Ding Zhen earns 150000 in 2 hours

Nowadays, live broadcasting has become a way of life for many people. At the same time, it is closely related to decompression, entertainment and leisure. As long as the anchor is popular, the income of a live broadcast is far higher than the monthly salary of ordinary office workers, even a year’s income, which makes people gasp. In other words, the income of one or two live broadcasts by the head of the industry is probably enough to enable an ordinary person to realize financial freedom. Of course, this is inseparable from the dividend period of the live broadcasting industry.

Apple sales down 28%

Apple released its fourth quarter performance report in 2020 after hours on October 29, Eastern time. Although the fourth quarter revenue, profits are higher than market expectations. But iPhone sales, at $26.44 billion, were the only major product sales decline in the quarter. In the same period last year, it was US $33.362 billion, with a year-on-year decrease of about 20%. In addition, sales in Greater China in the fourth quarter were $7.95 billion, down 28.57% from $11.13 billion in the same period last year. Affected by this, Apple shares fell nearly 5% after hours.
In response, Apple CEO Cook said that since Chinese consumers had been waiting for 5g iPhones, fourth quarter sales would certainly be weaker. 5g is quite advanced in China, and the company is very confident in this, and has confidence in Greater China sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2021.
Red Star News noted that Apple industrial chain fell sharply, huanxu electronic limit fell, LANs technology fell 6.47%, golfer shares and Changying precision fell more than 3%.

The 17th son of gambling king’s obituary

On June 27, according to the latest Hong Kong media report, after the death of gambling king Stanley Ho last month, Ho’s family published an obituary in the newspaper today (27), in which the wives of four rooms were called “wives”, and about the number of children, it was revealed for the first time that the gambling king had 17 children, not 16 in public, which caused a heated discussion.
The mysterious man appeared on the list of obituary children for the first time, adding a son of why you bang, who was the youngest son in the third room after you Qi and the youngest son in the fourth room before Qi Heng.
In fact, the gambling king had heard that four tais had another son, he Youjia, many years ago. It has been rumored that he had died, but it has not been confirmed. Now on the list of Mr. Ho’s obituary children, Lu Shan’s true face finally appeared, revealing the real situation. There is indeed another son who has not been exposed, but the official name of his son is he Youbang.
Since the news of the death of gambling king Yuyang and the hospital at the age of 98 on last month’s 26th was exposed, it has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Both the family and the heritage have become the focus of everyone’s discussion. On the same day, he chaoqiong, the eldest daughter of the second bedroom, announced that the fourth bedroom would work together to manage the funeral of his father. It seems that the four bedroom family had orderly discussions about the funeral of Ho Hongshen.
Official announcement of obituary content: the funeral will be set up in the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point on the 9th of next month, and the funeral will be held the next day, and the coffin will be buried on a lucky day. The obituary also lists the members of the three generations of gambling king. Among them, the deceased Tai Lai Wan Hua and the two Tai LAN Qiong Ying are in the same row, while the three Tai Chen Wan Zhen and the four Tai Liang An Qi are also in the same row. The four are called “wives”.
It can be seen that about this part of the problem, several housewives have all reached an agreement. For the four housewives, they are all called “wives”, which can be said that the three and four housewives have achieved their wishes. Earlier, the disputes over the four housewares have been surging secretly, which makes netizens guess one after another, especially the disputes over the big housewares are getting more and more fierce. I don’t know what kind of disputes will happen next!

Dong Mingzhu doesn’t know Li Jiaqi

It home news business review news on June 7, in yesterday’s broadcast of CCTV finance and economics “dialogue” column, Li jiaqiweiya had a live broadcast with goods in the same frame, at the same time, the host also connected Dong Mingzhu, and Dong Mingzhu also answered the question why Gree’s live broadcast sales didn’t find Li jiaqiweiya.
Dong Mingzhu said that she didn’t know Weiya and Li Jiaqi, and no one knew the products better than her. Weiya thought that they were more neutral to stand in the third party to see the products, while Li Jiaqi thought that they knew the consumers better. “It’s the consumers who pay, not the people who make the air conditioner,” he said.
It home learned that compared with the live broadcast sales data of Li Jiaqi / Weiya, Dong Mingzhu had a poor performance in the first live broadcast, but quickly caught up in the later stage: during the live broadcast in Jingdong, the turnover exceeded 703 million yuan, setting the highest transaction record in the history of live broadcast of home appliance industry. The Kwai live broadcast was 3 hours and the turnover was 310 million.

