Boy injured in Zeng Chunliang case

On September 12, a boy injured in Zeng Chunliang’s homicide case in Le’an, Jiangxi Province, regained consciousness. Family members of the victims said police investigated the work of Le’an police and confirmed that there were defects in the work, but there was no dereliction of duty. The family members of the victims said that they could not accept: “if the Le’an police took compulsory measures against Zeng Chunliang after the first police report, the murder would not have happened; they requested that the process and results of the investigation be impartial and open.”

100 million people return to extreme poverty

“World Bank President marpas warned that the epidemic situation may return 100 million people to extreme poverty” was published in the 22nd issue of reference news. The summary of the report is as follows:
World Bank President David marpas has warned that the new outbreak could lead 100 million people back into extreme poverty.
The Washington based World Bank previously estimated that 60 million people would fall into extreme poverty as a result of the new outbreak, but the new assessment suggests that the situation may worsen to 70 million to 100 million people. Marpas said that if the new outbreak continues to deteriorate, “the number may be higher.”.
The world bank has pledged to provide $160 billion in funding to 100 countries by June 2021 in response to an imminent emergency. By the end of June, the world bank had disbursed about $21 billion.
But even so, the number of people living in extreme poverty is still increasing. Marpas said the deterioration was due to job losses during the outbreak and supply problems that made food more difficult for people. “The longer the economic crisis lasts, the more people will return to extreme poverty,” he said

Jilin cases find the source of infection

According to the people’s daily, on May 19, in the introduction of confirmed cases reported by Jilin provincial health and Health Commission, case 3 and case 4 were returned to Jilin. Many netizens found that at that time, the official did not report that they had a close contact history with the confirmed cases, so someone interpreted it as “broken chain” of the epidemic. On May 20, officials reported preliminary findings that the two cases were related to the confirmed case 2 reported on May 10.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been interviewed by the leading group of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Jilin recently. People’s Daily reporters have made a clear response: the infection source of the two confirmed cases has been identified, and the “chain breaking” theory does not exist. The details are as follows:
Q: case 3 and case 4 reported on May 19 did not report that they had close contact with other confirmed cases at that time. Is the source of infection clear at present? Can you introduce the specific situation?
A: through the joint investigation of multiple departments, the confirmed cases 3 (Jiang XX) and 4 (Zheng XX) reported on May 19 were infected by the confirmed cases (Jiang XX) reported on May 20.
The confirmed case reported on May 20 (Jiang) and case 9 (Hao) reported on May 10 and case 1 (Liu) reported on May 10 were at the snack night market in the South Campus of North China University from 20:00 to 22:00 p.m. on May 2 at the same time. They had a common exposure history. Jiang fell ill four days after exposure.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia case (3 cases) was reported in May 19th, and 4 cases were confirmed by Zheng (a). In May 9th, he returned home from Shulan and lived in the confirmed case in May 20th (Jiangmou). The disease occurred in May 14th and May 15th respectively. The incidence of exposure to the disease was 5 days and 6 days respectively, which accords with the transmission characteristics of the new crown pneumonia.

Ten asymptomatic cases in Hubei Province

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 0 cases in Hubei province from 0 to 24 in May 16th, and no imported cases were reported in Hubei. There were 10 new cases of asymptomatic infection, 0 transferred to diagnosis, 49 removed from isolation, and 400 asymptomatic infections still under medical observation.

