Guoyu Fallen World Championship Tournament

The 2019 World Badminton Championship ended this morning in Switzerland, where the national badminton team won only one mixed doubles championship, the worst result since 1983. The Japanese team gained 2 gold, 2 silver and up to 6 top four seats, surpassing Guoyu in an all-round way. With less than a year to go before the Tokyo Olympics, compared with the host team, China has no advantage in the other four individual events except mixed doubles.
The IELTS combination won the championship.
Mixed doubles
The advantage of IELTS combination is obvious.
In the first semi-final of mixed doubles, world No. 1 Zheng Shi/Huang Yaqiong took only 37 minutes to win Japan’s No. 1 combination Yongda Watanabe/Yasha Dongno. According to Japanese media reports, “Dongdu” portfolio asked reporters in an interview, “What do you say?” To be frank, “This competition let us see (them) a strong strength, to be taught.”
At present, it seems that the advantages of IELTS combination in mixed doubles are hard to shake, and only themselves can defeat them. This is also the only advantage that Guoyu has left in the Sino-Japanese confrontation.
After the promotion of IELTS, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping, a teammate who has not yet appeared, shouted “Waiting for you in the finals”, but the latter failed to overcome the Thai combination Dechabo/Shacili. Despite the psychological advantages of the previous three successive victories, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping has been thoroughly studied by his opponents. The Thai combination of “confining Huang Dongping to the backcourt + mobilizing Wang Yilu from a wide angle” has played an effective role. “Yellow Duck” is the runner-up of the last World Championship, but through this year’s performance, the stability of the competition still needs to be improved.
Mixed doubles is the traditional advantage of Guoyu. In the past two Olympic cycles, Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei and Xu Chen/Ma Jin have been among the world’s top performers for a long time. Guoyu wants to consolidate the advantages of mixed doubles in Tokyo Olympic Games, and “double insurance” must be reassuring.
Lindane was out in the second round.
Men’s singles
Stop Taotian by Shi Yuqi?
Because the Cenozoic is hard to achieve, Lindan, Jianlong and Shi Yuqi will not change the pattern of men’s singles qualification in the Olympic Games. However, from the current World Championship, Lin Dan, 35 years old, made his worst performance in the second round; Jianlong had no chance to be in the top 8 and showed no signs of recovery this year; Shi Yuqi, who underwent ankle surgery at the end of last month, needed at least two months to recover. His most urgent task is to recover the feeling of the game as soon as possible and catch up with the progress and score.
This World Championship, Taotian Xiandou 5 games all 2 sets to solve the battle, the final is to let the opponent only 11 points strong performance to defend the championship. Japanese media have begun to shout: “35-year-old Lindan stopped the second round of the World Championship, Li Zongwei retired in June this year, and 24-year-old Taotian is a step closer to the legend.”
For Guoyu, the most needed answer is who can stop the peach fields. Lindane lost all three wars last year. Jianlong won only one of the four battles last year, although he was slightly superior in the total 5-3. Shi Yuqi is 2-4 against him, but this year’s three-game reversal in the final of the Soviet Cup is undoubtedly a shot in the arm and a reason for the outside world to bet on him. Shi Yuqi did begin to reveal the potential of Guoyu’s new leader in men’s singles, but after this injury, how fast he can recover is still unknown.
Chen Yufei’s sustained combat capability should be strengthened.
Women’s singles
Chen Yufei is hard to beat the small steel gun
At the Beijing and London Olympic Games, the Chinese team won both gold and silver medals in women’s singles. However, since the Rio cycle, women’s singles have actually begun to “eat the old stuff”, and the new generation has not succeeded. When Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian retired, Li Xueli recovered from serious injuries and her competitiveness ceased. Guoyu women’s singles appeared in the Tokyo cycle.
In this year’s World Championships, four women singles were born after 1997. The performances of “Xiaohua” are not enough to win the contest, including Chen Yufei, who is currently the best performer. Singles team coach Xia Yongze pointed out that her ability to continue fighting still needs to be strengthened. Chen Yufei was defeated by India’s Sindu in the semi-finals of this year’s World Championships and the 2012 World Championships. The latter, after winning two runners-ups, finally reached the top this year, becoming a new force in women’s singles, and also regarded as a hot spot in next year’s Olympic Games.
In addition, the strength of the host women’s singles is equally good. Yamaguchi is out of the first round of this year because of her waist injury, but she is the first in the world. Aoyuan hopes to be the champion of the 2017 World Championship and now ranks third in the world. Japan’s Shuangshu, which is no more than 1.6 meters tall, always releases tremendous energy. Chen Yufei’s record against them is 6-10 and 3-4, respectively, and they are all in the downwind.
Coupled with Dai Ziying who missed the World Championship due to injury, Chen Yufei was not favored in next year’s Olympic Championship sequence. She and Aoyuan hoped that they would undoubtedly have more advantages.
Men’s Doubles
“Twin Towers” is still the national feather facade
In the third round of the World Championship, the top seed Gideon/Sukamoyo was eliminated by Cui Shuigui/Xu Chengzai of Korea, while Yongdao Watanabe/Tadao Fujita were “frozen” by a pair of German players in the first battle. Japanese team’s three pairs of Bao Mu Zhuo Lang/Kobayashi Youwu became the biggest black horse, successively defeating No. 3 seed Jiacun Jianshi/Yamada Enlightenment and defending champion Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen in the quarter finals and semi-finals, and finally winning the championship is retired and double-resurrected father combination Ashan/Seytiawan, which fully illustrates the current situation of male pair’s group male disputes. And it’s likely to last until the Tokyo Olympics.
The latest men’s doubles ranking of the World Badminton Federation, Indonesia has three pairs of combinations in the top ten and the top two; Guoyu “Shuangta” and Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong are ranked 3 and 6, Ho Jiting/Tan Qiang is ranked 11; Japan also has two pairs of players in the top ten, Bao Muzhuolang/Xiao.

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