Pay New Year call

Reading “Red Mansion” idly, I suddenly became interested in the chapter of Wu Jinxiao’s gift. As the year approached, Zhuangtou Wujin filial piety came into Jia’s house with a lot of property in the case of serious natural disasters on the manor, 桑拿佛山but was reprimanded by the master, which showed the difficulty of giving gifts.
A good friend said that the New Year’s journey has been extended a lot, and the New Year’s greetings began in December. It is said that besides the CPPCC without power, the other leaders of the “Four Great Masters” began to busily receive the “New Year’s Ceremony” of the townships and the general situation in December. Corruption heroes at all levels of investigation and punishment received a considerable part of the bribes at the turn of the year. Can you queue up to give gifts? Although this year’s gift is not for the head of a town or director to pay his own pocket, it is for the taxpayer’s money to be withdrawn in another way.
In Tokyo Menghualu, the elder Meng described Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty as follows: “On October 1st, the Kaifeng Palace opened its doors for three days, and scholars and ordinary people celebrated each other as early as possible.” Lu Rong said in Zaji of Shuyuan that “on New Year’s Day of the Beijing Normal University, people from the court officials to the ordinary people alternate with each other for days, which is called”New Year’s greeting”. However, the common people worship their relatives and friends more sincerely. When dealing with officials, there is more love than expertise.
Nowadays, I hate New Year’s greetings, which is closely related to the bad habit of official New Year’s greetings in The Miscellaneous Records of Tobacco Garden. “When dealing深圳桑拿网 with officials, there is more love than expertise.” What a brilliant statement.
It’s the New Year’s Day again. My son can’t wait to set off firecrackers. His delighted and tender face is full of joy. In the year of “knowing the destiny of heaven”, I could not adapt to the noise of the outside world in my heart, on the contrary, I often added the expectation of peace. But secular, I still need to maintain the secular process, start a tired New Year’s journey.
As for New Year’s greetings, I have never been fond of them. Uncommunicative I am tired of the triviality of etiquette. From the day my parents grew up in their eyes, I assumed the task of paying New Year’s greetings. As soon as the twenty-third year of December passed, the mother steamed the gift of “dog tongue” according to the number of relatives she should visit. One by one, according to the distance of relatives, began to pay New Year’s greetings. New Year’s greeting strengthens the relationship between relatives and friends in the age of self-sufficiency. In the process of wishing the elders a long and healthy life, I collect a dime or two of New Year’s money to express my love. It is said that New Year’s money can suppress evil spirits, because the homonym of “age” and “haze” enables the younger generation to get lucky money and live safely through the year.
It is not necessary for New Year greeters to be polite. The custom of greeting the New Year with cards, which rose in the Ming Dynasty, is a very civilized example. Wen Zhengming, the poet, described in his poem “The Year of the Congratulations” that “there is no need to meet but to talk, and famous papers are covered up; I also throw a number of papers with people, so it’s not too empty to hate Jane in the world.” I appreciate the rising trend of SMS New Year广州桑拿 greetings. During the Spring Festival, relatives, friends and partners greet each other by SMS. Greetings have become a very popular element in life. As long as all friends are included in the field of vision, gently move your fingers, a mood, a greeting will float to the other side’s field of vision, bright and concise.
“The bell rings, the years go by, the stories are left behind, the hope is brought, the hope is beautiful, the blessings are sent, wish friends a happy New Year!”

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