Six people killed in a farm in Henan Province

On November 15, more than one member of the Chai family was killed in loufengmingzhuang village, Jintang Township, Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Upstream news reporter learned from Jintang township police station that sun Hengfei, the suspect and villager in the same village, is still at large.
A villager surnamed Meng in the village said that on November 15, just before dawn, a number of police cars stopped near the villagers’ home surnamed Chai. He went forward to find out that Chai and several of his younger generation were killed. Later, he saw a message sent by village cadres in the villagers’ wechat group.
According to the news, at about 5:00 a.m. on November 15, Zhao reported to the police that a homicide case occurred in loufengmingzhuang village, Jintang Township, Yuanyang County. The police arrived at the scene at 5:20 and learned that three adults and three children had died. After preliminary investigation, the suspect was sun Hengfei, 31, from loufengmingzhuang village. He drove a white Pentium SUV when he fled.
In response to the above news, the village cadres told the upstream news reporters: “it is not clear whether six people (victims) are still under investigation. The suspect locked in is sun Hengfei.”
The family members of the suspect sun Hengfei told reporters that they did not know what contradiction made sun Hengfei have a murderous heart. They are also actively searching for its whereabouts.
Yuanyang County Public Security Bureau officials said that the matter will be issued as soon as possible.

Biden nominated Obama

[global network report]

Russian satellite news agency quoted the British “Sunday Times” on the 10th, saying that US President-elect Biden may nominate former President Barack Obama as US ambassador to the UK, according to unnamed sources.
“I heard Biden might ask for that, thank you.” The source said. Reported that Biden’s move is obviously to thank Obama for appointing himself as vice president from 2009 to 2017.

Nine latest judgments of Zhong Nanshan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in 3 million 400 thousand cases according to the latest World Health Organization data. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe. How should more than 1.4 million overseas students do well in self-protection? How to minimize the impact of the epidemic on learning? On the evening of May 4, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the national health and Health Commission jointly invited Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, to answer questions and solve doubts for overseas students from the United States, Russia and other high epidemic areas. More than one hour of connection, a lot of information!
1、 Not in favor of group immunity, because a lot of people have to be sacrificed
Zhong Nanshan said in the live connection that he did not approve of “group immunity”, because to achieve “group immunity” requires a lot of sacrifice. According to Zhong Nanshan, there are reports in Europe that 20% of people have antibodies, and in some countries the figure reaches 25%, but it is far from the so-called group immunity. To achieve group immunity, it usually takes 60% – 70% of people to have this possibility after infection, which is far from being achieved.
Therefore, Zhong Nanshan said that he did not accept this approach because there were too many people who died. “We have many ways, we can prevent, we can protect, we will fight for time, we will fight for a vaccine.”
2、 The infectivity of new coronavirus was not expected
Zhong Nanshan said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is not anticipated. From the infectious index, the general influenza is 1, SARS is close to 2, Middle East respiratory syndrome is 1.5, and new crown pneumonia is 3.
3、 There is no evidence that mosquito bites spread the new coronavirus
Academician Zhong Nanshan said that generally speaking, the survival rate and activity rate of the virus are relatively poor in high temperature environment. When summer comes, the activity of the virus will decline, and high temperature will be detrimental to the activity of the virus. However, the ultraviolet rays in nature are not strong enough to disinfect, and it can not be completely isolated by high temperature. He mentioned that mosquito bites can infect many diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever, which are more common in Africa. But so far, there is no evidence that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes.
4、 Gales and blizzards will not speed up the spread of the virus
Zhong Nanshan said that the virus can only spread if it is attached to something, and the most prominent one is spread through droplets. If there is snow or strong wind, the spread of the virus will not only accelerate but also slow down. The wind virus soon diluted and would not spread until it reached a certain concentration in the air.
5、 There is evidence that Lianhua is effective in clearing plague
Zhong Nanshan reminds foreign students that if they have a fever, they should drink more water and take some medicine with them, such as baifuling, ibuprofen and Lianhuaqingwen.
In particular, he mentioned that just after an experiment, there was sufficient evidence to prove that Lianhua Qingwen had a certain effect. In vitro experiment, it was found that Lianhuaqingwen capsule had some effect on virus inhibition, although it was weak, but its advantage was that it had a good repair effect on cell damage and inflammation caused by virus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is more common in 80% of the patients. Lianhuaqingwen capsule is more suitable for patients with common new crown pneumonia.
Six. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has sequela? Zhong Nanshan: pulmonary fibrosis is not too serious
Zhong Nanshan said that according to his observation, the patient recovered well after discharge. As long as there is no basic disease, the recovery will be very fast. Even if there are some basic diseases, according to his observation, they are better than SARS. Zhong Nanshan said that novel coronavirus pneumonia was 17 years ago. Some patients had pulmonary fibrosis after six to one year. The pulmonary fibrosis of new crown pneumonia patients is not too heavy. It looks reversible. “We have done lung function tests on more than 100 patients, and they haven’t recovered to normal level, but they don’t seem to be damaged too much, and they will recover slowly, so the sequelae is not large.”
7、 What should we pay attention to in the life of international students?
Zhong Nanshan suggested:
First, wear a good mask to protect. Don’t follow the crowd, and don’t do as the Romans do. In the past, many people took a different look at wearing masks in China. Now some countries that were very opposed to wearing masks have started to wear masks. It is our correct approach that drives them.
Second, many people live together, sharing toilets, kitchens and other public spaces should pay attention to disinfection and hand washing.
8、 Zhong Nanshan recalls the experience of studying abroad 41 years ago and talks about how to relieve the pressure
Some international students asked that the psychological pressure of international students under the epidemic was generally great. Zhong Nanshan recalled 41 years of studying in the UK and taught us how to relieve the pressure. Zhong Nanshan said that at that time, he had the same feeling. He was very lonely and depressed. He also had heavy discipline work and was under great pressure. Now the global outbreak, he especially understood the feelings of the overseas students, he encouraged the overseas young students to take the outbreak as a test of their own psychology, not only to do a good job in physical protection, but also to do a good job in psychological protection. Stick to your studies and develop your willpower.
Nine, if you want to return home, how to do a good job of protection?
Zhong Nanshan suggested:
First, before returning to China, if it is possible, it is best to do nucleic acid testing to make sure that you are in the best condition on the plane. The virus has a incubation period of three to seven days, with a maximum of ten hours on board, during which it is unlikely that the virus will become infected and soon develop symptoms.
Second, pay attention to protection, wear masks and wash hands.
Third, come back for testing, even if it is positive, do not panic, have a good rest and cooperate with the treatment.