At that moment, my face was full of tears.

Today is a sunny day, cloudless miles, we ushered in the annual inspirational speech activities to let dreams fly. The speaker is Xu Wanghua, who has traveled more than 100 cities and more than 80 schools. The speech began after the president’s brief speech.
First he asked us a simple question, then he began to give a formal speech, which was a touching story at the beginning.
It’s a very poor primary school in Guizhou mountain area, with only one classroom! And the facilities inside are very simple, the winter is very cold, the summer is very hot. That summer the sun shone mercilessly on the hut, but the hut burned up unconsciously. At that time, the children were crying loudly in the classroom, all of them were in a panic. At that time, the only calm one was the teacher! Only one of them was so calm. He picked up the children one by one, rushed out of the fire and returned to the sea. He had been exhausted for eleven trips back and forth, but there were still two little girls there, crying out loudly. At that time, the teacher’s hair and clothes were burnt, but he rushed in and rescued the last girl. Guowei was so anxious that he bumped into the doorpost. The doorpost fell on him, and he was going to die. But at that time, he took the girl to a safe place with his last breath. When he died, the last girl was also buried in the fire. But the last girl was his daughter. He chose to save the students in front of his relatives and students. You can imagine how great and selfless he was. At that moment, the 12 students brushed and knelt before the teacher. Tears welled up again. Tears fell on his head bit by bit. The students said loudly in a trembling voice, “Thank you, teacher. Thank you for giving us a second life. Next time, we will study hard and not let you down.” ” And then our tears came out.
Next, we all hugged our teachers one by one, and they all shed tears, one by one, with excitement. We greeted the teacher with applause and welcomed him with applause.
Next, I will talk about an example of the 2008 weightlifting champion. I will talk about the painful feeling of losing my mother in weightlifting crown.
May 11, 2008 is Mother’s Day, a happy Mother’s Day, but on the day after this Mother’s Day, the disaster came to Sichuan, which happened on the day of the largest earthquake in Chinese history, Richter 8. Earthquake of magnitude 1. On this day, according to incomplete statistics, there are 8. Ninety thousand people died. It was so painful that many people were shocked.
There are two very admirable things in this earthquake, two admirable mothers.
On that day, the mother had a baby just four months old in her hands. In order to keep him alive, the mother fed him with blood. Write a short message in the last breath, but didn’t send it out. It shocked everyone. Another time was when a father found his wife and son. When the fire brigade came, he said, “They only have one person to live. Think about it. Here are five minutes.” Just when it was confusing, my mother suddenly said, “It doesn’t take five minutes for me to have a baby. It doesn’t make sense for me to live if he dies.” Everyone said nothing, and then the father agreed, saw the mother from the waist, the ground was full of blood, when the child survived, but the mother left! “Just then, the time is over!
At that moment, I burst into tears!

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