The total number of discharged patients in Hubei is over 10000

[3 consecutive drop of newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province] according to the data statistics of Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission, 349 newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province fell for the third consecutive day from 0-24 on February 19. In the past, there were 1933 cases (16 days), 1807 cases (17 days) and 1693 cases (18 days). As of 24:00 on the 19th, the cumulative number of cured and discharged patients in Hubei exceeded 10000. (CCTV News)
According to Red Star News
For the first time in 22 days! Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei are lower than 1000 cases.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Hubei from 0 to 24 in February 19, 2020, 349 cases were confirmed by new health care in Wuhan, including 615 cases in Wuhan, 5 cases in Shiyan, 3 cases in Suizhou, 2 cases in Xiangyang, 5 cases in Huanggang, 5 cases in Ezhou, 5 cases in Enshi, 5 cases in Tianmen, 2 cases in Enshi, 3 cases in authorized cities, and cases in the case of “reduction of 5 cities”. There were 31 cases of decrease in Jingzhou City, 66 cases in Xianning City and 107 cases in Jingmen City.
It is reported that this is the first time since January 29 that the number of newly confirmed cases in Hubei is less than 1000! The following is the novel coronavirus pneumonia case confirmed every day on ~2 18 January 27th in Hubei:
On the 18th, 1693 cases;
On the 17th, 1807 cases;
On the 16th, 1933 cases;
On the 15th, 1843 cases;
2420 cases on the 14th day;
On the 13th, 4823 cases;
On the 12th day, 14840 cases;
On the 11th, 1638 cases;
2097 cases on the 10th day;
On the 9th, 2618 cases;
2147 cases on the 8th day;
On the 7th, 2841 cases;
On the 6th, 2447 cases;
5 days, 2987 cases;
4 days, 3156 cases;
3 days, 2345 cases;
2 days, 2103 cases;
1 day, 1921 cases;
On the 31st, 1347 cases;
1220 cases in 30 days;
On the 29th, 1032 cases;
On the 28th day, 840 cases;