It’s also a kind of love.

In life, love is everywhere. Love does not necessarily need to be great, in case it can be revealed from a plate of simple, delicious sugar boiled lotus root? Because seemingly insignificant love only reveals its greatness.
Hearing my mother, who seldom深圳桑拿网 comes home at ordinary times, say that tonight I will eat sugar-boiled lotus root, I am happy as a rabbit bouncing around. I’m going to cut the lotus root for my mother, and then I’m going to eat a piece of sugar on the sly. Unfortunately, when I cut the lotus root, “click” a bit, along the lotus root, the lower part of my hand was cut. I ached like tens of millions of ants biting my hand, and my never-contending tears were beating in my eyes.
I couldn’t finish the task of cutting lotus root well when I was injured. I took a tissue and carefully wiped the blood off the wound for fear that my mother would find it.
The blood in the wound is full of vitality. I can’t stop trying to “run” somewhere. But at the same time, the mother who went shopping came back. I immediately panicked, helpless, quickly hid the injured hand behind my back, and then with a panicky voice said to my mother: “How such a voice?” After that, she quickly put down the dishes on her hand, close to me and touched my forehead and said, “Is it a cold?” I did not make anything. Answer and take a step back subconsciously. But then, my mother seemed to see through me and said, 桑拿广州“What’s wrong?” My tears, which I never listened to, fell like beads falling off the thread. Mother quickly put my hand behind me and gently took it over. When she saw my wound about half an inch deep, her whole face turned sour. Like a monk in Tang Dynasty, he chanted to me, “How can you say hello? Can you make snacks for your body when you are so old?” After that, my mother went back to the kitchen and got busy.
I thought my mother was really angry and went back to the room disappointedly. Looking out of the window, it began to drizzle. Ripples slowly rippled around the waterholes on the road. I sighed softly and looked sadly at the sky. Suddenly, I felt that the surroundings became black and grey, the flowers no longer smiled, the wind was no longer gentle, and the birds stopped singing. At this time, my mother knocked on the door and said, “Come out first, I’ll bandage your wound.” My mother dressed the wound for me and said, “Look at you,桑拿佛山 people of this age are injured and don’t tell me that they can’t handle it themselves. This is your own body, can you have a long snack?””I’m not…” I haven’t waited for my sentence, “I’m not afraid of your worries.” Speaking out, my mother cut me off and said, “Next time, this is not allowed. I’m going to make dinner first. You go to sleep first. You’re tired.
After a beautiful sleep, I was attracted by the fragrance of my favorite sugar-boiled lotus root, and my soul was almost snatched away.
Mother’s love does not necessarily need to be great, nor does it need to be known to the whole world, because it belongs only to my love. This kind of love can not be replaced by others. This kind of love, ordinary and great, this kind of love, all reveals from the trivial matter of life, such as a plate of very simple and delicious sugar boiled lotus root.

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