How long will the epidemic last

Zhang Wenhong said that our public health system can control hundreds of imported cases in the same month. Now there are one or two imported patients. What’s the reason for panic response?
So, we have woven a strong public health system to make everyone feel safe. But the epidemic has not ended so far. The epidemic around the world may last for one to two years. That is to say, in the next three months or three months, there will be a restart of the whole world. A sign of the restart of the whole world is that we will have more and more Of the patients.
Input sporadic case or normality
Zhang Wenhong said that in the future, it depends on the provinces and cities in the country who have the strongest network of public health systems, who will be able to provide the greatest security to the people in their own areas when facing input risks.
So today, we should not be afraid of one case or two cases of the disease. This is the characteristics of the middle and late stage of the disease. We found that it is better than no discovery. It can be found that the public health system is effective. If a discovery is a lot of transmission and many people are infected, then this situation is considered that the public health system is flawed.
In the future, sporadic cases will become a feature of us in the next one to two years. It is also hoped that our economic activities will not be affected by these one and two sporadic cases.
in addition
Can I use the air conditioner?
When can I get the vaccine?
Zhang Wenhong also talked about his views
Progress of new crown vaccine
China’s epidemic control is very good
In the future, clinical research may be carried out in places with high epidemic rate abroad
Zhang Wenhong said that the speed of vaccine development in phase I and phase II in China is relatively fast, but as far as vaccines are concerned, our epidemic situation is well controlled, which makes us lose an opportunity to engage in phase III clinical research in China. In the future, if we want to do clinical research for several vaccines running ahead in China, we need to go to places with high epidemic situation abroad Fang to do it.
The world’s first year of new crown vaccine
The key to strengthen the construction of public health system in recent two years
Zhang Wenhong said that in general, the vaccine should be a very useful weapon to solve the problem of the new crown. However, from the phase III clinical results to the world, there will be enough production for most people to use. I believe this time node is not completed by the end of next year. Even if we get very good phase III clinical results in March next year, at the same time, we will expand the reproduction of the vaccine, vaccinate globally, and reassess the efficacy. It will be years before the whole vaccine can be used more effectively globally, which is very fast.
He said that in the past two years, the most important thing is to strengthen the construction of public health system, even if there is no vaccine, we must rely on the public health system to resist the virus invasion.
Can I turn on the air conditioner?
“In fact, if I tell you the most correct answer, it is different from the most practical one,” said Zhang. If you need the most accurate answer, I’m sure to tell you that the air conditioner should not be turned on, just open the window. This is the most accurate, why? Because there is no air conditioning, there is no risk of transmission through the air conditioning. “
If you use central air conditioning, turn off the return air, only one-way air, which is also safe. However, Zhang Wenhong said that when the return air was turned off at the hottest time in Beijing, the cooling effect could not be achieved indoors. “In this case, if our experts give some unrealistic answers, although they are very accurate and correct, they may not be useful.”
Therefore, he put forward two practical suggestions for turning on the air conditioner:
First, after one or two hours in the air-conditioning environment, you should open the window and let the wind pass through slightly and then close it. Ventilation can reduce the risk of indoor virus infection, and also ensure that the indoor temperature is relatively low. Everyone is comfortable.
Second, if there is a large number of people in the room, they should wear masks, which can block the risk of virus transmission through air conditioning.

