How long will the epidemic last

Zhang Wenhong said that our public health system can control hundreds of imported cases in the same month. Now there are one or two imported patients. What’s the reason for panic response?
So, we have woven a strong public health system to make everyone feel safe. But the epidemic has not ended so far. The epidemic around the world may last for one to two years. That is to say, in the next three months or three months, there will be a restart of the whole world. A sign of the restart of the whole world is that we will have more and more Of the patients.
Input sporadic case or normality
Zhang Wenhong said that in the future, it depends on the provinces and cities in the country who have the strongest network of public health systems, who will be able to provide the greatest security to the people in their own areas when facing input risks.
So today, we should not be afraid of one case or two cases of the disease. This is the characteristics of the middle and late stage of the disease. We found that it is better than no discovery. It can be found that the public health system is effective. If a discovery is a lot of transmission and many people are infected, then this situation is considered that the public health system is flawed.
In the future, sporadic cases will become a feature of us in the next one to two years. It is also hoped that our economic activities will not be affected by these one and two sporadic cases.
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Can I use the air conditioner?
When can I get the vaccine?
Zhang Wenhong also talked about his views
Progress of new crown vaccine
China’s epidemic control is very good
In the future, clinical research may be carried out in places with high epidemic rate abroad
Zhang Wenhong said that the speed of vaccine development in phase I and phase II in China is relatively fast, but as far as vaccines are concerned, our epidemic situation is well controlled, which makes us lose an opportunity to engage in phase III clinical research in China. In the future, if we want to do clinical research for several vaccines running ahead in China, we need to go to places with high epidemic situation abroad Fang to do it.
The world’s first year of new crown vaccine
The key to strengthen the construction of public health system in recent two years
Zhang Wenhong said that in general, the vaccine should be a very useful weapon to solve the problem of the new crown. However, from the phase III clinical results to the world, there will be enough production for most people to use. I believe this time node is not completed by the end of next year. Even if we get very good phase III clinical results in March next year, at the same time, we will expand the reproduction of the vaccine, vaccinate globally, and reassess the efficacy. It will be years before the whole vaccine can be used more effectively globally, which is very fast.
He said that in the past two years, the most important thing is to strengthen the construction of public health system, even if there is no vaccine, we must rely on the public health system to resist the virus invasion.
Can I turn on the air conditioner?
“In fact, if I tell you the most correct answer, it is different from the most practical one,” said Zhang. If you need the most accurate answer, I’m sure to tell you that the air conditioner should not be turned on, just open the window. This is the most accurate, why? Because there is no air conditioning, there is no risk of transmission through the air conditioning. “
If you use central air conditioning, turn off the return air, only one-way air, which is also safe. However, Zhang Wenhong said that when the return air was turned off at the hottest time in Beijing, the cooling effect could not be achieved indoors. “In this case, if our experts give some unrealistic answers, although they are very accurate and correct, they may not be useful.”
Therefore, he put forward two practical suggestions for turning on the air conditioner:
First, after one or two hours in the air-conditioning environment, you should open the window and let the wind pass through slightly and then close it. Ventilation can reduce the risk of indoor virus infection, and also ensure that the indoor temperature is relatively low. Everyone is comfortable.
Second, if there is a large number of people in the room, they should wear masks, which can block the risk of virus transmission through air conditioning.