Searching for Happiness

Every time I think of the days I spent in my grandfather’s house in grade one or two of primary school, I have a good smile. Because my grandfather’s house is surrounded by green hills, where I found the charm of the four seasons and found happiness in nature.
In spring, I wandered in the courtyard, and there was a cheerful sound of running water in my ears. Following the sound, a clear brook flowed through the door, and the spray rushed forward. I searched for some grass that was creeping out of the soil on the embankment. They brewed a winter and finally got rid of the shackles. In order to satisfy their dreams and curiosity, the grass is not afraid to be beaten and bent by the splashing water from the stream. Swing from side to side, stubbornly supporting two Beaded leaves with slender stems, as if they would be overthrown and swallowed in an instant. I was touched: grass survives by its unyielding perseverance, no matter how difficult the situation is, they are strong and calm to face, their lives are full of frustrations and hardships, but they must be happy, because grass with the spirit of not yielding to experience the meaning and taste of life! I suddenly wake up: if I am not afraid of the growing storm, learn to clang. And face, learn grass strong, more sunshine and rain, more self-confidence and hard work, more positive and calm! Vigorous spring, I found the spring grass with perseverance in exchange for happiness.
The breath of summer attracts the breeze of cicadas in the courtyard. I found a golden cicada on the trunk when I was in the cool under the tree. It has been lying motionless, as if saving power, and then I was surprised to find that its whole body twitches back and forth several times, making every effort to climb up the tree to get rid of the body’s “armor”. Is this not a golden cicada shelling? Cicada painfully want to get rid of the cicada shell, constantly twitching, constantly struggling, constantly shaking, every second passed. Miracle happened! A transparent, shining golden cicada shell was laid on the bark. I couldn’t help being moved by the cicada’s patience. It didn’t give up a minute or a second. Shelling allows cicadas to continue their lives and begin their happy and free singing career in the second half of their lives. It is the perseverance of cicadas that makes all this happen. I suddenly wake up: if I am not afraid of the long waiting in the growth, then the drip through the stone will generally break all the resistance in my growth! Learn cicada perseverance, more joy, more perseverance, more harvest! Passionate summer, I find the happiness that cicada perseveres in exchange.
Cloudless miles, pleasant autumn. In autumn, the leaves of wild geese fall one after another in the active year of branches. In return for their nurturing, the leaves turn sunshine into the milk of life and dedicate it to the trees. In winter, they float to the roots as nourishment and thank them silently. I searched for a fallen leaf, which lay motionless beside the root of the tree. A few days later, it was buried by the earth and disappeared into the earth. My heart was warm, and the fallen leaf fell asleep in the ground. It repaid the benefactor who raised me and realized its value. It bowed to the essence and died. As a leaf, it also has its own value. Happy time? If I also learn the return of leaves, it will be more valuable, more meaningful, more beautiful colors! In the autumn of the golden wind, I find the happiness of leaves in exchange for gratitude.
Winter is the season for the three friends of Pine, Bamboo and Plum. The wintersweet in the yard is very beautiful in the winter wrapped in plain silver. It chose the cold winter instead of the busy spring, its fragrance is light rather than strong, all of which are appreciated by me. The unknown spirit of Lamei deeply touched me: they are simple and open, not publicized, so they have the happiness appreciated by the world! If I also learn the low-key Lamei, there will be more room for development, less unnecessary disputes! In the cold winter, I find Lamei with humility in exchange for happiness.
Happiness is everywhere in the four seasons of nature, friends. Have you found happiness?

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