melania, who visited the children’s Hospital, was totally different from the one who showed up on the tarmac the same day.
Speculation on the Internet has something to do with Melania’s low profile and frequent “disappearance.”. As the first “first lady” of Eastern European origin who was not born in the United States, Melania is known as one of the most “low-key” first ladies in the history of the United States, although she is a frequent visitor in the fashion circle, which is in sharp contrast to trump, who has a high profile. According to a survey released by YouGov and the economist on March 7, 2019, the first lady Melania is the favorite of American people among the trump family.
According to the poll data regularly released by CNN, Melania’s support rate has been relatively satisfactory, which has remained close to 50% to nearly 60% for most of 2018. Only the poll support rate published in December dropped to 43%, while Trump’s support rate has been hovering around 40%.
“Reserved, elegant and calm”
Melania moved to the White House six months after trump took office, and her “predecessors” usually moved to the White House in about a month. The reason she gave was to stay in New York to wait for her 11 year old son, Baron, to complete the school year.
During the six months of Melania’s “Absence” from the White House, Trump’s daughter Ivanka filled the vacuum created by the absence of “first lady”. As an adviser to the president, Ivanka not only has his own office in the West Wing of the White House, but also attended Trump’s meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and presided over and arranged a series of important activities in the White House.
Even after Melania moved into the White House, Ivanka often helped trump prepare for celebrations and social events. Although Ivanka has repeatedly said that it is inappropriate to make any connection with the title of “first lady”, she is still regarded by the media as playing a part of a similar role.
Not only did she move into the White House belatedly, but Melania’s team building and public events were not slow. In her first year in the White House, she spent most of her time in a low-key and inaction state. So far, Melania’s office has only about 10 staff and lacks experts in policy research and public relations. Previously, the first lady’s office team usually included more than 20 professionals.
In an interview with GQ magazine, a close friend of Melania said that Melania’s personality is completely different from her husband trump. She is reserved, elegant and calm. “She is rich, but she is not a socialite but a housemaid.”
Among the previous first ladies in the United States, Melania’s experience is quite unique. She was born in 1970 to a civilian family in sevnita, a Slovenian town. Her father was a marketing manager in an automobile factory and her mother worked in a clothing factory. She studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for a year. Because of her outstanding appearance, she began to model for fashion photographers at the age of 16, and then made a living in cities such as Milan and Paris. This experience allowed her to speak French, Serb and German in addition to English and Slovenian.
In the impression of Melania university students, she has always been a quiet person, not smoking, not drinking, not shuttling around the party. Even after she started her modeling career, she likes to go home immediately after work and stay with her equally quiet sister. Her college classmate Petra sedge told GQ that at that time, boys liked party girls, but they were not. Parties were usually held in Melania’s or Petra’s dormitories, drinking juice and chatting.
In 1995, Melania met Paul zampori, a famous partner of metropolitan model company in Milan, and under his encouragement, she went to the United States to develop in 1996. In an interview with the New York Post in 2005, Paul zampori also said that Melania didn’t go out often, didn’t go to clubs or bars, just went to the movies and the gym. Before trump, she had never dated anyone in New York. “This is a girl who models camel cigarettes on a huge billboard in Times Square, but she stays at home all the time.”
Many years ago, Melania told the media that if trump was elected president, she would be a “very traditional” first lady. Today, although living

Girls wake up after being attacked by neighbors

On September 7, Mr. Zhou, the father of a 5-year-old girl named Nannan (pseudonym), who was suspected of being taken away by neighbors in Harbin, told the Beijing news that Nannan had recovered, could drink a little water and talk to doctors, but was not out of danger. On August 29, the girl was taken away by Liu, a man who was scavenging in the same village. She was suspected of sexual assault and then admitted to the ICU ward. On August 30, Liu, a scavenger, was detained by the police. On September 3, Liu, the suspect, was arrested by the procuratorial organ on suspicion of rape and child molestation.

Candidates forge Tsinghua notice

A student in Zhanjiang claimed to have been admitted to Tsinghua University. A banner was pulled in the village to celebrate. Later, he was found to be a forgery
On August 19, some netizens reported to Nanfang + reporters that a student in tiaofeng Town, Leizhou, Zhanjiang, claimed to have been admitted to Tsinghua University and forged the admission notice.
Mr. Cai, a resident of tiaofeng Town, said the incident caused a stir in the local area. The village where the students lived even pulled banners and set off firecrackers to celebrate the incident, which was later found to be a forgery.
From the pictures circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that there are many flaws in the fake admission notice, not only the color is different from the original, but also there are some problems such as wrong words and missing words.
The reporter called Leizhou Education Bureau to understand the situation, the staff said “did not hear about this matter”, “do not understand the situation.”.

What does Hong Kong and Macao have to do with you

Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council: some countries claim to take so-called sanctions against Chinese officials. This is bandit logic. What does it matter to you that we have formulated a law for a local administrative region of the people’s Republic of China? If you didn’t invite you to provoke you, why should you be rude? Hong Kong people like to say: is there anything wrong with you? We’re not scared! Gone are the days when the Chinese looked at others’ faces and looked up to others!