Hero flower

Born and raised in the South when I was a child, I like the big red kapok best.
When spring comes, the tall iron-gray trunk of the kapok tree has no leaves, but it is full of red and flaming flowers. Kapok stands proudly on the sunny branches. Looking up at them, against the blue sky and floating white clouds, Kapok looks like a red flag hunted against the wind. Since then, I have also known another name of Kapok: Heroic Flower.
On the way to school or to the park, I always walk under the kapok tree beside the road and look up without blinking at the big red flowers that nobody can match. Pick up a flower that falls to the ground, I will deeply and carefully examine: the full petal, which has how thick life; the center of the stamen, unrelenting pursuit; the most beloved is the five-star flower: the distance between petals and petals is so correct, the angle is so appropriate, the color is so pure, bright red, deep red, is exactly the red on a father and mother’s military cap. Five stars! Therefore, in childhood, we all called kapok “pentagonal flowers”.
After the spring rain, trees and trees of kapok, like countless burning torches, burn people’s hearts and minds boiling, can not help but also dye a layer of heroism, that red petals, there is a self-evident martyr blood, moving.
Kapok even withered in a different posture, falling crisp, falling sound, rather for broken jade, not tile, solemnly into the embrace of the earth. At that time, I always picked up the most complete flower from the flower that fell on the ground and held it gently until it withered. Looking at the red scarf on his neck, I remember the words in the team song: Red scarf is the corner of the red flag, it is red by the blood of martyrs. It reminds me of the red heroic flower: it is more like the color stained by the hero’s blood! Heroic flower is the flower in my heart, I think of it when I see the hero!
Born and raised in the barracks, I have learned from my childhood how the People’s Army led by the Communist Party of China threw its head and blood for the liberation of the world’s hard-working masses, experienced bloody storms and gotten a better life today; I know best how the people’s children and soldiers are loyal and strong, called on to come, fought and won; and I know best how soldiers die outside of their lives. Selfless dedication and easiness to go through fire and death.
Because at that time, telling the battle story of the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army of the Red Army, from Mom and Dad’s mouth, from movies, from books, a large number of vivid records, deeply engraved in our hearts. Looking at mom and dad’s solemn and memorable faces, I secretly feel grateful that they have come out to this day. I miss the comrades-in-arms of my parents and the revolutionary martyrs who followed Chairman Mao in straw shoes and picked up a sword and shuttle to mark the revolution. They are great heroes, heroic flowers are the magnificence of their life and blood!
Mom and Dad are going to join the front line of Fujian to prepare for the war. Our children are sent away. They are cared for by the military kindergartens for several months and a half. They enjoy their own allowances which the top leaders resolutely allocate to their children and grow up carefree. And the parents who miss them day and night are burying their concern for their children in their hearts and fighting bravely in the front line of national defense. When we get back to Mom and Dad, I always think of them as heroes to fight! Aren’t they heroes? Heroes open for them with a smile!
From small to large, the loud bugle, the red flag, the words and deeds of the soldiers, the style of the army, are all the charges and sacrifices I have witnessed. How many catastrophes and catastrophes, I listened to the news of soldiers’battles with tears in my eyes; how many times shaking mountains and waves, I trembled in my mind and body for the soldiers’ thoughts and prayers; how many times watching the green youth dedicated to the dangerous battlefield without regret, I washed my face with tears to bless the soldiers’triumph.
After the hero blossoms, the big and strong fruit is a valuable available kapok. Heroes from budding to blooming, from blooming to fruiting, all show generosity. Our army and soldiers never fail to live up to the great expectations of the people of the whole country. They always report their best achievements to the motherland and people, and dedicate their most magnificent lives to the motherland and people. There are countless heroes and bloody lives.
Hero’s action comes from love for the people; heroic spirit comes from hero’s belief! The army and the people have a deep feeling of flesh and blood and a new era of new responsibilities, so that our soldiers bear greater sacrifice and dedication. From the Nanchang Uprising to the five-star red flag rising to Tiananmen, 87 years of history, witnessed the immortality of the people’s army!
Great army, great soldier, you are a great hero tree, stand through the storms and typhoons; you are the blooming hero flowers, laughing proudly to welcome the baptism brings spring. Your red heart is the red flag that will never fall in our hearts. You are like a glorious cloud, bringing peace to the people of the motherland.
The army is my home, the military ties are my blood, the soul of the army is my life, the soldiers are the heroes in my heart!

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