28th floor falling boy recovery

Jiajia, a 4-year-old boy from Yinjiang, Guizhou, who fell from the 28th floor on August 5, recovered after more than a month’s treatment.
Before discharge, Jiajia and her father took a group photo with all the medical staff in the rehabilitation department of traditional Chinese medicine.
June 15 is a thrilling day for Jiajia (not his real name) and his family who live in Kaixuan city. On the same day, Jiajia’s family accidentally fell from the 28th floor! A 4-year-old boy in Guizhou fell to the 28th floor and was able to stand after a month’s treatment]
A “speed of life and death” began in the people’s Hospital of Yinjiang county
Liu Wen, the surgeon, visited Jiajia.
After Jiajia was admitted to the hospital, the hospital quickly organized relevant departments for emergency rescue and opened the emergency green channel. And through the channels of multi-disciplinary joint consultation, Medical Association, telemedicine and Counterpart Assistance platform, experts are concentrated to rescue and fight against the God of death.
With the efforts of many parties, Jiajia recovered better and faster than expected. In a short period of more than one month, Jiajia was transferred to the rehabilitation department of traditional Chinese medicine for rehabilitation treatment. In addition to daily rehabilitation treatment, doctors and nurses also became Jiajia’s new playmates.
Jiajia in rehabilitation treatment.
Dr. Ma became a new playmate for the children.
On August 5, Jiajia returned to her home after a month’s absence. She was comfortable lying on the sofa, playing with her beloved toys and watching familiar cartoons. This is a picture that her family has been looking forward to for a long time.
Jiajia’s condition is critical. Through the joint efforts of medical staff, whenever he sees Jiajia’s condition getting better again and again, when he sees the medical staff’s meticulous care and care for him, and when he sees that the child can never speak or move, until now he is eloquent and can run and jump, he can’t help but shed tears! This is how many sleepless nights of medical staff before returning to Jiajia’s today’s lively, thousands of words, only ‘thank you’ can express your heart!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Gao Yan, director of intensive care unit, said: “Jiajia’s successful rescue has inspired the morale of the general practitioners, and also let everyone see the hope of work and enhance their confidence. Life is impermanent. It is the greatest wish of every ICU person to help a family break away from the whirlpool of disease and let life return to peace. We will try our best to create more hope and save more lives! “.

Trump secondary shelter avoidance

Protests and demonstrations caused by the “Black Death” in the United States continue. CNN just revealed that on the night of May 31 local time, President trump was once again taken to shelter.
Not long ago, according to a White House official and a law enforcement source, when protesters gathered outside the White House on the night of May 29 local time, trump was briefly taken to the underground bunker of the White House. He spent less than an hour in the underground bunker then was taken back upstairs. According to the latest CNN report on June 1, trump was taken into the body again on the night of May 31 local time
The Sydney Morning Herald reported on June 1 that trump entered the bunker at night again after Friday, as violence continued near the White House. But the report did not mention the exact time.
According to CNN, when trump was covered again, the protests swept across the United States. From Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida, from Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the violence caused by the death of George Freud, an African-American man, by the white police “knee lock throat” still continues in the United States.
The anger of the demonstrators also went straight to the front of the White House. After two sleepless nights of continuous demonstrations, Washington, D.C. entered its first curfew night on the 31st. As the night deepened, tension grew between the demonstrators and the guards. Then something rare happened – the White House extinguished its iconic Washington, D.C. night lights and plunged into darkness. But at this time, many places outside the White House were ablaze: protesters set fire to their flags, and even St. John’s church, the national historical landmark, was lit.
In addition, CNN noted that the American public is currently waiting for trump to make a televised speech as president on the mass protests triggered by Freud’s death.
Trump tweeted at Biden in the morning: sleepy Joe’s supporters are radical left!
In the early morning of June 1 local time, trump targeted his opponent, former Vice President Biden, on twitter. He wrote: “the sleepy Joe (Biden) people (supporters) are so radical on the left, they are trying to free the anarchists from prison, maybe more. Joe knows nothing about it. He’s too ignorant, but they’re going to be the real force, not Joe. They will give orders. A big tax increase for all. “
In another tweet on the 1st, trump wrote down the meaningful “November 3”, the US presidential election day 2020.
At the time of many protests in the United States, trump had earlier called some of the protesters “anarchists”, and he also accused “radical left” such as Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey of failing to deal with the protests.