Tencent News brother apologizes

“News elder brother” is very powerful, is Tencent News “excellent employee”, this elder brother’s position is to refuse negative energy, pay attention to interesting, like to complain, until these two days because “celebrate more than one year” ahead of the charge event on demand, although “it’s about the company, I shut up is the best”, but elder brother couldn’t resist, wrote a “Chinese people don’t deserve to have spiritual life!”! No match! 》In the early morning of December 23, “brother newsman” hastily issued an apology, replaced the official in charge of the public account, and suspended the editor concerned.
As expected, I got the sentence in the author’s article: “every day I watch my peers being hammered, I can’t help saying two sentences. If I get into trouble with the company, I’ll be punished, too.
As a peer in the industry of “brother news”, I read the full text carefully to understand the main reasons for his rollover, so as to learn from the past.
As a person who wrote “come up with the idea of charging for the pop show on demand in advance, and suggest goose factory to add year-end bonus to it”, Lei Feng’s editor still holds his own “original view”: This is Tencent video’s trick, it wants to make money, and it has space to be found in the rules, I have no way, but I don’t like and support the secondary charging for VIP users, because I really charge money.
However, this does not prevent other stakeholders from stating their own reasons, such as the news brother of Renjia goose factory.
His point of view 1: VVIP is a problem of package gear, no one forces you to buy it.
VIP users see 6 sets more than ordinary users, and VVIP users see 6 sets more than VIP users. Isn’t that the gear of the service package? When you go to dinner, three meat and two vegetables are more expensive than two meat and one vegetable. Will you scold?
Besides, if you don’t pay, you don’t pay. No one forces you.
Point 2: it’s OK not to buy VVIP. Why publicize piracy?
“Support piracy” four words can be called so upright, it really shows the lower limit of personality.
Point 3: video platforms are poor and the content industry is miserable.
If you don’t want to watch the advertisement and pay for the content, then the craftsmen in China will starve to death.
Point four: paying is not expensive, good content needs paying support.
More than 30 yuan net red milk tea line up for 1 hour, worth! 10 yuan for a video member, steal money?
200 yuan lipstick, tens of thousands of lipsticks in a minute, cool! 5 yuan for an e-book, it’s painful for half a day.
News brother’s conclusion is more aggressive:
On the one hand, economic growth slows down, no one has enough food left, and advertising fees have peaked.
On the other hand, users support piracy, and they will be scolded for shooting bad plays and charging for good ones.
This is the current situation of China’s content market.
This is the reality that Chinese people are not worthy of spiritual life at all!
After all, the Chinese don’t deserve it.
In the last three sentences, a big pot came down from the sky. QQ, after developing a series of drills for its members, is well versed in the way of payment. Maybe Tencent video will follow the same old path. But when it comes to benefits, it’s about benefits. After a lot of talk, brother newsman wants to occupy the “moral highland”, which makes people very sad.
Never jeer at the target audience of your article!
For example, if your target audience is VVIP, you can make a mockery of the VIP who doesn’t want to be a VVIP, saying that they are stingy and don’t deserve to have a spiritual life, etc. VVIP people will feel very good after reading it, and feel very superior. In order to maintain this superiority, they will return to krypton VVIP next time.
But his goal is to persuade VIP to spend more money to buy VVIP, but he ridicules VIP to the utmost, and thinks that he is a kind of wise general.
Of course, the “news brother” was immediately backfired by the boiling “public opinion” after spraying “the people”, and honestly recognized the mistake: “the article is seriously inappropriate in terms of title, opinion and wording, we have recognized the mistake and deleted the article. Here, we apologize to you. “

NBA official statement

NBA chief communications officer, buzz, released the following statement today:
We are extremely disappointed with the inappropriate remarks made by Daryl Morley, general manager of Houston rockets. He has undoubtedly seriously hurt the feelings of Chinese fans. Morey has clarified that his remarks do not represent the position of the rockets and NBA. Under the values of NBA, people can get to know and share their views on things of interest. We respect the history and culture of China very much. We hope that sports and NBA will serve as a positive energy for solidarity and continue to build bridges for international cultural exchanges and bring people together.


Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Meets America

Beijing time September 23 news, 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup China team against the United States women’s volleyball team. At present, both Chinese and American teams have maintained six consecutive victories, so this match is also considered as a “championship war”. Interestingly, both teams went through five games last night. The Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the Japanese women’s volleyball team 3-2 in the afternoon, while the American women’s volleyball team beat the Japanese women’s volleyball team in five games.
The starting lists of both sides in this match are available:
China Women’s Volleyball Team Starting List:
Main attack: Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning
Vice-offenders: Yuan Xinyue and Yanni
Response: Gong Xiangyu
Erzhuan: Ding Xia
Freeman: Wang Mengjie
Starting List of American Women’s Volleyball Team:
Main attack: Larson, Robinson
Off-offense: Washington, Ogbergu
Respond: Druis
Set Two: Bolt
Freeman: Courtney


