If Wind Makes a Will

“Little Two” ushered in the big ending last night. Ruofeng and Xiaoqi left the most impression on you because they are the most special. First, they are not in the entertainment circle, strictly speaking, they belong to the electronic competition circle. Other couples are loving and can feel the happiness of the couple, but the couple are doing it to death. 。 If the wind doesn’t need to say, it’s slaggy and stingy, because he has been in love with his little relatives for many years, and then he empathizes with other people. Later, he follows the girl to the other side’s city. After being dumped by the girl, he comes back to ask Xiaoqi to marry him. This marriage seems to be not for love, but for gambling.
He said that he was stingy because he married Xiaoqi, but they also wanted AA system. If Wind bought a house, he also secretly wrote his name, and threatened to buy the house for his own money before marriage. Even a dressing table would not be willing to buy for his wife, and the daily expenses would be paid separately. At the beginning, the audience felt more sympathy for him. After all, growing up in a single-parent family, she was very insecure and insecure, but the more she saw her behind, the more she “made” and even some pretentious feelings.
In the period of going to the mother-in-law’s house, we can see that she did not have enough respect for her mother-in-law. On the first day, she let her mother-in-law wait for them to eat until the afternoon. On the second day, Xiaoqi changed her mind and refused to go directly. After dinner, she also lay on the sofa directly without initiative to help. She thought that she was going back to her hometown to see her husband-in-law, but she turned over the old debts. Even during her pregnancy, her mother-in-law gave her mother money, and she felt greatly wronged. People who don’t know think that mother-in-law is so mean to her. In fact, she has nothing to do with her. She can’t even look down on Tai. She says that when she meets Xiao Qi’s daughter-in-law who is so “doing”, her mother-in-law is too difficult and threatens to revenge her mother-in-law. For the selfish and self-centered way of getting along, the Internet is also full of abuse. Ruofeng is supposed to save the public image and express some feelings since receiving the program in a long article on Weibo. When he called himself recording this program, he happened to be the most confused period in his life. His career met with bottlenecks. At the same time, he also said a lot of good words to Xiaoqi.
Maybe he was afraid of scolding. In the last program, if Feng came to a lawyer to make a will and gave Xiaoqi 60% of the property allocation, his netizens criticized him for being too fake, even said he was acting, which was the last straw he proved himself not to be stingy. But in fact, they are so young, if there is still a chance to change their will after the wind, choosing to make a will at this time is just a show for the audience. If Wind makes a will to give 60% of Xiaoqi’s property distribution netizens but approves too false if Wind makes a will to Xiaoqi’s 60% property distribution netizens but approves too false Xiaoqi, clearly cares about money, opens and closes the mouth is the house and money, but also pretends not to care. If Wind rents a big house and signs the contract, he says he likes a small house and walks in 10 seconds. In the end, she nagged every day that the house did not add her name. As a result, if the wind took the house cost and asked her to add her name together, she said that she did not want a house, but love, which was from beginning to end.


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