Progress in the burial of Hunan

From October 11th to 12th, the second promotion meeting of the national special campaign against evil and evil was held in Xi’an. This is the second round of the National Conference on the Elimination of Violence and Destruction after the Wuhan Conference held in October last year.

At the meeting, Chen Yixin, secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Committee and director of the National Office of Anti-Violence, revealed in his speech two major hard measures: the fight against the evil and the next step: launching a special campaign for more than 1,500 fugitives in the fight against the 100-day attack In the end of November, the National Supervisory Commissioner of the National Office will conduct special supervision on the difficult case of the major case.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to promote the investigation of major cases with the focus on “following the 100-day attack.” A special press conference on the pursuit of escapes was held to promote the use of intelligent reporting platforms everywhere. To supervise the case of the National Anti-Black Office, it is necessary to speed up the investigation and progress. It is necessary to continue to dispatch a large-scale supervision team to promote the major case as soon as possible to achieve a breakthrough. The Ministry of Public Security’s Office of the People’s Republic of China has set up 15 handling groups. It will carry out three rounds of centralized supervision and guidance for the key cases of the National Office of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security to be supervised from mid-October to the end of October. Recently, the case of “Sun Xiaoguo” will be re-examined in court, and the progress of the investigation and investigation of the “Hunan playground corpse murder case” will be announced. For more than 1,500 people who have changed their “color” variation and hidden squats, they are escaping the personnel, strengthening the clues, checking and prosecuting, ensuring that the “vest” is severely punished, and striving to avoid a crime, no sin, no leakage. one person.

In addition, the meeting requested that the “protective umbrella” certification policy should be promoted to promote “breaking the umbrella”. Strengthen coordination and coordination between political and legal organs and discipline inspection and supervision organs, further define the definition of “protective umbrella”, adhere to the “big umbrella” and “small umbrella” together, “official umbrella” and “police umbrella” together, and pay attention to the general violation of law and discipline. The behavior is separate from the deliberate concealment of the black and evil forces, and the “black sheep” in the party members and cadres are accurately removed.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the construction of the inspection and control platform to promote “breaking money and breaking blood.” Drawing on the successful experience of the public security organs in establishing an “anti-electric fraud” and “anti-money laundering” investigation and control platform, establish and improve the black and evil property investigation and control platform with the participation of the People’s Bank, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the taxation department, etc., and further improve the efficiency of investigation and control of the black and evil-related property. Let the black and evil property have nowhere to hide.

The meeting made it clear that the second and third rounds of supervision will be launched in late October to promote the relevant local authorities to seriously respond to the feedback from the central supervision team and the requirements of “reviewing”, refine the rectification measures, implement the rectification responsibility, and clarify Renovate the time limit, promote the maximization of the rectification effect, and complete the goal of “clearing the black and evil case and clearing the problem clues” as soon as possible. In late November, special supervision will be carried out by the National Supervision Office of the Defence Office, and the supervision will be carried out in a point-to-point manner to promote the resolution of the problem-solving and unsustainable, the “insecting the umbrella to break the net” is not deep, the “debt and blood-breaking” is not thorough, and the work progress is uneven. The problem is to ensure that the actual rectification effect is achieved.

Sun Xiaoguo: After being sentenced to death, he actually served a sentence of 12 years and 5 months. He was suspected of black crime after he was released from prison.

Sun Xiaoguo (formerly known as Chen Guo, Li Linyi), male, Han nationality, born in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, born on October 27, 1977, from December 1992 to October 1994 in the new training brigade of the Yunnan Border Defense Corps, Kunming detachment, The armed police Kunming Frontier Defense School served (because of the age of enlisted, its stepfather Li Qiaozhong used the position of deputy director of the police department of the Yunnan Border Defense Corps Command, and changed his birth date to October 27, 1975).

During his service, Sun Xiaoguo was sentenced to three years in prison in December 1995 by the People’s Court of Panlong District of Kunming for committing rape. The Kunming Intermediate People’s Court ruled in April 1996 that the appeal was dismissed and the original judgment was upheld (due to illegality) Medical treatment outside the hospital has not been accepted for supervision.)

From April to November 1997, Sun Xiaoguo sinned many times during his medical treatment. In February 1998, the Kunming Intermediate People’s Court sentenced him to death for rape, forced insult to women, intentional injury, and trouble-seeking. The Yunnan Higher People’s Court sentenced him to death in March 1999, and he was suspended for two years. In September 2007, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

On April 11, 2010, Sun Xiaoguo was released from prison after repeated commutations, and actually served 12 years and 5 months. After he was released from prison, Sun Xiaoguo successively served as a shareholder of Yunnan Miqi Investment Management Co., Ltd., Yunnan Yinhe Investment Co., Ltd., Kunming Yuji Trading Co., Ltd., and many former bar shareholders or actual controllers of Kunming Kundu M2 Bar.

