The man died when he left the foot massage shop

The man’s foot massage shop fell to the ground for 40 minutes and died. The monitoring screen had early warning. Doctor: it was half an hour early and there was still rescue. What exactly is going on?
Recently, a man in Anshun, Guizhou Province, walked out of the foot massage shop and fell to the ground for 40 minutes and died. What is the situation? The original monitoring screen exposure early warning, to see what is going on?
Two days ago, a man in Anshun, Guizhou Province, fell to the ground after coming out of a foot bath city. Passers-by saw the man’s abnormal behavior and called the police 40 minutes later. The man was sent to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the man did not come back and lost his young life. The doctor told the family that they had been delivered half an hour earlier and that they were still alive.
It is reported that the 36 year old man, divorced, has two children in the family and his father is still a little disabled. He is the pillar of the family. After the death of the man, the family suffered a great blow. At first, they thought that the man was a normal death due to sudden illness. But after watching the video of the action track provided by the police, the family members of the man could not accept it.
Because the man in the fall, is from a foot bath shop out, it seems that just finished the foot bath.
It can be seen from the video that when the man first entered the foot bath shop, he touched his head with his hand a few times, which seemed very uncomfortable. The man often came to the foot bath shop and was considered as an old customer. However, at this time, the staff did not find the man’s discomfort. Almost an hour after the man finished the foot bath, he came to the sofa in the hall. He could see that the man was more uncomfortable and directly lay on the sofa, while the staff took the man’s mobile phone to the front desk to check out.
Finally, through multi-party mediation, the foot therapy shop paid Xiaowei’s family 48000 yuan in one time. After the exposure, many netizens expressed their grievances for the foot bath shop. In my opinion, unless the family members of the deceased don’t make trouble, the foot bath shops will have to break some money more or less. Now people have a strong sense of safeguarding their rights. No matter what you do or do wrong, you should be “responsible” as long as you have something to do with the other party. Therefore, in our daily life, we should be careful and try our best not to cause trouble or get involved in things. Only in this way can we protect ourselves.
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Xinguan Chengmei’s second leading cause of death

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has jumped to the second leading cause of death in the United States, according to the 4 report released by the University of Washington health indicators and assessment institute.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rate is higher than that of many countries. According to the death data, the new crown pneumonia has surpassed cancer and has become the second leading cause of death in the United States, ranking first only after heart disease, before cancer, accidents, injuries, diabetes and many other causes of death.
A surge in new crown cases in the Midwest of the United States
The report of the Institute of health indicators and evaluation of the University of Washington also mentioned that although the number of newly diagnosed cases reported in the United States in a single day is about 45000, which is lower than the daily increase of 70000 cases at the peak in July, and the infection rates reported by California, Florida, Texas and other states with severe epidemic conditions are indeed declining, it is worth noting that there are 10 states in the United States In most of the central and western regions, the basic number of new coronavirus infections – that is, the number of people who can be infected by a confirmed patient – is still greater than 1, which means that the epidemic is still spreading rapidly.
The data show that the number of cases in the Midwest of the United States has indeed increased recently. Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota all had a positive rate of more than 20%, the highest level in China.
Among them, Iowa has a population of more than 3.1 million, and the number of new cases last week exceeded 8300, an increase of 116%.

Recommend suspension of fake milk powder doctor

China online finance and economics may 13 news according to the website of the State Administration of market supervision, recently, media reported that aiyingfang mother and baby shop in Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, sold a solid drink to children with milk allergy as special medical food, falsely publicized special functions and suspected of consumption fraud. The General Administration of market supervision attaches great importance to it, and instructs the market supervision department of Hunan Province to thoroughly investigate the businesses involved, impose strict and severe punishment according to law, and timely announce the investigation results to the society.
Solid beverage is a common food, not infant formula milk powder, not to mention formula food for special medical use. Its protein and nutrient content is far lower than infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical use.
According to the food safety law, infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical purposes are special food. In China, strict registration management and factory batch inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and safety. When purchasing infant food, consumers should pay attention to check the label and choose the right products.

139 newly diagnosed cases in China

Up to 24 March 4th novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation
From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 4, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 139 new confirmed cases, 31 new deaths (31 in Hubei), and 143 new suspected cases.
On the same day, 2189 cases were cured, 6584 close contacts were removed from medical observation, and 464 severe cases were reduced.
As of 24:00 on March 4, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 25352 confirmed cases (including 5952 severe cases), 52045 cured and discharged cases, 3012 dead cases, 80409 confirmed cases and 522 suspected cases. There were 669025 close contacts and 32870 close contacts in medical observation.
There are 134 newly confirmed cases (131 cases in Wuhan), 1923 newly cured and discharged cases (1426 cases in Wuhan), 31 newly dead cases (23 cases in Wuhan), 24085 currently confirmed cases (21050 cases in Wuhan), including 5788 severe cases (5342 cases in Wuhan). 40479 cases (26316 in Wuhan), 2902 cases (2305 in Wuhan) were cured and 67466 cases (49671 in Wuhan) were confirmed. There are 67 new suspected cases (61 in Wuhan) and 315 suspected cases (247 in Wuhan).
From 0 to 24 o’clock on March 4, 2 newly confirmed cases (2 cases in Zhejiang Province) imported from abroad were reported. As of 24:00 on March 4, a total of 20 confirmed cases imported from abroad have been reported.
156 confirmed cases have been reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 104 cases in Hong Kong SAR (43 cases discharged, 2 cases dead), 10 cases in Macao SAR (9 cases discharged), 42 cases in Taiwan (12 cases discharged, 1 case dead).