I’m proud of my father.

In my family, my mother is a farmer and my father is a civil servant, so the burden of our family’s financial burden falls on my father’s shoulders. My father takes his work seriously, 广州桑拿never carelessly, and never says a word “tired”. My father is more concerned about my study and never spares money. He bought me a lot of books to help me grow up healthily and study happily. In life, as long as Dad knows other people’s difficulties, he will definitely care about and help others solve them. Therefore, I am proud of having such a father!
At work, my father is very serious and never does things carelessly. Once, my father went to collect taxes, and when he went to a private company, he found that the private company had evaded taxes and had evaded taxes. The boss also wanted to lure my father with money, but my father refused the “good intentions” of the boss. Dad said to the boss, “I got your idea, but personally I can’t take any of your belongings. Because we do not come to collect taxes for personal pockets, but to collect the taxes you are legally liable to pay in time and in full and hand them all over to the state. The state also spends these money on 深圳桑拿网 construction, public utilities, so that people can live and work in peace and contentment, making our country richer and stronger. As a citizen, you don’t even understand that? You can’t do it! So, is this person a qualified citizen? The boss listened to my father’s words and immediately made up for the tax he had stolen. For this reason, my father was also praised by his superiors!
My father never carelessly treats my studies. Once my composition was poorly written, like a running account. Dad knows, that day, immediately went to buy me some composition books. Dad also said: “Learning Chinese and improving writing ability is 桑拿广州 the key. To read more extracurricular books, good collection of excellent compositions, you must learn it well. When I was in the third grade of primary school, my father said to me, “The most difficult thing to learn now is foreign languages.” Later, my father sent me to Cambridge English class to learn English. He also said, “English is like a tiger on your way to study, blocking your way to study, you must knock it down, in order to reach the other side of your ideal of study smoothly.” At present, my English achievement has been kept in the top five in the class, which is inseparable from my father’s love. Therefore, I have begun to feel that my father’s teachings will benefit me immensely.
Dad always likes to help others in his life. My father taught me from an early age that I should learn Lei Feng’s good deeds, help others and be happy to help others. Once, when I went shopping with my father, I saw a man who was admitted to college without tuition fees. Begging on the street for lack of tuition fees. Dad went over 桑拿佛山 and said to the man kindly, “Young man, how much money are you still short of going to school?” The man said, “Now it’s still 400 yuan short.” Dad did not hesitate to give him all the 500 yuan he had planned to buy for me. Then he said, “Give you more, I hope you can achieve something in the future.” The man burst into tears and said thanks.
I am proud of having such a father.

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