On the evening of July 21, 2018, Sun Xiaoguo was invited by Li. Seven people, including Yang Moguang and Feng Moyi, were rushed to Windsor KTV, Jinji Road, Guandu District, Kunming City. They beat Wang Mootao and others to Wang. Tao was seriously injured in the second grade, and other people were injured to varying degrees.

After the incident, the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau Guandu Branch filed a case investigation on July 30, 2018, and was released on bail on August 30. After the case was transferred to the Guandu District People’s Court on January 3, 2019, the case handling department found that Sun Xiaoguo was the criminal who was sentenced to death in 1998. The Kunming Municipal Party Committee reported to the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee in a timely manner. The provincial party committee attached great importance to it and demanded that the case be thoroughly investigated and handled in accordance with the law. The People’s Court of Guandu District decided to arrest him on March 18, 2019. The public security organs conducted a comprehensive investigation on the alleged crimes committed by Sun Xiaoguo after his sentence was released in April 2010. He found that Sun Xiaoguo and his gang members had organized the fights in an organized manner. The establishment of casinos, trouble-seeking, illegal detention and other illegal crimes, suspected of black and evil crimes, public security organs have filed for investigation. In April 2019, after the 20th Supervising Team of the Central Government to Eliminate Violence in Yunnan, the case was supervised as a key case; in May, the National Anti-Black Office also listed the case as a listed supervision case and sent a large-scale supervision group. Go to Yunnan to guide and supervise the handling of cases.

According to the report of the Yunnan Provincial Office of the Anti-Drug Office on July 26, the Yunnan Higher People’s Court recently made a decision to initiate a retrial on Sun Xiaoguo’s rape, forced insult to women, intentional injury, and trouble-seeking.

The number of public officials and important stakeholders involved in the investigation of the Sun Xiaoguo case has increased to 20 before.

The faculty and staff of the middle school playground was buried for 16 years, and the “case in the case” gradually brought out the truth.

At 9 o’clock on the morning of January 25, 2003, Tan Mou, the wife of Xin Huang Yizhong, went to the public security organ to report that his husband Deng Shiping was missing on the morning of the 22nd. After receiving the alarm, the public security organs of the city and county organized the work to carry out the work. Deng Shiping’s whereabouts were not found, and no evidence of his murder was found.

In April this year, Xinhuang Public Security Bureau seized criminal suspects of Du Shaoping’s black-related criminal gangs in the county’s Huangzhou Town, allegedly deliberately injured, illegally detained, and gathered together. After trial, Di Duping and his gang member Luo Moumou Gao Moumou confessed to the crime of killing Deng Shiping and burying his body.

On June 23, the Criminal Science and Technology Research Institute of the Huaihua Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed the DNA test and confirmed that the corpse dug in the playground of Xinhuangyizhong was Deng Shiping, the missing person in 2003. So far, Deng Shiping’s disappearance has made breakthrough progress, and several suspects have been arrested. The supervision committee of the Xinhuang County Commission for Discipline Inspection has reviewed and monitored the investigation of Huang Bingsong, the president of Xinhuangyizhong.

Deng Shiping was a faculty member of Xinhuang Yizhong before his disappearance on January 22, 2003. He is mainly responsible for the quality supervision and management of infrastructure projects. Deng Shiping’s daughter believed that his father was swayed by the evil forces because he defended the quality of the school’s engineering. She said that the quality of the school playground was signed by Deng Shiping. In response to the “engineering quality problems that have arisen”, Deng Shiping adhered to the principle and had a conflict with Du Shaoping.

“My father said that if the quality of the project is unqualified, it will not be signed on the acceptance form. When he accepted a section of stone-walled wall, he found that the quality was unqualified and refused to sign.” Deng Shiping’s daughter introduced that Deng Shiping was still looking for I came to Du Shaoping’s embarrassment and Huang Bingsong, who was then the principal of Xinhuang Yizhong.

The family of Deng Shiping said that the Huaihua Education Bureau had received an anonymous letter at the time, reflecting the economic problems in the construction of the playground in Xinhuangyizhong. The letter was transferred to the Education Bureau of Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County. Du Shaoping suspected that this letter was written by Deng Shiping, so he hated Deng Shiping even more. “It is precisely because of the contradiction with Du Shaoping that Deng Shiping was killed.”