Italy may usher in a turning point

On 25 February, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed the growth rate of Italy’s continuous decline for 4 days. Who says Italy will usher in the outbreak of the outbreak. The assistant director general of who said that some parts of Italy are close to the inflection point of the epidemic development curve, so it may peak this week and then decline.
Extended reading:
There are 6153 newly confirmed cases in Italy, with a total of 80539 confirmed cases
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia daily bulletin on 26 local time, the official statistics released by the Italy civil protection department.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 24 cases in 6153 hours in Italy 24 hours as of that day. 80539 cases were confirmed, 8165 cases died and 10361 cases were cured. Of the 62013 confirmed cases, 3612 were severe and 33648 were isolated at home.
Who: China has 380723 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases outside China.
China’s latest diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia outside China has reached 380723 cases, according to the latest data released by WHO on 26.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases outside China are increased by 49106 cases, reaching 380723 cases, compared with the previous day, and 2395 cases outside China, 17541 cases were found outside China, according to the who daily epidemic report, as at 10 hours in Central Europe 26 hours (17 hours in Beijing time 26).
Globally, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed to increase by 49219 cases, reaching 462684 cases, and the death cases increased by 2401 cases, reaching 20834 cases.
In the past 24 hours, the first confirmed cases have been reported in three countries, namely the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guinea Bissau and Mali.


Dad’s gone. Mom has heart failure and needs heart replacement surgery. It was difficult to find a supporter, but not enough money for surgery. My sister Xiaoqian and I were very helpless. Xiaoqian hadn’t eaten for two days.
I was forced to come up with this solution. A few nights ago, I saw a disaster relief performance on TV in Hunan Taiwan. Southern Hunan suffered the unprecedented floods in a century, tens of thousands of people lost their lives and countless people were homeless. I offered my sister an excuse for a fund-raising campaign to operate on her mother’s money. At first Xiaoqian had some misgivings and did not promise. I said we could make it smaller, nobody would know. But Xiaoqian did not seem to worry about this, but in order to make her mother recover soon, she agreed.
I borrowed my second uncle’s van on the pretext of doing business. We also made a banner, not big, which read: Love is a disaster relief fund-raising activity in southern Hunan. There is also a “donation box”.
On the first day, we came to a community near the suburbs. Anyone who comes to donate money, the old, the young, the students, the boss. The amount of donation is not used, up to five or six hundred, down to a few dollars. Most people leave with their money, but some people declare that they want to leave their names, so they just make a form for him to fill in. At the disaster relief show in Hunan Taiwanese, donations were made under the screen, and some were given their names. The next day we changed places, fearing that the next time we recorded the program, he would not find his donation amount and precious value to trouble us.
The first two days passed safely, and we paid our mother one-third of the money needed for the operation. On the one hand, our brothers and sisters are happy about this, on the other hand, they are not at ease. It’s not just about being exposed.
On the third day, we drove to the lakeside square far from the city centre. There’s a fancy hotel nearby where the rich come. But I didn’t give much hope. “Rich people” and “people” are two different things. Sure enough, most of the donations come from villagers in nearby villages. Although there are not many trees donated at one time, I know that each of them is sincere and sincere, hoping that the people in the disaster area will rebuild their homes as soon as possible. But I…
It was not easy to get out of that hotel and donate a large sum of money. One donation is 400. I deliberately asked: Do you want to leave a name? Next, his reply, talking about urgency, excitement, complacency, harsh.
More than 5 p.m., when we were about to go back, a little girl of 8 or 9 years old returned. Her skin was slightly dark, with a ponytail tied, faded shirts and shirts, very old but clean. She held a rusty pencil box in her hand and said to me in a shy, low voice, but with a tremendous amount of voice: “Books, I donate money.” Then pass me the pencil-box. I opened it and was surprised to find that it was full of 1 yuan, 5 cents and 1 cents coins. I concentrate on counting these heavy coins, which totals 54 yuan and 30 cents. But it’s more than 400 yuan for that big donation.
Later, she learned that she wanted to use the money to buy some books. I looked at the pile of coins without feeling a little wet in my eyes. Turning around, I saw Xiaoqian’s tears flowing. I stopped my little girl and paused, still saying, “Sister, do you want to leave your name?” “The teacher said, do good things without leaving your name.” Then he turned and walked away.
Mother’s operation cost is still lower. The next day, I returned the car to my uncle and borrowed the bad money from him.
Mother’s operation was successful. She asked us for the cost of the operation. I said, well-intentioned people donated.