Changes in Hometown

This summer vacation, I went home with my mother to visit relatives. My hometown is located in a remote part of town. The mountains are not high, the water is not clear, and there are no attractions, so this is just an ordinary and small village.广州桑拿 However, this time back home, the native land, the native land, the native people, everything has changed. In just three years, the native land has changed, and it is no longer the home I know. As soon as we entered the village, we saw the straight and flat cement road leading to the village center. The road has changed. It is no longer a rough road. However, this is just the beginning.
That “main passage”, we came to the village center. “Wow!” I couldn’t help shouting, but the scene was unexpected to me – new tiled houses, two or three small houses instead of the old bungalow, several duck-and-chicken farms, motorcycles running all 深圳桑拿网over the village. It’s a thriving and prosperous scene. As we walked, we went into Uncle Chen’s chicken farm. When he saw us coming, he smiled and said, “Oh, our city is coming, remember me?” I also smiled and said, “Uncle Chen! How can you not remember? You used to hate raising chickens? How can you raise so many chickens now?” “Oh, your uncle did not before?” Work, but not now, less land, more people, not professional households can not get up, I learned to work, set up a chicken farm, this work, really tasted sweet. After leaving the chicken farm, my mother also told me that Uncle Chen had already become a “ten thousand yuan household”. I thought to myself: This famous idle man has changed. How has his hometown changed?
Then I started walking alone in my changed hometown. Not far from the chicken farm, I heard a familiar voice calling me. I heard the voice and went away. It turned out to be Xiaohua, a former good friend. After he said hello to us, he took my hand and said he wanted me to visit his “changed” home. I remember that his family used to be a poor family in the village. His father died early and his mother dragged him and his brother through a difficult life. This time, I came to her house to see the newly built tiled house, garden trial yard, side by side with two new bicycles. Xiaohua said happily, “These two bicycles are mine and my brother’s.” I am also happy to say, “Xiaohua, how much you hoped to ride a bicycle in the past! Now you finally get it.” “Yes, my family used to be poor, but now we have both farming and sideline jobs and money.” Xiao Hua said, leading me into the house, turning on the tape recorder and playing pop music.
When I was talking to Xiaohua while listening to music, a thin old man burst in and asked hoarsely, “Xiaohua, where’s your brother? I asked him to water me this afternoon.” “My brother hasn’t come back. I’ll let him find you when he comes back.” At this time, the thin old man found me and said, “It’s a twig, when did you come back?” Only then did I recognize that he was an old man Li in the village. He used to be a God in the village, specializing in deceiving ghosts. He simply answered, “Just back.” Then he turned his head absently. Soon, old man Li left. Xiaohua told me that old man Li was not a god, he changed. 桑拿佛山It’s amazing to think that even he has changed after I heard it.
Soon after, I said goodbye to Xiaohua and felt very happy. In the blink of an eye, my mother and I walked on the road to the village entrance. I looked back at the new tile house and building, looked at the farm, listened to the noisy voice, and sighed from my heart: “Change, everything in my hometown has changed. This is the change caused by the Party’s policy of enriching the people.”

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