Thoughts of autumn

Autumn is golden, golden sky, golden river, golden flowers, golden trees… In autumn, I buried a golden memory.
I remember that it was the autumn 广州桑拿 when I was 4 years old. Everything was golden, golden sunshine, golden leaves, golden grassland, and golden fruit on Ponkan trees. One day, the sun was shining and cloudless. Grandpa took me to pick potato oranges. The golden potato oranges were looking at us with laughter and singing. They looked delicious. I could not help but salivate. Grandpa handed me a big bamboo basket and looked at me with a smile and said, “Let’s pick potato oranges see who picks more.” I spit out my tongue and make a grimace and say, “OK, I’m sure I’ll win!” Grandpa refused to show weakness. As soon as my voice fell, he ran to pick the citrus. I also ran to pick it. After a while, my bamboo basket was full of half. Look at Grandpa’s side, it’s almost full. No, I can’t lose. I thought, I ran to the top of the Ponkan tree and reached out to pick the Ponkan, but I was too short to reach it. What should I do? Suddenly I saw the dense branches on the Ponkan tree. I had an idea to climb the tree. I immediately grabbed a pole and tried my best to climb it up, one after another filled me with Ponkan orange. Bamboo baskets. At this time, the sun is about to go down, the red clouds are beautiful! Why is there another citrus on the top of the tree? I must pick it. I thought about reaching out to pick it, but it grew at the top, what should I do? I planned to climb up again, I carefully climbed up, looking close to the citrus, but my foot slipped, did not stand firm, fell down, I was frightened to close my eyes, but what did not happen? When I opened my eyes, I saw Grandpa’s gentle one. Harmonious face, I’m lying in Grandpa’s arms! It was Grandpa who caught me. “You lost!” Grandpa smiled at me and 深圳桑拿网 said. I was so frightened and silly that he was still in the mood to mention it. It was like an old naughty boy. Grandpa raised his head again and said to Ponkan, “This bad Ponkan, how dare you hurt my granddaughter, we must eat you up.” After that, Grandpa picked me up and met Ponkan immediately. Then I found that Grandpa was really tall. I picked the Ponkan off and we were sweating and panting. I was very thirsty. Grandpa peeled the Ponkan off. We were half sweet. I lay in the grass and looked at the blue sky carelessly. Imagine that I am a bird flying freely in the sky. At this time, my happiness can not be described. I really hope that time will always be fixed in this beautiful moment, let me bathe in the long river of happiness all my life. But things didn’t go well. In this autumn, Grandpa died of illness. I was shrouded in great sorrow. One day, I went back to the Ponkan Tree and imagined that I and Grandpa were picking Ponkan. My tears were like broken beads, one by one falling on 桑拿佛山 the ground. I held my gentle Grandpa tightly. Breeze Buddha, tears seem to be blown away, no longer falling, ah! It’s Grandpa, Grandpa wiping tears for me, Grandpa, where are you? I saw, I saw Grandpa, he was in my arms, smiling at me, he bent down tall body, hugged me…
Time flies by and another golden autumn comes. The scene of my grandfather and I picking potato oranges seems to be in front of me. I will never forget my grandfather’s smile. I miss that golden autumn, and I miss my beloved grandfather even more.

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