Trump will be tested

On the afternoon of the 13th US east time, President trump said at a press conference in the rose garden of the White House that he was “likely” to be tested for the new coronavirus. When asked when he would be tested, he replied “very soon”.
At the same day’s press conference, trump still shook hands with officials and executives who were present at the same time. Despite last week’s contact with a Brazilian official who was subsequently diagnosed, trump insisted that he had no symptoms and was not prepared to take preventive measures against himself and White House staff.
On the 7th of this month, trump had dinner with Brazilian president bosonaro and other Brazilian officials at the sea lake manor. Brazil’s president’s press secretary who attended the dinner party was positive for the new coronavirus, the Brazilian government said Tuesday.
Miami, Florida mayor Luis Suarez confirmed Monday that he was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Suarez had contact with the press secretary of Brazil’s president at a dinner party at Haihu manor last weekend. Suarez said he had no symptoms and suggested that people who shook hands or had close contact with him for 14 days from Monday should be isolated from themselves.
In addition, according to the Washington Post, another person who participated in fund-raising activities at Haihu manor last weekend was tested positive for the new coronavirus. At that time, trump also participated in the event.