Three groups of people are not recommended to travel

On the afternoon of April 23, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference, at which Feng Luzhao, a researcher from China CDC, gave an answer on the epidemic related scientific knowledge.
How to protect yourself during the May 1st outing?
It’s better not to travel among three groups of high-risk groups
Novel coronavirus pneumonia: Feng Luzhao: we will be concerned about this issue when the May Day is approaching. For most of the cases with no reported cases, it is safer to travel. However, there are still new imported cases or local cases. We should keep a vigilant mind to understand the risk of new crown pneumonia.
It is not recommended to travel for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and other high-risk groups. Precautions shall be taken for the travelling personnel:
First, make preparations before going out. It is suggested that you should avoid the peak hours of hot spots or scenic spots, and avoid some entertainment projects in the confined space. If you are going to travel across regions, you should choose the regions where there is no case report in the near future, and you should contact the scenic spots in advance to understand the local prevention and control policies, and be prepared as required, as well as be prepared Some necessary masks and hand disinfectants for road use.
Second, the protection should be done well on the way. If you take public transport such as plane or train, you should obey the order and management requirements of the crew, wear masks throughout the process, do a good job in hand hygiene, and properly keep the bills for reference.
Third, during the travel, we should do a good job of protection. In the process of playing, we should line up orderly in the scenic spot, keep interpersonal distance, of course, keep good hygiene habits, pay attention to the coughing etiquette, and do a good job of hand hygiene at any time. If you want to go out for accommodation, you should choose a hotel with good sanitary conditions. After you check in, you should open windows for ventilation. If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms during the journey, you should go to the nearest medical institution for treatment.
Also pay attention to food. When taking transportation, try to reduce the number of times of eating. It is recommended to take out the best food in the scenic spot. If you eat in the restaurant, it is recommended to sit at intervals or eat on the same side, and keep a distance of more than one meter from other people.
What should students pay attention to when they return to school?
Keep one meter distance between seats with masks in class
Feng Luzhao: first, students should strictly abide by the school’s arrangement to return to school. If they return to school on a long journey, they should take masks and hand disinfectants with them. When taking public transportation, they should wear masks and keep bills properly according to the arrangement of crew members. During the journey, they should do a good job of health monitoring. After arriving at school, they should follow the local Prevention and control policies and school arrangements for registration and health management. Of course, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be actively studied and protected by scientific and appropriate measures.
Second, after the start of the class, students should take the initiative to measure their temperature and wear masks before entering the classroom. A safe distance of more than one meter should be kept between the seats. During their stay in the classroom, they should also avoid piling up. In the dormitory, they should keep a good hygiene habit and avoid close contact. Of course, there are many dormitory people, so they should also wear masks when necessary Do not encourage to visit each other. If you have fever, fatigue or dry cough, you should take the initiative to report to the school and get medical treatment in time.
Third, in the aspect of dining, it is suggested that students should prepare their own tableware to avoid mixing, keep some distance in dining, adopt the system of interval misplacement dining, time interval dining, etc., and schools should also avoid taking out to school. Of course, these suggestions will be adjusted in time according to the development of the epidemic situation.
How to protect the restaurant?
It is not recommended to eat in large-scale dining hall at different peak
Feng Luzhao: at present, it is still not recommended to have a large-scale dinner party, nor to bring infants who have no self-care ability to eat in the classroom. We also suggest that we should choose some restaurants with good sanitary conditions for ordinary dining. Before dining, we should make an appointment to avoid crowding.
The infection of dinner party indicates close contact and aggregation, which is indeed a risk of infection. Before entering the restaurant, we should cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement and register. If there is fever, we should not enter the restaurant.
During the dining room, we should also try to reduce the exposure to public facilities, do a good job in hand hygiene, wash hands before and after eating, keep interpersonal distance with others as much as possible during the dining process, pay attention to the coughing etiquette, and if more people eat together, now we recommend using chopsticks and spoons, which is also to reduce the chance of contact transmission and reduce the risk of infection.