College entrance examination students cut their eyelids

After the college entrance examination, some people learn to drive, some work to earn tuition, and others pile up to cut their eyelids. According to relevant reports, 20% of boys cut their eyelids.
The double eyelid is just a small operation. The eyes are bigger and more beautiful after cutting (also need to find a doctor with good skills). After all, minor surgery is also an operation, and there are certain risks.
There are more students in the college entrance examination. Why should there be more new students? Because the proportion of re reading students is not as large as that of fresh students. What’s more, the second reading students don’t love beauty.
July and August have been the busiest seasons for plastic surgery hospitals. Many college entrance examination students are about to enter university. These students use summer vacation time to do plastic surgery. Of course, there are also many double eyelid surgery seekers. It is a very good choice to choose double eyelid surgery in summer. The high temperature in summer can speed up the metabolism of beauty seekers and shorten the metabolic cycle of tissues and cells in the body. The direct impact is that the wound healing time of surgery will be significantly accelerated, and they will be admitted to university Before the completion of double eyelid “Metamorphosis”!
Boys accounted for 20% and girls accounted for 80%. Girls love beauty, so do boys. Therefore, some handsome men in college entrance examination need to enlarge their eyes. In this way, when they come to the University, they may have more opportunities (such as talking about a friend).
Seriously, some single eyelid is very good-looking, cut double eyelid, to see whether it is really too small, or not godless, others really do not need to cut, cut also easy to get old!
It’s really amazing to see these students line up to have their eyelids cut. In the future, if the double eyelids are not popular at some time, will the intestines be able to regret being blue? The double eyelids will have to wait for him (her) to work after he or she has grown up and make his or her own decisions. Now the child’s mind is too immature.
Nevertheless, I still understand the boys and girls who cut their double eyelids! University can be said to be the last stop of the campus era for most examinees. If you don’t fall in love again, you can’t have a pure love on campus. The first love, even if it is not puppy love, should mostly happen in College (over 18 years old), and the most direct and effective way is to find lovers by beauty.
Double eyelid cutting will not affect reading and finding a job (most people can’t get into the entertainment industry, most people are just wage earners); college campus will certainly affect love (most people like big eyes and double eyelids). Even if you don’t work in front of the stage all your life and choose to work behind the scenes, you can make money on your IQ and skills, or on your EQ and family background, or even on your communication skills. But in the college life that these students are about to start, I think adolescent love is attracted to each other by beauty. Think about the boys and girls who have not been in love for four years, appearance accounts for a large proportion.
There are also many cattle with single eyelids. They are given by their parents, so we should change them carefully. These stars with high appearance and good acting skills are also single eyelids. Each has his own taste. Double eyelid should be carefully cut, after all, there will be no single eyelid back in time.
Single eyelid has the beauty of single eyelid, some people like single eyelid, there is no need to pursue double eyelid. The courage that makes an operation has, why to face the courage of single eyelid to do not have? The little boy in the picture above is a handsome one eyelid. It looks sunny and confident.
I think that college entrance examination students cut their eyelids in summer vacation. Boys account for 20%. Should this love of beauty be advocated?

Xi Mengyao mourns Stanley Ho

At 1 p.m. on May 26, Stanley Ho, Macau’s gambling king, died at the age of 98. At six o’clock on the morning of May 27, he Youjun shared his family’s happiness in memory of his father, Stanley Ho, with a cry on his face. Xi Mengyao, who was silent for a day, left a heartbroken expression in the text of ho you Jun.
It is reported that Xi Mengyao gave birth to his son “Ho Guangshen” last year and made a great contribution. He was not only named “Shen” by the gambling king, but also sent out a 500 million house by the fourth Taitai. It is said that the house was purchased in the name of Ho Youjun, who once said he would reward his wife.

