Trump has been rejected again

Trump, who has just been “despised” by his neighbors, has been alienated by some Republicans.
Recently, there has been a wave of “cutting” with trump within the Republican Party. Some people want to turn away and completely cut off their ties with trump, and some Republicans try to make the Republican Party turn around and stay away from Trump’s influence.
However, trump is still popular with most Republican voters. It makes it hard for Republicans to draw a line with him. Because they clearly know that in many constituencies, the most stable and effective way to win the mid-term election is to directly attract voters who support trump.
Dozens of Republicans plan to leave the party
Dozens of Republicans in the administration of former US President George W. Bush are planning to leave the Republican Party to draw a line with trump, Reuters reported.
According to the report, they were dissatisfied with Trump’s spread of election fraud. They had hoped that after he left office, the Republicans would “go their separate ways” with trump. However, they were greatly disappointed by recent events.
Earlier, when the Senate voted to impeach former president trump for unconstitutionality, the vast majority of Republicans chose to stand on Trump’s side and support the trial of unconstitutionality. On January 28 local time, Kevin McCarthy, the Republican and minority leader of the house of Representatives, also went to Palm Beach, Florida, to meet with trump to seek Trump’s support for the 2022 mid-term elections.
Reuters believes that Republican leaders’ unwillingness to draw a line with trump is the “last straw” for these Republicans to make a decision to leave.
Republicans who plan to leave say they no longer recognize the party they have served for many years. “The Republican party I know no longer exists,” said Jimmy guruli, a former US Deputy Treasury Secretary in charge of terrorism and financial intelligence affairs in the Bush administration. “Trump worship is prevalent in the party now.”. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Rosario Marin said they would not vote for Republican leaders unless the Senate convicted trump in the impeachment trial and freed the Republican Party from “trump’s stubborn illness.”.
In this regard, there are also people in the Republican party who have come out to make ends meet. Renna McDaniel, chairman of the U.S. Republican National Committee, told Fox News that “there are some minor contradictions in the party, but we will come together eventually, and we have to do so.”.
However, is this really a “small contradiction”? Reuters analysis points out that many people have served the Republican Party for their whole lives, but they choose to leave at the last moment, which shows that the conflict within the Republican Party around trump and his political heritage is growing, and the Republican Party is splitting.
There’s an operation to get rid of Trump’s influence
According to Reuters analysis, there are three main forces within the Republican Party: mild Republicans with dissatisfaction, independents who are disgusted with Trump’s influence on Republican members, and Trump’s loyal supporters.
Except for those who are no longer willing to serve the Republican Party, there are still some Republicans who are trying to do something to change the direction of the Republican Party. According to CNN, Illinois Republican representative Adam jinzinger announced the establishment of a new political action committee to eliminate Trump’s influence on the Republican Party.
“In the past few weeks, the Republican Party seems to be waking up, but it’s sleeping again.” Jin Qingge pointed out that now some Republicans put the interests of the mid-term election above the principles of the party, and the Republican Party has lost its direction.
Jinqingge believes that the Republican Party has mistakenly become a party with trump as the priority, “the biggest danger now is that we still sell conspiracies and lies.”.
Kim Ching Ge is one of 10 Republican representatives in the house of representatives who voted for the impeachment of trump by “sedition”. However, Vox, a US News website, points out that Jin Qingge’s efforts are somewhat “lonely”. Not only did kinzinger’s family write to denounce his actions, but Republicans in Illinois also resented him.
Analysts say it’s hard for Republicans to “get rid of” trump
In essence, whether the Republicans “leave the party” or leave to find a new way, it is because there are disputes within the Republican Party on the future road and Trump’s political heritage. However, the dispute seems to usher in a turning point on February 3 local time.
According to the New York Times, Republicans in the U.S. House of representatives are preparing to decide the fate of two Republican congressmen, who have very different attitudes towards trump.
On the evening of February 3 local time, Republicans will hold a private meeting to discuss whether to deprive Liz Cheney, the number three Republican in the house of Representatives, of her leadership. She has been criticized in the party for voting for the impeachment of trump. At the same time, they will also weigh whether to punish representative Marjorie Taylor green, who supports trump and has made extreme statements threatening Democratic lawmakers.
The Washington Post pointed out that this is another challenge brought about by the internal division of the Republican Party, and how to solve this challenge will largely depend on McCarthy’s choice. Carlos kubelo, a former Republican congressman in Florida, said McCarthy is in a very difficult situation. It is obvious that he is trying to find a balance between the long-term interests of the party, his short-term interests and the interests of the current members.
Al Jazeera pointed out that the two decisions reflect a rift within the Republican Party. Whether the two decisions can be passed will, to a certain extent, show whether the Republican Party will continue to be loyal to trump or return to the more traditional, small government and low tax republicanism.
Many Republicans believe that as long as there is a clear line with trump, the Republican Party can rest easy and no longer be influenced by trump. However, according to the analysis of time magazine, unless there is a new generation of leaders who completely reject partisanship and extremist organizations, the Republican Party will not change in the short term, and trumpism will always exist within the Republican Party.

