NASA sweeper challenge

I believe that many people’s circle of friends have been swiped by such a message recently.
“February 7 (maybe 8, 9, 10, 11, or some other time) is a special day. NASA once said that the earth has the least gravity, so the broom can stand up.”
Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? After a lot of people tried, exclaimed: really can!
But what is the real situation?
We searched the Internet for information related to “NASA broom”, but this is only the information on the forum, there is no official NASA information. Well, if NASA really said that, there would be English materials.
But the results of the search are more about the broom nebula and the use of laser brooms to remove space debris.
It’s related to an old joke in the United States, which believes that spring starts with the least gravity, allowing the broom to stand upright. Other research results on reddit show that the strange behavior of brooms is related to the solar eclipse in 2017, that is to say, there are different days and different explanations for the upright brooms.
So, what is the reason for the broom to stand upright?
First, it’s not because of the alignment of the planets or the rotation of the earth. The United States’ Wired magazine once calculated that Venus, the nearest planet to the earth, and Jupiter, the largest mass in the solar system, exert far less gravity (10-8n) than the earth’s gravity (about 10N) on the broom, which is impossible to make the broom stand upright.
So what makes a broom stand upright?
In fact, the problem is very simple, because the center of gravity of the broom is closer to the broom hair than the high point of the broom handle. You can test the center of gravity of the broom by placing it horizontally on your fingers, like a seesaw.
So when you split the broom hair, the center of gravity is naturally close to the bottom, and it’s not hard to find a stable point. If the broom is new and the hair is straight and hard, it’s easier to support the center of gravity.
Because everything falls, the reason is that the center of gravity has no support. As long as the center of gravity has support, all problems will be solved.
So, the so-called broom challenge is just a test of your ability and patience to find the center of gravity. It has nothing to do with NASA.