Hometown has changed

I remember my first trip to Hangzhou 20 years ago, when I was overwhelmed by the charming scenery, beautiful landscapes and tall buildings, which made me stay for more than a month and keep me going back and forth.
One day, my colleague from Tianjin asked me where my colleague was. When I first came into the world, I was shy when facing the questions from the big city people. So I answered in a low voice: Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. Where? Taizhou, Jiangsu, I repeat, the other side shook his head and said: I don’t know where.
Yeah, Taizhou is too small. I was like a frog jumping in the mouth of a well, knowing that the world is too big to describe, while Taizhou is too small, as small as the palm of the palm. I remember that there is a smooth passage among the people – a street, two buildings, a few monkeys in a park. There are few pedestrians from south to north, and one policeman is in charge of both ends. It’s not too bad to describe Taizhou as small and backward.
The impression of childhood, Taizhou is only Hailing North-South Road, and the North Road was called Pozi Street, also known as Caiyi Street. It was only six or seven meters wide. The length of the road was the place where all walks of life, traders and hawkers gathered at that time. There are scissors, shovels, bowls, pots, fortune tellers. Residents along the street are still living in front of the coal stove every day, banana fans stir up a stir, the street is full of smoke extremely ordinary life. Holidays are also bustling crowds, which is lively. Fortunately, the traffic was not as developed as it is now. Otherwise, the road will be congested every day.
People’s dining and entertainment only lie in the people’s theatre at the gate of the city and Fuchun Hotel at Xibakou. Whenever my father is happy, he rides me on his shoulder, goes to Fuchun Hotel for breakfast tea, and then goes to the theatre to see a movie, which is quite satisfying at that time.
With the deepening of reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in Taizhou’s urban construction and people’s cultural and living standards. Large and medium-sized enterprises led by Chunlan and Lin Hai groups are driving Taizhou’s economy. It has leaped to a new level. Spring orchid air conditioning has entered thousands of households, into the Central South China Sea, into the world, but also to improve the popularity of Taizhou.
With the birth of prefecture-level Taizhou City, the emergence of politicians and people, and the emergence of Pepsi, urban infrastructure is imminent, starting with the reconstruction project of People’s East Road and Youth North-South Road, the curtain of urban construction has been opened.
The newly enlarged People’s Road is built along the South Bank of the East-West City. There are many tall buildings along the street. The scenery of the Chenghe River is beautiful, just like that of a metropolis. The central Yuecheng Square is like a night pearl embedded between the East and West Chenghe River, playing a key role. Every summer night, the soft light of the high pole lamp, the novel and unique music fountain and the soft green lawn all give the cool visitors a feeling of relaxation and joy.
The newly opened Youth North-South Road, which lasts more than ten years, crosses the city and goes directly to Gaogang, a major riverside town, has become one of the important traffic arteries in Taizhou. The rows of stretching street lights, like welcoming tourists from all directions, have shaded the green islands on both sides, and become the provincial standard green demonstration street.
In order to improve the living standard of the people, we have successively built more than a dozen residential districts, including Dongjin, Jingguang, Nanyuan and other residential districts, especially the Lotus District under construction. Its scale is unprecedented, equivalent to the area of the Old Hailing City, with a residential population of about 100,000. Such urban construction has been enumerated in our city.
While building material civilization, people do not forget the construction of spiritual civilization. The successive completion of Confucian Temple, Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall and Municipal Library has greatly enriched the amateur cultural life of the people and marked that the construction of spiritual civilization in our city has been raised to a new level.
Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall is particularly prominent. It is located on the beautiful Dongcheng River. It is historically known as Fenghuangdun. It imitates ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings. Its environment is elegant and its winding paths are quiet. It is one of the important tourist attractions in Taizhou. The ancient Hailing Tomb has a reputation as Phoenix City, where the Phoenix is not lost. Although this is people’s yearning for a better life, she has raised a large number of patriots like Mei Lanfang and Liu Jingting. Mei Lanfang’s ambitious feat is admired by the world. Mei Shiguan has now become a national patriotic education. Base, come to visit, study, tourists endless stream.
Home changes are not clearly depicted in a moment and a half, such as the first tower in central Jiangsu (Taizhou TV Tower), the city sculpture in the West Square, the Dongchenghe Scenic Area and so on. Every Taizhou people are proud of it. She is the symbol of our Taizhou! It is the pride of Hailing people!
Looking back on the dialogue with Tianjin people in those days, if it happened today, I would tell him loudly that my hometown is Taizhou, the hometown of Master Mei, the birthplace of Chunlan and the place where General Secretary Jiang has been twice!