Learn to survive

In this dangerous world, danger can not be prevented. For example, birds and animals, robbers and thugs, terrorists… We all have to be on guard and learn to survive!
One day, one year, one month, there was only me at home. My mother went to the classmates’party, my grandmother rubbed mahjong, my father went to work, and my grandfather helped me to buy goldfish at the flower and bird market, leaving me at home alone. They locked the door from outside in order not to let me run out.
“Ring bell… Ring bell…” Someone rang the doorbell and made a crisp and melodious sound.
I ran to the door and shouted, “Who?” “Look up the water meter.” I wanted to see the man through the door, but I couldn’t reach him, so I moved a chair and saw it. The man who called himself the “water meter” was a man, wearing a disposable mask, the black cap on his head pressed right into his eyes, and he was wearing a black suit: black shirt, black trousers, black shoes. The key was that the man was holding a bundle of hemp ropes in his hand. The more I looked at it, the more strange it became to me that an aunt, wearing a blue cap, a blue ponycoat, had five big words “Guixiang Neighborhood Committee” printed on the jacket, and all the books in hand were pens. “The water meter is an aunt, who are you?” “So… That’s my mother. She twisted her waist yesterday. I’ll help her.” The strange man paused and said. I am quite familiar with the aunt who looks up the water meter. She knows that she only has a daughter and has married to Xiamen. Now the person outside must be a liar!
I was very adventurous when I was young, so I was not only not nervous, but also excited about how to fight against the cheater. “Oh, you are his son, no, aunt has only one daughter! Where did you come out?” The man looked tight and stammered slightly. “Is this her son? Right! Dry son!””Then how many calls do you have from my aunt? I haven’t got her yet? I’ll put you in again after you say that!”The stranger looks a little loose, as if he thought I could get in after the confusion. “Her phone number, no problem, 136970705263.” “No, my uncle, why is it a twelve-digit phone?” I asked intentionally, knowing that he was making up a mess and showing a flaw. “Maybe I remember it wrong, huh!” The man quickly found a reason with a fake smile. “Forget it. I’ll call my mother myself. She has it.” I quickly picked up my cell phone and turned it up to the maximum so that he could hear the dial tone. “Ouch” lasted eleven times, after dialing, I turned on the mute again, deleted the number, and then pretended to “call” the phone.
“Hello, Mom, what’s the number of the aunt looking up the water meter? She twisted her waist and I wanted to say hello to her.” “How do you ask me to know?” “Today, an uncle came to look up the water meter and said that his aunt’s stepson came to take her place. I would have asked him, but he was too confused to remember the phone wrong.” “What? Aunt didn’t have a son! He’s a liar!” The man listened to my one-man show, very guilty and worried, and had the impulse to escape. “I’ll call the police at once, bye-bye!” I said, pressed three times on my mobile phone and pretended to say, “Hello, the police uncle is coming to help me, there are bad people outside the door!” The stranger listened and thought nothing and ran away without a cigarette. “Sample, fight with me!” I am very proud and enjoy the pride of the winner.
Through this incident, I know the world’s dangers, dangers everywhere, always be on guard, have a sense of security, do not easily believe in people, meet danger calm, not panic, remember to call for help, learn survival skills and the ability to deal with danger.

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