Queen’s debut after brexit

Overseas, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II attended the annual church service on Christmas day in Sandringham, Norfolk, the second day after brexit, the mirror reported Tuesday. During this time, the Queen appeared very happy when she was photographed smiling to the public.
According to British media, on the evening of January 31 local time, Britain officially withdrew from the European Union. The queen is on holiday at Sandringham estate in Norfolk. For a long time, the queen has been neutral in political affairs and has not delivered a national speech on brexit day, saying only that it is “a turning point in British life”.
On February 2 local time, the queen of England appeared with a smile before the service at St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church in Sandringham. She was wearing a long light blue coat, a brooch with jewels, and a hat decorated with feathers.
British media said the queen was photographed smiling to people outside the church, while people presented flowers to the queen. Although the queen is optimistic, the royal family will face continuous challenges in the future, including the scandal of Prince Andrew and the withdrawal of the Harry Megans, the mirror said.