My experience

It was autumn of one year, and there were two days left before the Mid-Autumn Festival. But one family was not so peaceful and reunited. When the doctor came out of the ward, a man immediately rushed up and asked, “Doctor, what’s wrong with my 广州桑拿daughter-in-law and my children?” “Patient’s fetal position is not right, he must have a rupture of the abdomen! Or that sentence, hurry up the medical expenses, otherwise adults and children will not be able to survive!” Say, the doctor brushed his cuffs and left. The man sat dejectedly on the bench outside the ward, his head hanging low, like a broken cock. Why didn’t he borrow money from so-called relatives and friends? He went to visit and beg from family to family, but when others saw that the poor borrowed money, they refused to leave the door for whatever reason. Another relative said unspoken: “If I borrow you, you are so poor, can you still get it?! It’s bad luck to have such a poor relative like you!” The man was so angry that he really wanted to hit him, but he endured it…
At this moment, he sees the weak woman in the ward through the window. He is painful and blames himself for what kind of waste he is and how fruitless he is… It is said that the man has tears, but he lost to poverty, lost to the world! I do not know how many minutes later, an elderly woman rushed to ask the man: “What’s wrong with my daughter?” The man wiped away the tears on his face, hoarse voice said: “The doctor said, the cost is no longer in place, adults and children are hard to protect… “…” The old woman was so frightened that her voice and body trembled, “No, no, no… I’m going home. After that, she hurried out of the hospital and took a taxi which she thought was very luxurious to go home. The neighbor saw her and asked why she was in a panic.
She said, “If my daughter wants to be深圳桑拿网 rescued in the hospital, I have to take out the money for building a house for her younger son to save her life!” “You are so silly, the water thrown out by the married daughter, why does the mother’s family care about her?” “It’s not important for my daughter to break the rules now!” The old woman came to her home and found her younger son and said, “Son, When you marry your daughter-in-law to build a house, your parents will make it up to you two years later. Now your elder sister waits for life-saving money, we have to help her!””elder sister? What happened to elder sister?””Your elder sister has been doctoring children in hospital for several days, to break the stomach, no longer take money out, I’m afraid it will have to…” The old woman cried before she finished. “Then take the money and send it to my elder sister. I’m still young. Two years later, it’s not a problem. Mom, I’ll accompany you to the hospital.” “Good boy.” Mother and son rushed to the hospital and found the chief doctor. “Doctor, I’ve brought the money, so you can give my daughter an operation soon!” “Madam, I’m sorry, we have another parturient here today, and now they are demanding a rupture of the abdomen. We have all the potions ready here. I know all about you, and we are eager to save your daughter.
Well, I’ll go and discuss it with them. First, I’ll operate on your daughter. The doctor said. The old woman said excitedly, “Good, trouble you, she must be saved.” The doctor and the couple had a good discussion. At this moment, the woman is already in pain and is about to faint. After several hours of surgery, mother and daughter桑拿佛山 were finally safe. It’s not good that the baby was born without crying or making noise. The baby finally cried out under the nurse’s “abuse”. Only then did the family’s eyebrows relax. It happened that the next puerpera gave birth to a child, a boy. Good! Afterword: – “What happened afterwards?” I asked my mother. “Then you were born.” Oh, I’ve been through so many things before I was born…

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