That is the dream I planted in a very small hour.

In the third grade, I fell in love with fairy tales. The orange-flavored river, the strawberry-flavored lake, and the long-nosed puppet are my good memories. This is the origin of the dream.

In the fourth grade, I began to like to watch children’s novels. At that time, there was a wave of writing novels in the class. Every student picked up the pen and then encouraged each other. Articles are either long or short, and classmates either give up or stick to it. Nowadays, the gray-skinned novels are turned over, and the naive but extremely serious words are the initial hearts.

In the fifth grade, under the recommendation of the teacher, the library’s library card was opened. In the fourth grade, I like to read the book of Sunshine’s sister. Unfortunately, I borrow too many people. Every time I grab it, I can only swallow it. In the corner of the library, I was amazed to find that her book was full. During that time, as long as there is time on the weekend, I will borrow the book of Sunshine’s sister with my best friend. At that time, we were fascinated and forgot the time. From the sun-drenched pages to the night, it was the most beautiful time.

In the sixth grade, in a class, the teacher asked us what our dreams were. I thought about it and never thought of it. Until one day, on the way to the library, I suddenly said a word: “Writer!” Friends looked at me strangely, I don’t know if my eyes are sparkling – yes, the seeds of dreams are sowed.

I started to try to write novels, and the composition also made rapid progress.

At this time, I am very proud and feel that it is not difficult to realize my dream.

How can you not experience setbacks in the process of chasing dreams?

In the first day, my grades have regressed, and I have no friends in the class. I feel very lonely. Only words accompany me. Whenever you are not happy or alone, you always like to write something. At this time, it is my dependence.

I haven’t written a novel for a long time.

When I was in the first half of the semester, I started writing.

I sent a novel with my eye bags to my friends. I don’t have to praise, but “I always feel shortcomings” and “OK”.

In fact, what I need is just an encouragement, even if it is a “refueling”.

I know, I have to survive this level, I want to be better!

But I still want to give up. Because of the surrounding factors, I began to be unconfident and started to look at some answers online. “The writer is simply the most difficult profession in the world”, “needs talent”, “cannot be a job”…

This has caused a major blow to me.

To be honest, I am confused now. After junior high school, the composition was written in good and bad times. The reading was not as fast as before. The memory was not as good as before. I started to be lazy. I didn’t care about my homework… Did I stagnate? Am I just deceiving myself? I asked myself.

Until today, the music was randomly played, and the sound of Pu Shu came to my ear and touched the softness of my heart: “I used to break into the boundless darkness and want to struggle and be unable to extricate myself. I used to be like him like a wild grass wildflower. Desperate, I am eager to cry, and laugh and be ordinary. Go forward, just go, even if you have been given something; go forward, just go, even if you are taken away; go forward, just go, even What will you miss? Go ahead, just go, even if…”

There is always a song that pokes to your heart. I didn’t listen to this song carefully before, and I didn’t understand this song. Now, after some things, I gradually found my story in a lyric.

This song made me think a lot.

In the pursuit of dreams, the scenery is good or bad. Ok, those are the times that have struggled; what is bad is that we all thought about giving up. But before giving up, think about your original intention, what is your dream?

I once said to myself: “My dream is not to think about it.”

I also thought about retreating, but it’s hard to say like Mao: “I’m going to move forward boldly.”

Correct! Next, no matter what the outcome, I have to bravely go forward and chase my dreams!

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