Hangzhou missing woman killed

Hangzhou lost woman husband: 36 hours later report, Department of veterans, work in the property
After 19 days of bizarre “disappearance” of a woman from her home in Hangzhou, new progress has been made. On July 23, according to the surging news, Ms Lai’s husband is suspected of committing a major crime and has been controlled by the police.
Where is lady Lai now? What is the deep hatred between husband and wife? Why is there a serious suspicion of killing his wife, and how to avoid more than 40 surveillance to leave the community?
At present, the known information is that he is 55 years old, two years older than his missing wife, is a second marriage, and works in the community property. He and his ex-wife had a son who wanted to give his son a house in the name of his current wife as a wedding room, which caused conflicts after being rejected. On the afternoon of the next day after his wife’s disappearance, he received his wife’s online purchase of drugs for insomnia and called the police at about 7:00 p.m., that is, 36 hours after his wife’s disappearance.
36 hours after missing, her husband called the police
“She can’t get out alone.”
This is what her husband said to the media after she lost contact with the woman from Hangzhou. He said that with her IQ, it was impossible to escape from the numerous monitoring in the community. The last time she appeared in the monitoring screen was at 17:10 on July 4, when she was taking her little daughter in the elevator and her behavior was normal.
According to the “find someone” column, the husband recalled the activities of the family that day:
On the morning of the 4th, she and I went to Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital. I pulled out my tooth. She had high blood pressure and went to get the medicine every two months.
At noon, I came home to eat, I cooked, she washed clothes to see her daughter.
In the afternoon, I rushed to my new house, which was being renovated. It is more than 100 square meters, which is much larger than the current home. It is expected that it will be installed in August and our family will be able to move in by the end of the year.
Around 4 p.m., she took her little daughter to Qingchun Yintai to buy books and cakes.
At 7 p.m., we had dinner at home.
At 10 p.m., I went to bed.
The loss occurred on July 5. According to him, when he went to the toilet at 0:30 in the morning, his wife was still in the room. When she got up at 5:30, she found that she was no longer at home. She did not think much: “after careful investigation, there was also a coffee colored suspender Pajama that disappeared with her. But I can’t imagine how she could go out in her pajamas? It’s so strange.
After his wife disappeared, although he felt that “this has not happened before”, he still did not care. Alarm is not selected until 36 hours later.
“On the afternoon of July 6, the person in charge of the mother’s unit suddenly called and said that her mother had not been on duty that day. After receiving the call, the whole family found things very strange and rushed to the police station to call the police. ” The eldest daughter of Lai said.
Family members also searched for her whereabouts everywhere. “Notice for missing” shows that she was wearing a brown suspender nightdress and black shoes when she was lost, and did not bring her mobile phone and ID card. “No matter what clues there are, whether she is alive or dead, once confirmed, she is willing to provide 100000 yuan in cash.”. It is worth noting that the contact number left above is her eldest daughter and son-in-law, and there is no contact information of her husband.
I had a fight with my husband before I disappeared
Ms. Lai, 53, is a cleaner in an accounting firm. This is her “favorite job”. Her monthly income is more than 4000 yuan and she is about two kilometers away from home.
She lives in Sanbao Beiyuan community, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. The area is only more than 50 square meters. It is very compact. The living room and kitchen are connected closely. The couple live in the master bedroom, and the 11 year old daughter lives in the second bedroom. There are also pots of succulent plants on the small balcony window.
Under the name of Ms. Lai, this house is a return house obtained from demolition. There is also a large house with a height of more than 100 square meters, which her husband mentioned is being decorated and is expected to be installed in August.
It is reported that she and her husband Xu are remarried and have a daughter, 11 years old. In addition, she and her ex husband have an older daughter, and Xu has a son with his ex-wife.
“Her husband is not a native of Hangzhou. I heard that he used to be a soldier.”. Residents of the community told reporters that Ms. Lai had quarreled with her husband about the relocation and allocation of houses before her disappearance. “Her husband wanted to give her son a set, but she didn’t agree.”.
Why did lady Lai leave home? The husband said that the family has a certain amount of savings, and his wife will not run away from home due to economic problems. Wife sleep quality is not good, sometimes insomnia, but mental state is very good, also did not appear sleepwalking phenomenon.
The eldest daughter usually does not live with her mother. Afterwards, she finds that her wallet and mobile phone are still at home, and there is no change in bank flow. She was very puzzled and anxious. She suspected that her mother had been taken away by force and called on the criminal to surrender as soon as possible.
She also mentioned that parents’ income is stable and their feelings are good at ordinary times. Even if they have conflicts and quarrels and run away from home, they will not have the idea of avoiding monitoring. “Although my parents quarrel, my mother will tell me, for example, a few years ago, my parents quarreled, my mother came to my house for a night and then went back, but this time my mother is no different.”.
And mother social simple, do not dance square dance, weekdays basic two line, work and family. Even if an acquaintance commits a crime, he needs to be very familiar with the monitoring, and the 24-hour monitoring of the community, “as long as you go out of the door of our building unit, it will be monitored. But after inspection and monitoring, not only did not find the mother’s figure, even did not find any suspicious figure. “.
At present, all the exit and surrounding road monitoring of the community have not found the picture of the lady leaving the community. Search and rescue experts found that Lou