Li Jiaqi shop punished

According to media reports on November 30, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is 49% owned by Li Jiaqi, has been given administrative punishment for publishing false advertisements.
According to Tianyan, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd. was fined 10000 yuan for “publishing false advertisements” on June 10 this year.
According to the decision on administrative punishment, the informant bought feishikou shampoo in the tmall online store (exclusive store of Li Jiaqi) set up by the company, and the store falsely publicized the anti hair loss function of the shampoo on the Internet, but the company was unable to provide relevant basis.
At present, we can’t find “feishikou ginger shampoo” in “Li Jiaqi exclusive store”.
It is worth noting that Li Jiaqi was named by the China Consumer Association a few days ago, because the products sold in the live broadcasting room “can’t be changed after buying”.
Li Jiaqi studio issued a statement saying that the manufacturer had already sold out the goods at that time and could not replace them, so they made a refund. The studio has been actively coordinating with the brand side to do a good job of after-sales. If there are still any opinions on the current after-sales solutions, they will be responsible to the end.

The cleaner drinks toilet water

The health status of a company represents the ability of the company’s managers to some extent. If a company is dirty and disordered, the company manager is very irresponsible. Instead, if a company says the health condition is very good, then it can also see some excellent management in other aspects. Recently, a video has been circulated online. A feed company in Feicheng, Shandong Province has been circulating on the Internet recently A cleaning officer of the company drinks toilet water directly, which shows that the cleaned urinal has reached the standard of direct drinking.
The comments on the news on the Internet are praiseworthy and derogatory. Some people say that this is serious work and the work has been done to the extreme. They should learn from her. However, some people say that in order to show that the toilet is clean, it is not necessary to drink toilet water directly. Even if it is so clean, there are many bacteria in the toilet.
It is hard to remind me of such a scene abroad. The cleaner also wants to show that he cleans the toilet very well. He scoops out a cup of water from the urinal and drinks it. You dare to drink toilet water. This really shows that you have done the utmost work and the sanitation cleaning is very good. But the toilet is the place where people excrete. It will give a very bad kind of water to people Comfortable feeling, even if you clean again how clean, after watching will make people feel disgusting.
I don’t think there are such forms of cleaning. Some people may feel that it is responsible for the work, but I think it is too much responsibility for the work. After all, it is a toilet. After cleaning, it is OK to use the naked eye to see that there is no mess. There is no need to use toilet water to show that they are clean.
When the woman was drinking toilet water, there were many leaders around watching the woman drink the toilet water, and then they all started to hold their hands. Did they really recognize this form in their hearts? I believe most of them feel disgusting about this, but they don’t express it. I don’t know what you think about it?

Tencent’s fallen brother

On August 25, Shenzhen Citizen Tang Ren (pseudonym) reported that his 21-year-old brother had fallen from the Tencent user reception center. Tang Ren said that his brother had been blocked by wechat before, but had failed to complain for many times. His store could not normally collect money after the closure. His younger brother went to complain to find out why the account was blocked. A Tencent insider said the ban could be lifted a few days after his brother was banned. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.
Tang Ren also said Tencent believed that the matter had nothing to do with it. After four times of mediation, Tencent paid 150000 yuan for humanitarian reasons. After the media exposure, the matter triggered heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens have posted, angry denounce Tencent.

Mr Ho will not be buried this year

Many people say that 2020 has witnessed a lot of history and hope that this year can be “restarted”, but these are also our wishes. Too many things happened in this year that we can not forget. He Hongshen, a patriotic entrepreneur known as the “king of gambling”, passed away some time ago, causing a lot of public opinion. Not only is his life full of legend, but also the family’s industrial distribution after his death has become the focus of attention. Recently, Mr. Ho’s spirit setting ceremony has once again become the focus of discussion, and almost all members of the family have arrived.
The ceremony was held in the Hong Kong funeral home, where tens of thousands of Dutch hydrangeas were arranged into a sea of flowers. It is said that hundreds of people rushed to finish the ceremony. The portrait of the king of gamblers is surrounded by red and white roses, which looks very warm. Mrs. Ho and her children arrived at the scene one after another. The couple, who attracted much attention, showed up with their children and three of them. He ChaoLian showed up in a black dress, and Dou Xiao followed her.
According to Hong Kong media reports, the body of Mr. ho will not be buried this year, because later generations of CAI Boli, the Royal geomantic master of he family, reckoned that there would be no suitable day for burial in 2020. Therefore, after the ceremony, the body of Mr. ho will be temporarily placed in the funeral parlor, and then moved to Donghua Yizhuang on another day. Next year, he’s family cemetery will be buried in Zhaoyuan cemetery in mosingling.
Speaking of the gambling king’s temporary residence, “Donghua Yizhuang”, is actually a transit place for the ancestors to live temporarily and wait for burial. It was established in 1875, and it is the only place in Hong Kong where the remains of coffins and coffins are kept. In fact, there have been many celebrities in the residence, including Cai Yuanpei, former president of Peking University; Chen Jiongming, a warlord in Guangdong; Li Jiefu, the father of Hong Kong’s rich Li Zhaoji; Lin Baixin, a wealthy businessman; Liao Baoshan, a banker who runs Liao Chuang Hing; Zhou Junren, founder of Zhou Shengsheng jewelry and gold company.

