The nanny beat up a two-year-old boy

On August 27, Mr. Wang of Suzhou checked the home surveillance and found that the babysitter had beaten her 2-year-old son more than 10 times in three minutes by slapping, spanking, pushing and pulling.
It is reported that the nanny has 15 years of housekeeping experience and worked in Mr. Wang’s family for 8 months. The babysitter argued that the reason for this behavior was that the child often wetted his pants and was not very obedient. She was in a rather irritable mood at that time.
After watching the surveillance, the angry Mr. Wang called the police at the first time. The nanny explained that the reason why she did this was that Xuan Xuan often wetted her pants and was not very obedient. She was in a rather impatient mood at that time. Mr. Wang told reporters that it was difficult to judge whether the child was injured or not. “After the nanny dropped him on the ground, there was a monitoring corner that we could not see, but the child was crying at that time.” At present, the nanny has been taken compulsory measures by the police.
Such incidents are not an example. On August 20, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a Baoma went out to check and monitor the baby. She saw the baby spill food on the ground. Then the nurse who played with her mobile phone on the sofa got up and slapped her 1-year-old baby in the face. Allegedly, the nanny was introduced by acquaintances, has been home for four months, usually lazy.
Then the mother looked over the previous monitoring and found that the baby-sitter slapped the child more than once or twice. As to why the babysitter beat the child, Baoma thought that she was psychopathic, impatient with the child and not patient enough to take care of it. According to the mother of the child, the nanny would not beat the child in front of the parents, but only when the parents were not at home.


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