An unforgettable event

One afternoon after school, I went to my classmate’s home to eat mulberries. When I returned in full spirits, it happened that the weather was not beautiful, thunderstorms and thunderstorms combined, and I was soaked into chicken, caught a cold and had a high fever.
The high fever has never been abated. Fortunately, there are antipyretics and cold medicines in the room. I took some medicine myself and went to sleep. In my confusion, I found that my father was putting a towel on me. The hot air made me break away from the tangle of illness and fatigue. When Dad saw me wake up, he quickly found the thermometer that had been stored for a long time in the drawer and let me hold it by myself. After five minutes, I took the thermometer out of my armpit and looked at it. I was shocked. Instead of retreating, the high fever went up several squares. Dad let me get dressed first. He went to borrow umbrellas and boots. I put on my clothes and walked out of the school door with the faint light of my father’s flashlight. When I was going downhill, my father was afraid that I would not be able to hold on and fall, so he just carried me on his back.
Walking along, we come to the “busy section”. Oh, my friends, don’t think of it as such a beautiful place, but it’s very muddy! You know: “Beishan, that’s the famous Huangniwan”! That road, as long as a few rains are touched, people step on it like treading on thin ice, if they don’t pay attention, they will fall on your “eight forks”. Besides, that road, turns in a zigzag way. Bend is also particularly narrow, once a fall, will be out of the road, either fall into the ditch or fall off the cliff. It’s really scary! Walking into the “busy section”, soon, I will be “umbrella for the quilt, back for the mattress”, unconscious. Maybe it’s too close to Dad or too vigilant. In a confusion, it always feels like Dad is saying, “Hurry up, hurry up…” Hospital, you… Why don’t you stay on the hill?”With my father’s chatter, I could feel his breathing like an ox. Dad put his left hand around my butt and thigh, and his hand was still holding the flashlight. His right hand was not idle, and from time to time he was still looking for grassroots and treetops to grasp. When he stops three times, he has to reconnoiter the muddy road carefully. Sometimes he crouches and kneels half, and moves down inch by inch. Sometimes he follows the ground like a cone and steps down the muddy slope. Sometimes he moves down the muddy road like a sharp knife with his feet on his side.
Close to Dad’s back, I could feel his sudden blood stream, and the rapid and changeable breathing. In this situation, I have repeatedly reminded my father to let me go by myself, but he refused.
Tears blurred my eyes. Dad, you’re so hard! Blame me me for my bad behavior. I have to play with my classmates and get caught in the rain for so much disobedience. This cold makes you have to walk this muddy road overnight. Blame me me for my bad behavior. I’m too capricious, too playful, and make you confused… So with me on your back, you stumble down the hill all the way. When we got to the hospital, we knocked at the door, shouted, saw the doctor and hung up the needle. It was already over 12 o’clock at night. When you finished hanging up four bottles of needles that night, it was more than six o’clock in the morning the next day. You picked me up and walked to school. Daddy, you are afraid of delaying my study, but you can rest assured of the children who are not in the whole class!…
Looking at your bloodshot eyes and extremely thin face, I cried sadly!

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