Countries turn to China urgently

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez announced in the prime minister’s office on the evening of March 14 local time that Spain will implement the measures of “closing the city” to fight against the new crown epidemic from now on, and the travel of the whole country will be restricted to the greatest extent, and the Spanish government will make every effort to fight against the spread of the new crown virus.
On March 14 local time, after a 7-hour cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Sanchez of Spain announced a new measure to deal with the new crown epidemic in the prime minister’s mansion. Sanchez announced that all Spain would enter the state of closure from now on, and the actions of the whole Spanish people would be restricted. Except for activities such as buying food, going to hospital and working, people must stay at home and not Walking around the streets, the government will use armed forces to implement the measure at any time. Unnecessary public places, such as commercial areas, museums, libraries, restaurants, etc., will be closed to the public. Meanwhile, the national public and private traffic flow will be restricted. During the outbreak, the Spanish government will use all resources to fully support the work of medical staff.
Sanchez said that Spain is at a critical stage in the fight against the new coronavirus. The government will do its best to protect the health of its citizens, and the whole country will do its best to implement existing measures to defeat the new coronavirus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Spain was diagnosed as 6393 cases at the end of 14 hours local time, including 195 deaths, 272 severe cases and 571 cured cases.