Shijiazhuang Metro bus outage

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has just been released by Shijiazhuang bus General Corporation. To ensure the safety and health of the people, the bus routes of Shijiazhuang bus stop operation since January 9th at 9:40. Meanwhile, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been released in Shijiazhuang to prevent and control the epidemic of new crown pneumonia and ensure the safety and health of the people. Since 9:40 on January 9th, the Shijiazhuang metro lines have been closed. Please follow the official account of micro-blog Metro and WeChat public address of Shijiazhuang metro for your subsequent operation. Please understand.

First living robot

This is the world’s first living robot made of cells.
Please note that it is not made of metal or plastic, but by recombination of frog epidermal cells and heart cells. It is completely biodegradable and has self-healing ability.
Such a robot has never appeared on the earth. The so-called “unprecedented” robot does not know whether there are any visitors. Some foreign media call it “creepy”.
At present, these robots are named xenobots, which are living and programmable creatures.
It is worth mentioning that it can carry a certain weight object to move towards the target, such as sending the drug to a specific position in the patient’s body. Therefore, the news still brings hope to many people.
However, for moral issues, the inventor of “living robot” believes that after discovering such robots, policy makers can tailor the best action plan, and everyone should do different things, (we) are only exploring, while (others) need to consider the ethical consequences and impact of their behavior.
What’s more remarkable about this robot is that it can heal automatically.
Like the T-1000 in Terminator 2,
“We cut the robot in half, and as a result it not only stitches itself together, it can move on afterwards,” the inventor said
If there is a hole in the middle of the xenobot, it can even pick up other objects and move around with it. There are many kinds of xenobots designed by evolutionary algorithm. The Xenopus cells used in the experiment are not special in themselves. The behavior they show together is the most shocking.
In view of the above, the inventor of “living robot” thinks that similar “living robot” future variants are likely to have neural system and cognitive ability.
The birth of the world’s first living programmable robot, 100% frog gene, split in two and can self heal, these seemingly established plots in science fiction have entered our lives.
We have to lament that technology has changed our lives.
To be sure, what kind of convenience will these inventions bring us?