Joyful Chongyang Festival

Every harvest season, when chrysanthemums blossom, we usher in a happy festival, Double Ninth Festival!
The Double Ninth Festival is held on the ninth day of September of the lunar calendar every year. At that time, grandmothers danced and sang in counties and villages to celebrate 广州桑拿 the Double Ninth Festival for themselves. Ninety-nine Chongyang is catching up with the rich and colorful autumn, which is also dyed with the colorful and beautiful autumn. “Nine” contains long-term, auspicious, wishing the elderly longevity and health. “Nine” represents the joy and excitement of the Chinese people.
The various customs and habits of the Double Ninth Festival live up to the great scenery and add to the joy of autumn. How many people have painted the joy of autumn and how many 深圳桑拿网 people have painted a smile. It can not be seen, touched and felt from the heart. The Double Ninth Festival can also be called the Cornus Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival, or even the “picnic festival”. Autumn is a good season for outing. It’s very good for your health to go to the countryside to “gather green” or climb mountains or engage in activities that are good for your health. China has designated the Double Ninth Festival as a festival for the elderly. Boys and girls, what did you do for Grandpa and Grandma at 9 o’clock in September? How can you make them unforgettable and happy? Listen to my personal experience.
Another September 9th, the sky, the roof… Everywhere is the figure of autumn, the earth is covered with a thick and fluffy layer of golden sand, golden, shiny. I looked at the calendar. It turned out that today is the ninth day of September. It’s the Double Ninth Festival. It’s Grandma’s festival. How could I forget what gifts I should give her? I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t. When I was upset, I grabbed a newspaper at random and saw the words “Double Ninth Festival”. I was overjoyed and read the newspaper carefully. The newspaper clearly stated that every Double Ninth Festival, grandchildren should 桑拿佛山 accompany their grandparents to go out to the countryside.
Take it easy, eat cakes, and look at chrysanthemums. This is the best gift to experience the happiness this autumn brings. After reading this newspaper, I have a small abacus in my heart.
I went up to Grandma and wanted to test her memory. I smiled and said, “Grandma, do you know what day it is today?” Grandma said doubtfully, “Oh… Oh Oh, is it your birthday? “”No, no, it’s several months before my birthday. “Grandma thought again.” Is it National Day today?””Not to mention, today is the Double Ninth Festival, your festival. Grandma suddenly realized and laughed. I continued, “Let me accompany Grandma to the countryside.” I took Grandma and left. Grandma and I talked and walked further. We watched the clear pool water, enjoyed the magnificent scenery, and immediately felt refreshed. I spent a lovely Double Ninth Festival with my grandmother unconsciously.
It was getting dark. Mom and Dad came back with a bag of cakes. It was really a charcoal in the snow. I’m preparing to celebrate the Old Age Festival for Grandma. There are all kinds of patterns on it, some of which are inlaid with a few grass… Our family sat around the table and tasted the cake with relish. It was delicious. Grandma smiled like she was five years younger.
In laughter, we enter into sweet dreams…

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