39 year old actress died of cancer

39 year old actress died of cancer
On May 11, a reporter confirmed from the China National Theatre that Li Nan, a young actor of the Academy, died of illness at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in the early morning of May 7 at the age of 39. Li Zhe, her longtime friend and dramatist, published a mourning article on her microblog on November 11, saying that Li Nan found out ovarian cyst lesions last year and took active treatment after being hospitalized for the Spring Festival this year. However, a few days ago, her condition became urgent and invalid after treatment.
According to the official website of the National Grand Theatre, Li Nan was born in August 1981, graduated from the performance Department of the Chinese Academy of drama, and has worked as a party host, financial sales, director assistant, film commentator, etc. in 2011, she entered the National Theatre film and television center to become an actor, and transferred to the theatre actor center in February 2019.
During her work in the National Theatre, Li Nan participated in more than 10 dramas, including the classic repertoire of the Academy, the gate of the mansion, the boundless question, the newly created repertoire, amnesty, the king of Lanling, Gu Wenchang, the long night, the Chinese soldier, etc., and also played roles in such dramas as little landlord, three cowards, etc., and participated in the recording of laugh together and keep smiling Two star comedies.
Although Li Nan rarely has the chance to play the leading role on the stage, her performance is often impressive in the minds of people in the industry. In the 2017 drama “king of Lanling”, Li Nan is one of the mass actors (“actors”), whose Nuo performance plays an important role in setting off the drama atmosphere; in the 2018 amnesty, her roles as juror, journalist, etc. have almost no lines, but she is known as “a good actor who can even crack melon seeds”.
In the autumn of 2019, Li Nan also participated in the drama the road to revolution led by Hu Ke and Sha Yi.
Li Zhe, a dramatist, recalled that many years ago, she heard that Li Nan was not in good health and urged her to pay attention to her. However, she said, “in Beijing, I am a woman of my age who has not married yet and still rents a house and lives, so the focus is still on work.”
In August 2019, she found ovarian cyst lesions in the hospital, and the doctor asked her to be hospitalized immediately. However, because of her hard-earned role in drama, she was also worried about the cost, which was delayed until the Spring Festival this year. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, her mother and boyfriend took risks every day to attend the hospital. Their relatives and friends helped her to raise 300 thousand yuan in 7 hours. However, a few days ago, Li Nan was still unable to resist the aggravation of the disease. When her colleagues Tian Qinxin and Wang Xiaoying arrived at the ward, she could only react and could not speak any more.
Before her death, Li Nan left a confession, which was recorded by her boyfriend. It said: “I’m lucky, but I’m helpless. Fortunately, I have the direction of life, but I can’t support myself at all. In the past few years, in the theater, I still have to play supporting roles and run with the masses. Do I have to continue to adhere to it?” I began to worry about gain and loss, and began to be not confident. But time after time performances, time after time because of the role moved, pulled me back, I want to adhere to my dream, I want to make myself love my dream more. “
However, the outbreak of the disease, so that all of these eventually become helpless and reluctant. Li Nan said that she knows what her biggest regret is that she has not played a heroine that really satisfied her in nearly ten years of acting career.
Hear the bad news
Netizens are also very sorry
Is ovarian cyst after all tight?
To store eggs and secrete sex hormones, ovaries are too important for women. Once the cyst grows, the harm is not small. Moreover, many pathological ovarian cysts are discovered by chance only after physical examination.
Some need lifelong management, some cysts can cause female infertility, and even develop into ovarian cancer, which is life-threatening, but some can disappear by themselves
So is ovarian cyst tight after all? Is it cancerous?
Professor Sun Hong, deputy director of the Department of gynecological oncology of Hongfang hospital, answered this question.
Generally speaking, ovarian cyst is considered as ovarian cyst when the volume of ovary exceeds the normal volume.
Ovarian cysts are both physiological and non physiological; some are benign and some are malignant.
In the period of follicular formation or pregnancy, there may be physiological cysts.
But the non physiological ovarian cyst has the benign chocolate cyst, the teratoma, the malignant has the ovarian cancer.
Therefore, if you find out the ovarian cyst, don’t worry. Generally, you should do a reexamination on the fourth and fifth day of the next menstruation to diagnose whether it is physiological or non physiological.
Although the probability is small, chocolate cyst also has the possibility of malignant change. Therefore, if the ovarian cyst is found, even if the cyst is not large and the tumor markers are normal, regular reexamination is required. If the operation is performed, there is also the possibility of recurrence, and the drug treatment needs to be continued under the guidance of the doctor.
If a young woman is diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, she can give birth as soon as possible if possible. However, postmenopausal women should be more alert to ovarian cysts and need more active surgical treatment.
How to prevent ovarian cancer? Pay attention to five points

  1. We must pay attention to inspection
    General physical examination can not find ovarian cancer, sometimes do abdominal B-ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound and CT are difficult to diagnose. Only by adding a tumor marker CA125, the diagnosis will be more accurate. Early detection and early treatment, the survival rate is considerable. So this is the way to prevent ovarian cancer. 2. Balanced diet and nutrition
    Eat less high cholesterol and high-fat food, and more β – carotene containing food. Who encourages women to have children

Rollover accident of Iranian bus

According to Fars news agency, 20 people were killed and 23 injured when a bus overturned in mazanderan Province in northern Iran around 1 a.m. local time, and the injured were then sent to local hospitals for treatment. The accident was caused by the driver’s improper operation due to the rough mountain road and narrow road.