Li Xiaolu renamed Tianxin and changed her suspicious name.

Since the divorce of Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang came out in early 2018, the truth and falsity have not been confirmed, because the parties have not officially responded positively, but the divorce rumors are more true after the separation. In the entertainment industry, divorce is not really a very strange thing, because it is a star, so it adds a touch.
Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang, the couple, had added a lot of happiness to their daughter’s sweetness, but unfortunately they failed to resist some foreign temptations and finally complicate it. Many netizens felt unfair for Jia Nailiang and scolded Li Xiaolu one after another, while more people felt sorry for Xiao Tianxin.
Li Xiaolu is beautiful and well-built. Although he is not popular in the entertainment circle, after his marriage to Jia Nailiang, he has given birth to a lovely sweetness, which adds a lot of attention to the couple. A happy family of three looks very happy.
Sweet Jia Yunxin and Jia Nailiang participated in the first and second seasons of “Daddy’s Back”, and the audience was deeply impressed by the little ghost. Jia Nailiang’s model of taking a baby has also received a lot of praise. Many people feel that the relationship between the father and daughter will be more intensive, more than the relationship with his mother, Li Xiaolu. But many of them may have overlooked the more important point, that is, they can only see the star family in front of the camera, after leaving the camera, what is the star family really like in real life? That’s what they know best.
At the end of last month, some media reported that Li Xiaolu had changed Tianxin’s name to “Li Yihan”, which seems to have the possibility of completely breaking off relations with Jia Nailiang.
However, the renaming of her daughter has not been confirmed in fact, but it has been spread by the Internet media. The reason is very simple. It is highly suspected that Tianxin has been renamed because Li Xiaolu changed his personal introduction to “Li Ai Yi Han”.
If you change the name of your daughter, then the divorce between Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang should be a fact. Although the outside world is only speculating, the parties have not responded positively to the divorce, but looking at their daily changes, many netizens still feel that the possibility of quietly handling the procedures is too high. Maybe Jia Nailiang doesn’t want to have too much influence on her daughter. She is waiting for the “hairstyling” incident to be forgotten before making plans. Or will it develop to the good side? Anyway, at present everything is just speculation, as long as the parties have not personally admitted, if you really care too much, you can only doubt or speculate.
For the possibility that Li Xiaolu has changed his name to Tianxin, the netizens’ideas can basically be divided into three kinds. The first one is that it is someone else’s family affair after all, and has nothing to do with himself; the second one is that they may have divorced, and Li Xiaolu sees that there is no chance of reunification, so he simply changed his daughter’s name; the third one is more than the other. More inclined to Jia Nailiang, began to sympathize with him, feel that his daughter renamed himself without the right to speak, it seems a little pitiful to look at…
Whatever the idea, in fact, Li Xiaolu hasn’t responded to the rumor of renaming, so it’s not necessary for everyone to be too serious…


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