Ziguangge criticizes Zhang Yunlei angrily

Recently, Zhang Yunlei was angrily criticized by Ziguangge. Zhang Yunlei’s abusive and ridiculed videos of Li Shiji, an artist of Peking Opera, and Zhang Huoding, a famous Peking Opera artist, were exposed, which attracted the dissatisfaction of many netizens. As an artist, we should pay attention to our own words and deeds, not to be eloquent, especially for the crosstalk world, we should regulate our own words.
On November 23, Ziguangge angrily criticized Zhang Yunlei on the official platform, criticizing his own immoral words, emphasizing that artists should pay attention to their own words and deeds, learn art first, learn morality first, play first, and be human first, that is to say, Zhang Yunlei in the crosstalk world should standardize his own words more, and the performance and singing on the last stage is very important for moral norms.
What joking words did Zhang Yunlei make netizens and Ziguangge angry? If a person engages in his acting career according to rules and regulations, it will not bring bad influence on his reputation. If his moral cultivation is not enough, sooner or later, he will be abandoned by the audience.
According to a crosstalk rap by Zhang Yunlei, he joked that Li Shiji was called “Jiji” and Zhang Huoding was also called “Dingding”. This is nothing, and he said eloquently, give Zhang Huoding a bath. After the video of the performance was exposed, many netizens argued.
Up to now, many people have a question, what is the reason for the crosstalk actor Zhang Yunlei to make fun of famous artists with such disregard and moral cultivation? A person’s quality is inseparable from his own growth experience. For Zhang Yunlei, he has no education background. His life experience must start when he met Guo Degang.
Zhang Yunlei was born in Hongqiao District, Tianjin. At the age of 7, he met Guo Degang in Tianjin. At the age of 9, he formally studied quyi in Beijing. At the age of 11, he learned Taiping lyrics, lianhualuo and Pingxi from Guo Degang. Zhang Yunlei ranks second in Deyun society and is one of the four princes of Deyun society.
From Zhang Yunlei’s life experience, when he was 11 years old, he took Guo Degang as his teacher. It can be said that he had not graduated from primary school. From this, it can be seen that Zhang’s cultural level was not high. However, because he and Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue, Zhu Yunfeng and Yan Yunda were called the four sons of Deyunshe, their popularity could be imagined and known. In addition, he had taken Guo Degang as his teacher very early, so his talent was very good.
Among them, Zhang Yunlei quit Deyun club for a while, in 2005, because his voice developed into a “backhand”. In order to avoid excessive use of voice, he had to quit Deyun club. But in the past six years, he still loved crosstalk very much, so he joined Deyun club again, and on April 8 of the same year, he participated in Guo Degang’s single crosstalk special session, so he officially returned.
Although Zhang Yunlei’s cultural water is not high, he still has certain talent in cross talk. No matter how talented he is, he will be doubted and discussed by the audience if he breaks away from the moral bottom line.
The reason why Zhang Yunlei can make fun of artists is still related to his own cultural quality. If his own cultural quality is very high, he will not make fun of Li Shiji and Zhang Huoding. In the face of netizens’ comments, he should apologize and say that his words are improper. If he can only avoid problems, he can only be abandoned by fans.
Although as a crosstalk actor, Zhang Yunlei has brought us a lot of wonderful clips and made us laugh constantly. Zhang Yunlei should not tease other artists to please the public, let alone his predecessors. If he thinks about it a little, he will avoid this kind of phenomenon, rather than scolding himself on the Internet.