Interesting step suspected of illegal fund-raising

“As long as you walk 4000 steps a day, you can earn at least 200 yuan a month, and there is no ceiling.” Maybe everyone will be heartbeat when they see or hear this sentence. After all, on the working people, they have to squeeze the subway every day, walk to work, 4000 steps is just trivial.
In 2018, a mobile app called “qubu” suddenly became popular and even topped the list of life apps. It also has a very familiar slogan, “you can make money by walking”. Why not do such a good thing? Do you think so?
But the good times are not long, this mobile phone app is probably in the hot pursuit after, gradually on the cutting edge. In the later stage, the software style has changed, which gives people the feeling that “as long as you can pull people, you can get the return”. For example, the software requires users to pay 1 yuan for verification, and rely on the investment of old users as operating costs and profits, and the above funds will also be used to distribute red packets to new users. The above behaviors have belonged to the crime of absorbing funds from unspecified objects, which is suspected to constitute the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits. When the funds absorbed by it are not enough to distribute red packets to new users, it will lead to the rupture of the capital chain, and its main responsible person will be suspected of constituting the crime of fund-raising fraud.