New coronavirus is a natural source

“Groundless speculation, mysterious online rumors Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a real crime movie, but a source of fresh crowns and pneumonia virus through various guesses. An Australian SBS broadcasting company published an article titled “new coronavirus from Wuhan laboratory? “Listen to the Australian experts,” it said.
The topic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia virus has been controversial recently. The Washington Post report has aroused concern about the hidden dangers of laboratory safety. In response to the unconfirmed statement by Fawkes’s press on a Wuhan laboratory, President Trump was asked to respond to the rumors when he asked about the rumors. In this regard, this article of Australian media quoted the professional interpretation of Australian experts and refuted the relevant comments.
It is mentioned that novel coronavirus pneumonia (Edward Holmes), Professor of infectious diseases and biosecurity at University of Sydney, has no evidence that SARS-CoV-2, a virus that causes new crown pneumonia in humans, originated in Wuhan’s laboratory. Edward Holmes, Holmes said the most likely origin of the virus is other coronaviruses common in wild animals, which usually migrate to new hosts.
“The richness, diversity and evolution of coronavirus in wild animals clearly indicate that sars-cov-2 is naturally originated.” “More samples of natural animal species are needed to address the exact source of sars-cov-2,” Holmes said
Professor Nigel McMillan is director of infectious diseases and immunology at the Menzies Institute of health in Queensland, Australia. He introduced that the novel coronavirus pneumonia genetic variation can be found in the other two coronavirus of bat and pangolin, they are the source host.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a natural source of human disease, but not all human beings. “There’s no point in changing the gene sequence artificially, because all the previous evidence suggests that it’s going to make the virus worse, and there’s no system in the lab to make some changes,” McMillan said
For Hassan vally, an epidemiologist and senior lecturer at the University of Latrobe in Australia, the topic of human intervention in the virus is completely fragmented and unsupported. He said: “novel coronavirus pneumonia has no substance in other conspiracy theories.”
“In fact, novel coronavirus is naturally present in the evidence. Preliminary genotyping studies show the relationship between the coronavirus and other bat viruses. We must be careful not to add to rumours in an irresponsible way and use the global crisis to grab political points. ” Wally said. (