10 new input cases in Inner Mongolia

Can I use the air conditioner? Do you need to wear a mask? When can I get the vaccine? When will the global epidemic get better? Zhang Boli and Zhang Wenhong talked about the latest epidemic situation.
Zhang Boli suggested improving the direct report system of infectious diseases
According to Zhang Boli, when our current infectious diseases law requires reporting, it is reported to the provincial government when it is discovered at the provincial level. After the provincial discussion, it will be reported to the provincial government. After the government makes a decision, it will report to the Central Committee. This time, it is proposed to discuss the revision of the infectious diseases law and to change it into a direct reporting system. When problems are found at the grassroots level, they can be reported directly to the provincial government or the central government.
Zhang Boli on how to carry out normal prevention and control
Zhang Boli said that some practices should be changed into habits: for example, wash hands at the first time after going home, try to reduce the gathering, as long as there are many crowded places, try to wear masks, and don’t let yourself get too tired. At least for quite a long time, we should insist that if the whole country can do it, it will play a positive role.
Zhang Wenhong introduces the progress of new crown vaccine
Zhang Wenhong said: China’s vaccines are now in phase I and phase II at a relatively fast speed, but as far as vaccines are concerned, our epidemic situation is well controlled, which makes us lose an opportunity to engage in phase III clinical research in China. In the future, if we want to do clinical research for several vaccines running ahead in China, we need to go to places with relatively high epidemic situation abroad Fang to do it. Generally speaking, the vaccine should be a very useful weapon to solve the problem of the new crown. However, from the phase III clinical results to the world, there will be enough production for most people to use. I believe this time node will not be completed by the end of next year.
Zhang Wenhong said that the global epidemic may last for one to two years, with imported sporadic cases becoming normal
Zhang Wenhong said: the epidemic has not ended so far. The epidemic around the world may last for one to two years, that is to say, in the next three months or three months, the whole world may restart. One sign of the restart of the whole world is that we will have more and more imported sporadic cases. Sporadic cases will become a feature of us in the next one to two years. It is also hoped that our economic activities will not be affected by these one and two sporadic cases.
Zhang Wenhong on how to use air conditioner correctly
Zhang Wenhong suggested: after one or two hours in the air-conditioning environment, you should open the window, that is, open the window and open the air conditioner, let the wind pass a little and then close it, then you can ensure that the indoor temperature is relatively low and everyone is more comfortable. Ventilation can reduce the risk of indoor virus infection. If there are more people in the room, wearing a mask can block the risk of virus transmission through air conditioning on the other hand.

National changing map

My friends who have washed and collected their coats, the cold air “calls” you to change clothes. Just in the past May Day holiday, the temperature in the north and the south of the Yangtze River rose, and the cold air began to work after the holiday. From today (6th) to 9th, most of the central and eastern regions will successively experience 4-6 ℃ temperature drop, and the temperature in the northwest will “cut back”, and the local temperature drop will be more than 10 ℃. China has launched a national changing map. Don’t be lazy, guys. Your coat and long sleeves will be ready tomorrow.
From today to September, most of the central and eastern regions have an obvious precipitation process from west to East. This round of rainfall has a wide range and a long duration. Under the joint influence of rain and cold air, the temperature in most areas will drop significantly.
The temperature in the Middle East will drop significantly in the next three days
Tomorrow, most of the northern region will take the lead in feeling the power of cold air. In the east of Northwest China, North China, Huanghuai, and the Middle East of Inner Mongolia, the cooling range will reach 4-10 ℃, and the local cooling will be more than 10 ℃.
In provincial capital cities, the highest temperature in Xining yesterday was close to 25 ℃, today is 20 ℃, tomorrow is only 14 ℃; the highest temperature in Beijing today is 25 ℃, and the highest temperature in the rain tomorrow is 20 ℃, the day after tomorrow is 18 ℃. The above areas are still wearing short sleeved summer clothes today. In the evening, we need to find out the coat and trousers. The temperature drops suddenly. We need to add clothes in time to prevent colds.
The temperature in the Middle East will drop significantly in the next three days
The day after tomorrow, the precipitation will gradually move eastward, and the main cooling will occur in the northeast, the east of Huanghuai, Jianghuai and the east of Southwest China. After cooling, the highest temperature in the above areas is generally less than 20 ℃. For example, the highest temperature in Tianjin and Shijiazhuang day after tomorrow is only 16-17 ℃, and the temperature has dropped to a recent low. But these two cities just hit the high temperature of 35 ℃ a few days ago, and experience “ice and fire double sky” in a week.
In Jiangnan and South China, where the cold air has not yet arrived, the heat is still hot. The high temperature of Guangzhou, Nanning and Haikou lasts for 35 ℃ or above in the last two days. The day after tomorrow, the high temperature range will also expand to the south of the Yangtze River. The highest temperature in Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, etc. is expected to be 33-34 ℃, and the humid weather is especially hot. South small partner, cool summer wear at will, in addition, go out to do heatstroke preparation.
In the next two days, the temperature difference between the north and the south of China will increase, and South China will regain the dominant position of high temperature, and the north will experience a new warm and cold again. My friends in the north, although summer clothing is beautiful, it’s rare in spring. I’ll wear a long sleeve jacket for a few days. After all, the days of wearing short sleeves will be long in the future.