Ma Rong Denies Pregnancy

Ma Rong wrote late at night denying that she was pregnant, had no ins account, and was not an insider.
On the evening of September 20, Ma Rong wrote on Weibo that she was angry about some pregnancy rumors and said angrily, “Wow! What’s a good day today?” Let’s get together to make false news and make rumors? Is there nowhere to spend the publicity money this year? I hereby clarify: I have no ins account, I am not pregnant, I am not in the circle, do not speak out, refuse to tie up consumption, do not accept rumors.
I will safeguard my legitimate rights and interests through legal channels in illegal places outside the network.
I report online in real name, help @National Network Information Office Reporting Center to crack down on the network evil forces, pull its behind-the-scenes black hands, severe punishment!
What the hell is going on?
Recently, there was a netizen named “super jenny-m-rong” in INS, who sent a message to pregnant mother to welcome the new life. Many netizens have lamented that Ma Rong is pregnant.
Have the courage to be pregnant and dare to be so blatant, and don’t know how to avoid suspicion at all?
Many netizens’Sanguan has been attacked once again, and some people are curious about who is the father of the triplets.
Why did you use this account as Ma Rong?
Because looking at the picture of Ma Rong and her two children, Ma Rong in the picture was kissed by the children, and the content before looking through the account was also commented on diss Wang Baoqiang many times, saying that Wang Baoqiang’s new girlfriend often went to the nightclub, she had never been there. Anyway, she divorced Wang Baoqiang, who Wang Baoqiang wanted to marry? Whoever waits, all kinds of fighting for Ma Rong’s tone.
So no wonder netizens regard this account as Ma Rong. The key is that it has been so long. This account is diss Wang Baoqiang. Ma Rong has never denied that it is not her own account. In addition, this account uses the curiosity of netizens to fish in troubled waters.
I think so. Ma Rong’s divorce got so much property. He ate delicious food and traveled everywhere. He was also very happy. There was no rumor of love.
Although several men seem to have unusual relationships with Ma Rong before, for example, when Ma Rong was hospitalized, who was the man who ran away with Ma Rong on his back, the netizens have not been clear.
And who is Xiaoxiao’s pen that has been washing Ma Rong’s white on the internet? And Ma Rong Weibo trumpet mentions the man who made an appointment, who is it? Anyway, these people have a good relationship with Ma Rong.
Although Ma Rong is not very impressed in most netizens’hearts, if he really wants to marry, there must be no lack of objects, but Ma Rong does not seem to be so anxious, and even if he talks about marriage, there seems to be no such high-profile new love, is it not obvious to look for abuse?
However, the owner of this ins account is really disgusting. He has repeatedly rubbed hot under the name of Ma Rong. Although he has been scolded, he has also increased many fans and maliciously stirred up the relationship between Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang. Before that, someone pretended to be Ma Rong’s micro-blog and sent a series of things, saying how Wang Baoqiang Ma Rong did it, and finally did it. A big oolong is no more…
Although netizens hate Ma Rong, it seems that those who pretend to be someone else’s rumor maker are no better than Ma Rong.


Fishing广州洗浴中心收费标准 record

It’s so hot and hot that people naturally like to go to places with water and trees to cool down. Of course, we are young and no exception. Who knows that we inadvertently enjoy the cool, unexpectedly made a surprising discovery: the artificial lake in the深圳洗浴中心最开放的服务 community actually lives wild fish! Therefore, a “fishing war” is inevitable.
The appointed time is up, and we are all armed to our destination. Huh! Look, it’s quite well equipped, ranging from a small fishing net to a mini flashlight. When we got to the lake, we saw that many people had started fishing there. Dense fishing nets have become a unique landscape in the community. “Well, we’re still late.” The sentimental Xiaocheng lamented. “Never mind, the latter is in the first place!” I comforted him, but I could hardly wait for him.
We went to a deserted place and did a carpet search. “There’s one!” cried Jurid, with a sharp eye, in surprise. Xiaocheng and I immediately joined up. The little fish was sitting quietly between the two stones at the moment, unaware that it had become someone else’s goal, still foolishly motionless. Xiaocheng and I each held a fishing net to block the fish’s exit. At this time, the little fish may feel bad and can only escape from the front, but it seems that it does not notice the fluctuation of the water surface, because Jured has been there “waiting for rabbits”. Xiao Zhu quickly blocked the front of the stone crack with a small net. At this moment, the little fish seemed to understand that it had become a turtle in the urn, and returned to the original road at a fast speed, rushing towards the direction of the small guard. Unfortunately, it’s too late, Xiaocheng said, this dizzy fish has become our “first battle product”.
Influenced by this “open door red”, we have great morale and high personality. We are anxious to fish all the small fish in the lake. It really took no effort. Just then another little fish came into our sight. We immediately implemented the capture plan. This little fish seems to be much smarter than the one just now. Just as soon as our fishing net touched the lake, it seemed to feel bad and fled immediately. I was deeply disappointed. At this time, Xiao Cheng suddenly said, “Who said the fish ran away, it’s in my net!” Originally, when the small fish fled, it was in Xiao Cheng’s pocket. “What a coincidence! It’s not a book!” we sighed one after another.
Time passed silently, and we kept fishing. But after a period of time, no fish was seen. We sighed and lost our hearts. Even Xiao Zhu, who is usually the most patient, is a little impatient. The flashlight in his hand flashed and seemed to be restless. Suddenly, Xiao Zhu shouted, “Red goldfish!” This simple three-word, like a time bomb suddenly pushed us to the climax. “Where is it?” I asked Xiaocheng in unison. We looked in the direction of Xiao Zhu’s finger. It was true that a red goldfish was swimming happily in the water. “Boy, this time you met this fishing expert and you’ve been mouldy for eight years. See where you’re going? Take your life!” Xiao Cheng cried excitedly. He was caught with a fishing net in his pocket in the water. We were thrilled by this great achievement.
In the next time, we caught several small fish one after another. Although the fish is very small, it is the result of our solidarity and cooperation, and we are very proud of it.