First Summer Life

I had a very rich and happy summer vacation.
My father and I went to the Pudong Library, where I borrowed three books I liked, especially one of the Stories of Primary School Students, which I liked very much. I also read many 广州桑拿 copies of Charles IX, and I like to help you.
In July, I attended ESL Summer Camp in Fukuyama. I found that most of the students in the classroom were classes 4. I am so happy to see them in the summer vacation. Every day we can see the original English animation, learn a lot of English dialogue, hot weather can also eat cold drinks, I like the “odd” ice cream. Also participated in the ESL summer camp extracurricular activities “Eighth Town”, I was the first time to go, used to go to Coobella, the town has doctors, police, TV presenters, journalists, actors and so on. Our ESL campers spent three weeks together in a pleasant summer camp.
Under the arrangement of my parents, I went to Zhaojialou, an ancient town, where I carried a lot of corn home, went to Shanghai Film Museum, and saw the history of film development.
In the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, I visited the Rainbow Paradise, watched four-dimensional movies “Dragon Fish Warrior” and “Swordtooth Dynasty”, “Wolf” and “Winning in Brain” in the ball theater, and my favorite was “Wolf”;
Zhengda Square’s “Building Block Fantasy Season” is all built of colorful LEGO blocks. There is a Jurassic 深圳桑拿网 Park and a huge Tyrannosaurus Dragon, which is lifelike.
I also went to the Shanghai Museum. My father said that the Shanghai Museum is made up of a cube base and a dome, which symbolizes the cosmic view of the sky. My favorite is the fourth floor, where there are currencies of different dynasties. It’s interesting.
During the summer vacation, I also went to the Moon Boat, the Saudi Pavilion of the World Expo. There was a “Treasure Cinema” in it. It was a giant screen cinema. We could see the charming pictures of Saudi Arabia. It was like the real thing. There was also a roof garden. There were many dates and coconuts on the roof. It was very beautiful. The Italian Pavilion, where there are many statues and blankets, and a Ferrari Auto Museum, I like the red Ferrari, like the McQueen on my clothes. Of course, I also went to the Chocolate Paradise, where there are many sculptures and flowers, as well as jewelry made of various chocolates. There, I spent 100 yuan to make a box of hand-made chocolates. I couldn’t bear to eat them. I put them in the refrigerator when my parents came home. I gave them two pieces to try. They all said they were delicious. I want to explain that the 100 yuan was my own money, which was earned 桑拿佛山 from my paid housework during the summer vacation.
In August, I also participated in swimming learning. My favorite time is at noon, soaking in cool water for two hours. Although I haven’t learned it yet, I already feel that it’s a little dark. My father said that men’s black spots are nothing.
During the summer vacation, I also participated in four community activities, such as safety lectures, intelligence competitions and so on. It was very interesting. Of course, during the summer vacation, I finished my homework and Practice on time. My mother also asked me to review the first grade knowledge again. Fortunately, my mother reminded me that some words would almost be forgotten.
I will soon become a second grade pupil, I will continue to maintain the attitude of learning before the new school year, develop good learning habits and living habits.

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