A 16-year-old Swedish girl organized a protest at the United Nations gate

Nearly 1,000 teenage protestors gathered outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York on August 30 to call for more action on climate change.
Among them, 16-year-old Swedish girl and young climate activist Greta Thunberg is undoubtedly the most dazzling existence. Sandberg arrived in New York from Britain in 15 days ago on a Zero Emission Yacht and will attend the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23.
Greta Sandberg traveled to the United States on a zero-emission yacht.
Later on Friday, U. N. General Assembly President Espinosa welcomed Sandberg at United Nations Headquarters, Reuters reported. “This summit must be a breakthrough point and a trigger point to make people really aware of the changes that are taking place,” Sandberg told Espinosa.
Sandberg has been on strike every Friday since a year ago, calling on the Swedish government to take action on climate change. Her actions have affected many people. Since then, many teenagers and students in many countries have followed her example and started to strike in protest, demanding that the government take more measures on climate and environmental issues. Sandberg’s influence has also gradually expanded, and has become a representative figure of Youth Climate protests.
For the first time, many American teenagers took part in a strike to protest.
It is reported that the symbolic strike at the gate of the United Nations Headquarters was organized by 14-year-old New York girl Alexandria Villasenor. She has followed Sandberg’s example since December last year and has held a strike outside United Nations Headquarters every Friday.
Most of the people who participated in the protest were teenagers. Some people hold up the words “Help! My home is on fire, “If you don’t act like adults, we will act” and “Science is not silence” are the signs calling on governments to step up their efforts to tackle climate change.
According to the Guardian, some teenagers took part in the climate change strike for the first time, while others mentioned that they were influenced by Sandberg and began to pay attention to climate change.
Greta Sandberg.
Bianca Pilcher, 11, and Lila Sabag, 10, wearing campaign shirts with the words “We Trust Greta,” said they were holding strike protests in the hope of sending a message to global leaders: Start! “I hope to have a long life, I hope that the world I live in is healthy, and I hope that future generations will not make such a call as’What have you done?'” Pilcher said. Sabag said she hoped to “reduce the use of disposable plastics or fossil fuels to help save the planet”.
Dana Henao, 16, was the first to take part in the climate protests. She said, “The government has not taken enough action to protect the environment. They are only concerned about economic interests.” Young people are the only ones who take action, and we want to attract people’s attention. “Greta is very popular, she is the representative of the movement,” she said.


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