Lin Zhiling’s wedding rehearsal

On the 17th, Lin and her husband heize Liangping were about to hold a wedding ceremony in Tainan Art Museum. The day before, it was photographed that Lin and her husband appeared in Wu’s ancestral hall for wedding rehearsal. On the same day, Lin Zhiling was wearing a long white dress, with her hair tied at the back of her head elegant and romantic. Her husband, heize Liangping, is also a simple white shirt with a handsome back. Lin Zhiling holds her husband’s arm tightly.
According to the on-the-spot media, Lin Zhiling and heize Liangping perform a couple worship midway through the rehearsal. When they lift up, Lin Zhiling’s eyes are already in tears. She lifts her hands to wipe off the tears. Then she glances to one side. Sister Zhiling, with a flat mouth, can still see a little bit of the girl’s coyness. Heize Liangping is looking at the other side of the silly smile.
Later, the couple changed into another suit. Lin Zhiling is wearing a white wedding dress, a white dress and a handsome black suit, standing upright beside her. In the process, Lin Zhiling is also holding her husband’s arm tightly, and the staff around her carefully tidies her headdress. Maybe there are too many reporters and people around. The staff in the ancestral hall took out the black cloth to cover up the situation. We are looking forward to the wedding of sister Zhiling tomorrow!