Sharpening training

On the morning of May 26, the weather was very clear, and I was very happy and excited, because today we are going to Yinpingshan Youth Outward Bound Training Base in the Oriental Sunshine for a three-day military training.
After two hours’journey, we arrived at our destination and divided our luggage into dormitories. We each brought our luggage to our rooms. “Wow!” Apart from mosquito nets, the dormitory also had air conditioning, which made me very happy for fear of mosquitoes. After simply managing the internal affairs, the opening ceremony was held. The instructor said that in these three days we will encounter a lot of tests and challenges, as well as a lot of gains. This makes me nervous and expecting, not only worried that I can not stand the high-intensity training, but also hope to test my ability comprehensively. After lunch, a nap, and an energetic start to the afternoon activities, the first experience is “work together in the same boat”, two people in a team, one of them blindfolded and supported by another small partner, to complete the game, we must have full trust in the partner. Wan Ziyi and I were in a group, thinking that we would understand each other very well from kindergarten, but when we were in the dark, the fear made us constantly ask each other if there was any obstacle in the way ahead. Finally, we finished the game satisfactorily. I watched the documentary “Light of the Cave” in the evening. Because I was tired and sleepy, I had no deep feeling. Back to the dormitory after a simple wash and then fall asleep, sleep in the end of a day of military training.
Another morning came quietly, and somebody called out “Get up” in his sleep. I sat up abruptly. “What time is it?” “5:40.” “Damn it. So early, the horn will wake us up.” I fell back into bed again, but I couldn’t fall asleep. The horn sounded in a confusion. Everyone was chattering about getting up and combing. After breakfast, we began quality training. With the instructor’s command, “squat, stand up, rest, stand up,” we did countless times, sweating, backache, leg pain, fortunately, the hard work did not waste, our team won the final victory. Next is to exercise our “family harmony” of unity, hand in hand, shoulder in shoulder, shouting “our family”, “our one heart”, “we fight together”, “we must win”, in the deafening slogan, we feel the collective strength. During lunch, there was an episode. An unexpected visitor spider came to our table to grab food. Zhang Huan, a talented woman, could not help sighing, “The food is never fragrant. Spiders must be dirty, unthinkable and unthinkable.” And let me start thinking about the delicious dishes at home. In the afternoon, it is “soldier assault” training, which is actually a big step, but requires the pace to be consistent. At the beginning of the training, it was terrible. After the strict instruction of the instructor, we made some progress. Unfortunately, we were too nervous in the competition. We played badly and lost. But that’s OK. I believe we can do it next time.
Time flies so fast that it comes to the last “flood decisive battle” on the third day. It is a game for us to understand life. The scene is virtual, but the emotion is real. Because of the flooding, the water has already been in the house, the situation is urgent, we must use sandbags to plug the gap. Who will carry the 30-kilogram sandbags? After a difficult screening, the heavy responsibility falls on Peng Jun and He Baikai, who are trying to carry the sandbags in order to save everyone’s lives. Unfortunately, the floods rage, and they have paid a valuable “life”. We shed touching tears. Water has overflowed the house, we must move to the roof, but the load on the roof is limited, there are five people to stay, leaving means death. Who to stay for? We are faced with difficult choices. Tearful people are watching the passing of five “lives”. Finally, we waited for the lifeboat, but it was too small to sit on five people, which meant that only five people could survive. Others could only be drowned in the flood. Once again, we were faced with the choice of life and death. None of us stepped on the lifeboat. Everyone was crying and crying, which became our only catharsis. Teacher Ling came at a critical moment. She saved us all. Wipe away your tears and start over. Everyone feels the value of life and the fragility of life. Finally, a sentence from Mr. Song touched me a lot – “Don’t let those who love you suffer any more.” This sentence reminds me of my mother, who loves me, how many times I have trouble with my mother, how many times I complain to my mother about the bad food? All this is for the big things of sesame mung beans, if life is real. For such a short time, I believe I will never let those who love me suffer any more.
After the unforgettable training, I was rated as “excellent youth”, but I think the title is not the most important, what is important is what we have gained through this activity.

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