Hair gold bar of Hangzhou first village

Today (19th), Guali Hangmin village in Xiaoshan became popular in the circle of friends because of the following content: creating a great cause for Hangmin through hard work and benefiting villagers with tens of millions of gold and silver. In order to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of airmen’s start-up, the welfare of airmen village was sent out. Each villager received a gold bar and a silver bar. Twinkle, poke your eyes! Envy
Is it true that such a thing is so extravagant? Are you sure it’s not made up by netizens?
Xiaobian contacted the relevant person in charge of Hangmin village and said that the content was not fake, and the village did.
The treatment of the villagers in Guali Hangmin village has always been good. Every family lives in courtyard buildings and villas, with a per capita living area of more than 100 square meters. Every family is rich. Living in Hangmin village, we can get tens of thousands of yuan of bonus at the end of the year. At the end of last year alone, the village paid 4.46 million yuan of welfare.
40 years of hard work
Aviation people lead villagers to become rich together
According to the statistics in 2017, the per capita income of Aviation Group employees is 60500 yuan, the per capita income of villagers is 63500 yuan, and the family car ownership rate is more than 80%. Hangmin village has become a “full employment + distribution according to work and capital + social welfare” harmonious new rural area.
Behind all this, we have to start 20 years ago.
On November 27, 1999, hang min village held the property right system reform meeting of Zhejiang hang min group company, and put forward the property right reform plan of collective holding and quantitative equity.
In this way, Hangmin village took the lead in the reform of the village level collective property right system in the whole province, quantifying 49% of the equity of the village collective to the villagers, employees and management backbones.
In 1979, it raised 60000 yuan to establish an industrial enterprise, and in 1997, it established Zhejiang aviation industry group. After nearly 40 years of development, it now has 28 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock enterprises, with a total asset of 9.6 billion yuan and 12000 employees. In 2017, it realized a total industrial output value of 13.38 billion yuan and a profit of 910 million yuan
Along the way, Hangmin village has become one of the “top ten economic villages” and “top ten villages in China” from a dirty and poor village.
Finally, I want to say: the village of other people’s home, really envy!